A nightmare is a dream which causes a strong unpleasant emotional response from the sleeper, typically fear or horror, being in situations of extreme danger, or the sensations of pain, bad events, falling, drowning or death.

So I thought today I would share something weird or unusual about myself and if you have a blog I challenge you to do the same! I dream every night, and I usually remember my dreams or wake up and remember a feeling I had in my dreams… my brain is very active at night. But aside from regular dreams each night I get nightmares and sometimes they are on the verge of night terrors. I have had nightmares my whole life and when I was little I remember having re-occurring nightmares on a weekly basis for years, and sure your thinking everyone has nightmares Nicole but I can guarantee you not like mine!!! I like the thought of scary movies and use to love watching them, but I can’t watch them at all anymore because if I do the movie will replay in my head all night and usually become allot more gory than in the real version. It amazes me what my mind can some up with or create in my head, so I don’t need to give it any extra help! Nightmares are funny when you wake up and try to tell someone about them they sound completely insane and not scary so I usually don’t talk about them because I feel stupid… but when I am in the midst of one they are anything but funny to me. My nightmares are soo gory and so vivid I could be a horror movie creator and a darn good one… I have woken up and thought it was still real the emotion takes me awhile to get past, I have woken up crying and I have seen myself die over and over throughout the years in my nightmares….. so I guess the old saying if you die in your dream you will die in real life is not true! (Thank you God) You will laugh at this as I tell you but it is true I have been attacked and killed by zombies, monsters, people intruding into my home, I have been shot, dismembered you name it and I agree with you it is odd but truly frightening to me. I get about 2 a week that I am able to remember or wake up from because I am so scared! What causes them? I believe that at times they could be brought on by all the medicine I take for my migraines, they are also worse around times in my life involving stress but at the same time I have had them my entire life so I think some people are probably just predisposed to over active imaginations and nightmares. It is weird huh? Every night when I go to bed and say my prayers I always throw in “and no nightmares tonight, please Lord”! You all must think I am a weirdo to go to bed at night and have killer Zombies attack me or the Texas chainsaw guy hunt me down but it is something I can not help kinda -odd that I love Halloween so much or the fact that I love Ghost Hunting shows? Maybe it has always been a part of me… I have tried to look up meanings of dreams and seem to find myself neck deep in New Age Crap so?! Anyways, that is just scratching the surface of my crazy brain at night if you have a take on them leave me a comment…


  1. Kelly
    July 15, 2009 / 5:37 pm

    See, you are so entertaining and find the coolest pics to go along with what you're talking about!!! Too fun!!! Me…blah, blah, blah!!!

  2. Becky
    July 15, 2009 / 6:29 pm

    This is another one of those things where I truly feel we are kindred spirits! I dream every night and remember at least one each morning. But I take my dreaming and nightmares a step farther becuase I am a sleep walker and talker. It is crazy living my house! My husband never has a dull moment.

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