Ok, to be honest I was not blown away by anyone last night.. I mean sure Kayla rocked but her partner Max not so much (on a side note I am THRILLED Brian Freedman is on I love love love him) I LOVED the first dance the Jive it was “Fun” and full of cheer but when thinking about what dance tops it for me Karla & Jonathan came to mind. This dance wowed me with a combination of things…. the choreography for one was amazing, the song poetic, the story line and the performance seemed heartfelt. So throw those things into a mixer and a beautiful contemporary will come out…

Who do I think will get the book tonight? Asuka and her partner, they just don’t do it for me. Ok, now switching gears here I really think I missed my calling as a (drum roll please) Disco QUEEN!!! I loved the Disco number even though she tripped but just think back and picture me in this routine… I would rock the socks off!! (With a ton of training let me add)

Tonight I am running my friend Chelsea’s wedding rehearsal in Duncan and then tomorrow I will be out of the office doing wedding stuff!! I am excited for the wedding and Chelsea is a great friend of mine who might I add will be honeymooning in Italy! Wow huh?

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