Busy Weekend…

Hello Blogging World!!! Happy Monday to you all!! Don’t fret the weekend is here is T-Minus 5 days! Woohooo….. I had a busy weekend and wanted to share with you all the fun that was had!
The pictures are out of order because I uploaded them wrong I guess and I decided to just let it be!! So looks like I will start with Saturday night……
This is me and my great friend Becky at her casa, she invited over the Board of Directors from Jh and our hubby’s for dinner and it was so much fun! Becky has an amazing house I literally could just pack up and move in and be as happy as a clam!
This is a picture of all the girls in Becky’s front room we kicked the guys out back! ha
After dinner we had to rush on over to meet up with Allison and her Birthday extravaganza!! This is me & Al the Birthday girl.. Happy 29!!!!!!!!!

Matt & I at Cafe Nova during Allison’s party! ps…. the music there is SOOO loud it was insane we could not even talk, does this mean we are getting old complaining about loud music?

Now it looks like I am jumping back over to Friday night… I am just keeping you on your toes! I had book club and this time we grabbed snow cones and relaxed in the park it is always a great time! After book club 5 of us caught the late show of the Ugly Truth and even though this romantic comedy was super predictable it was still a cute movie. The R-rating was not necessary if they would of lost a couple of bad words it could easily be PG-13! And Gerald Butler is not bad to look at either!

Ohhh… looks like we are back at Saturday afternoon!!! You all keeping up?? My mom, myself and Marissa all hosted a Bridal shower at church for my mom’s best friend Kathy, her daughter! You got that? ha! We did cupcakes, brownies, mints, punch, dips and a chocolate fountain and we had about 35 people show up! I think it was a great success!! In the picture below I guess mom & Marissa didn’t tell me the color scheme was pink & orange!

This is my little sis and me!

One of the three food tables!!!!

Sunday Matt golfed all day and I did the usual clean, grocery shopped followed by laundry (boo) and then last night I made a new meal…. Turkey Milanse from Giada with pan fried potatoes it was soo yummy!!!! We then ended the night with True Blood and this vampire show is insane and I love it!!! Below is a picture of my LOVE Isabella…. when we got home on Saturday night she was chilling with her brothers and I had to snap a few photos! Yes, she is beautiful isn’t she?

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  1. Lord & Lady Bahrenburg
    July 29, 2009 / 1:47 am

    Such a cute blog and thank you for the shout out! You need to send me that photo asap by the way!Love, Al

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