No, I am not talking code I am talking about a MEGA post with two of my favorite things .. one is a current favorite and one an all time favorite!!! First up, So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 and before I reveal my favorite dance I want to talk about “Lil C”…. I love Lil C I think he is “Buck” but but last night he was crazy and not crazy good!!! He was talking in circles, saying stupid stuff and talking entirely too much! I am not sure if they told him to stretch it out to fill the 2 hour show or if he just decided to go rogue but whatever the case Lil C I am giving you a C-!! ha!
Now on to the show, I am not gonna lie picking Brandon & Kayla’s contemporary number was easy easy not only because it rocked my world but because everything else I thought was a let down. I mean don’t get the wrong the other numbers were good but we are talking semi-finals people and nothing made me want to pick up the phone and text a friend because I couldn’t believe how good it was?!?! The dance below is great, they have emotion, power, technique and my favorite move is towards the beginning when she is on his back and does a split in the air…. perfection!!! Speaking of perfection how about Brandon in his booty shorts? WOW, he needs to be pictured while dancing and put into a dance magazine because he has the perfect male dancers body! Maybe Brandon should call Ed from the Bachelorette and borrow his green booty shorts??

Now…………SBTB……………SAVED BY THE BELL!!! This is this weeks cover of People and all sorts of emotions came flooding back to me, I mean I LOVED this show… no I don’t think you are hearing me I mean I LOURVED this show more than anything. And it appears that I am going to have to kick Tiffany Amber Theissans butt because she is the ONLY one who says she is “too busy” to appear in a reunion movie??? Too busy? doing what? We should petition!!!!

SO I not only loved the show “when you wake up in the morning………..” I loved the specials like the one below when they went to Hawaii and Kelly dated the creepy older dude and they had to save Kelly’s relatives place? Yes, I remember! ALOHA!!

Oh yes…. you know it I loved the college years also, the silly unrealistic college years where their “dorm” was a huge coed dream pad! HA! And their dorm advisor was the dude with the mullet? Love it!

And yes how could we forget “The Wedding” I wonder how many kids they would have now? They are so “All – American” they would prolly have 4, 2 girls and 2 boys all Blonde! ha! Oh Zack & Kelly!!!

Now, for your viewing pleasure a wonderful montage with a song we can all sing along to you know I am ….. “Friends Forever” by the Zack Attack! And you are very Welcome!

If this reunion comes true you can bet I will be first in line for tickets!!

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  1. Kelly
    July 30, 2009 / 6:08 pm

    Ok, I read the first part of your post…had to skip your thoughts about the actual dancers (haven't seen it yet), and then on to the SBTB. I would also like to see a reunion, BUT there is one person that I could SO do without and I think it's because he has made such an @$$ of himself since…Dustin Diamond, oka, Screech. I think at this point he would be like a poison to the show. Anywho…love your post, as always!!

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