Someone stole my calling….

Well today is a sad day because someone else got hired to do my Dream Job! (HA) This is no joke- the Queensland Tourism department was actually hiring for someone to be an Island caretaker (cue Beach Boy’s music), where they will get paid $150,000 for 6 months to live on this AMAZING Island in the middle is the Great Barrier Reef!! They will blog about life there (hello? I can blog), clean the pool ( I will learn) and maintain the FAB guest house! I mean wow this is a dream…………
And this DUDE got hired this morning……………. Darn him!!! But I guess if I was just hired for this job I would prolly have this goofy grin plastered across my face as well………….
Watch this video below and then daydream your work day away about the “What Ifs”….

Ok, back to work for me I guess while I enjoy like the 7th straight day of no sun and rain! Sweet

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  1. Kelly
    May 6, 2009 / 5:03 pm

    I just want to know if you really applied?!?!

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