SYTYCD – Top 10 (Updated)

When I say Top 10 this week I am referring to more than the number left…. No beating around the bush here because one dance stood out and it was more than a 10 in my book! Drum roll please…….. Jeanine and Jason’s contemporary routine!!!!! First of all I LOVE LOVE the choreographer Travis Walls, his talent is amazing! Now this dance had everything for me… technique, lifts, they were perfectly together and PASSION! This is one of those dances that makes me want to jump thru the screen and be in it, I loved the use of the necklace and the song was more than a perfect fit! Now, I was so excited to do this post this morning and I have been searching You Tube like a crazy women and can’t find a good video yet so excuse the odd red thing on the screen but as soon as I find a better version I will replace it! Be prepared to be dazzled……

Now Jeanine oh Jeanine she is my favorite dancer (and Ade) she is soo good it is insane. I think she is cute, she has curves and is tight all at the same time and she is sooo talented she makes me sad… I mean when I watch people like her I think why couldn’t I ever of had even 1/2 of her talent! Anyways, keep an eye on her she ROCKS!

Now I have to share one more video with you… this is Kayla doing her solo it was my favorite solo of the night mainly because of her song, “Rock your soul” by Elise. This song is the perfect song to dance to, it is filled with emotion and the tempo is amazing …. tons of dancers use this song and each time I hear it I fall in love….

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  1. Becky
    July 16, 2009 / 4:07 pm

    You totally beat me to it. This was my favorite too. They had such amazing passion! Just like Mary, I was speachless at the end of it.

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