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Thursday night after we got in rom Cali I had some relaxing girl time with Jeanna, Becky & Kelly planned.. we went to dinner and then to see My Sister’s Keeper. People have mixed reviews of this movie but I think it all depends on the attitude you take into the movie with you… you have to know that this is an emotional, heart wrenching and sad story and there is no other way around it. We all knew that going in and the girls I really loved this movie. My girlfriends and everyone else in the theatre cried their eyes out the entire time, I felt the emotion but I am just not a crier but …let me tell you I had the most insane lump in my throat the whole time. This movie is about a family in turmoil, one daughter is dying of cancer and it shows the stress that something like this causes on this family and you feel for everyone and you can really see everyone’s sides and points of view. I thought Cameron Diaz was amazing and this movie was heart breaking and stuck with me long after we left the theater but overall I loved it and it was a well made emotional roller coaster!
Moving on to a completely different type of movie Matt & I saw Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen on Saturday night, we saw it in the Warren balcony and had a ball. This movie is a over the top, action packed, thrill ride!!! I was super stressed out during the movie because it is super intense and I told Matt I had a pizza and a side of two fingers (I bite my nails when stressed). This movie has it all humor, action and Megan Fox! It was a long one over 2 1/2 hours but I was enjoying the movie so much I did not even notice how long it was. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a movie lover and would like to be entertained!

And ps………we all know about my “girl crush” on Megan Fox and here she is in a scene of the movie looking like perfection!

I am going to call this week…….Vacation Week!!! I will be posting pictures everyday and story’s about my trip!!!!! So stay tuned!

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