Reality Roundup

So I have some random thoughts about TV last night……….
Sanjolly???? I will have to admit they are cute together and I think it is funny how the rest of the “celebrities” call their hammocks the Love Nest! BUT…. I have one question….. I thought Sanjaya was gay? And so you know I am not a avid watcher of this show but at times I have been known to get sucked into an episode or two!

Oh John & Kate……….. No surprise here what your separating? I think we all figured that when John was pictured apartment shopping in NYC and I think it is all about ratings these days, but then again it looks like this could be the last season of their cash cow of a show so milk it I say! One thing that bugs is that the show is not about the family anymore it is about free advertising… each week they either get custom motorcycles, Emril to cook for them and last night all the kids got some thing called crooked houses? I mean how are we even suppose to relate to them anymore when all we are watching is this family rake in FREE CRAP??? I am over you John & Kate!

And ps………. John it looks like Ed Hardy threw up all over you and the Backstreet Boys called and they want their CZ studs back! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh The Bachelorette…………….

So am I the only one who feels like no one including Jillian is really looking for a spouse but everyone wants to “win” this season??? I mean don’t get me wrong I am ok with this, I still watch but there is no spark of love only talk of the “game” HA! And does anyone else notice that Jillian is drunk in like every episode she makes me laugh! Now with that being said I have chosen my main squeeze…. REID!!! Below is this photo montage I found online when googling for his pic…… But Reid is funny, I mean who else is scared of fondue? I think he is SUPER Good Looking and when he wears his glasses I love it! I kinda think he looks like my husband in a small way?!?! Anyway I have jumped onto the “Reid Train”

Tonight starts some show called NYC prep, the “real life” gossip girl kids and in the preview this 16 year old girl said she lives alone in her Park Avenue pent house and her parents visit her from the Hampton’s on the weekend! This is amazing and I must watch it… it is on Bravo people!


  1. Traci Anne
    June 23, 2009 / 6:13 pm

    I like Reid too, but I'm on team Kypton and Team Ed 🙂 yeah, Ed is gone, but he is going to come back and sweep her away. Jon and Kate is all about $, it's ridiculous and I will not watch it for this reason. If the kids were their focus they would have quit the show months ago. I totally thought Sanjaya was gay. Maybe he is bi?

  2. Becky
    June 23, 2009 / 8:16 pm

    I am definitely gonna have to check out that new show on Bravo. Sounds interesting.

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