Memorial Weekend

Well this will be a bit of a random post, just a overview of my weekend! For starters my brother, Curtis flew in from Virginia this week!! It has been since Christmas since we were all together and it was great to see a movie, have dinner and share some laughs!! Love you Curtis! ps.. in case you don’t know Curtis is training in Quantico as a Marine officer!

Matt played in a golf tournament all weekend and yes he asked if he could and I said sure, but next time he asks to be gone on a holiday weekend I will say NO!! I missed him! So yesterday we spent all day together doing yard work, having lunch, going to the movies and enjoying the yard with our dogs! This picture I thought Matt looked so cute and you can’t see it here but his eyes match his shirt!

While we had lunch on the patio table the dogs relaxed in the shade, here is Oscar hoping for some food to make it his way!

Matt was mowing the yard and I made a YUMMY lunch and set it all up on the table!! I enjoy cooking for my loved ones! We had my “Gourmet Whiches” and then fresh cantaloupe with homemade dip and fun juice drinks! It was a perfect backyard picnic!

Nicole’s Gourmet Whiches (Loosely adapted from Real Simple magazine)
– Get 1 French bread and toast in the oven at 400′ for around 5min

– Spread with butter and chopped up garlic to taste

– Sprinkle with Asiago cheese

– Then add prosciutto on both side of bread

– Then lastly add fire roasted peppers in between the layers of the prosciutto to keep bread from getting soggy!! Then ENJOY!

Here is Ralphie and I thought his smile here was adorable! Notice Abner is missing from some pics, he spent alot of the day snoozing on the couch….. He had a rough 2 days which included 2 seizures!! My poor baby!
THEN, last night Matt & I grilled out!! Yum…. Matt made grilling baked beans and Brats!! You can’t have a Memorial Day without a cookout! And we are still loving our new grill!

Matt & I “toasting” to a good day! Notice I am the household photog and therefor I am in no pics! ha! And I told you all before who puts on make-up or looks cute on the weekend? Not I!! HA!

Finally, our new purchase………. we are not sure where in the yard it’s permanent home will be but this is right after Matt put it together!! Now we can enjoy some of the lazy days of summer on our new loveseat swing!! We got a great deal would you believe it at Homeland!

Yesterday was great and unfortunately all 3 days of the holiday I had a Migraine, luckily yesterday’s waited until bedtime! I won’t dwell on the bad but Sunday was spent in bed! Go figure!

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  1. Jeremy and Allison Hess
    May 26, 2009 / 8:21 pm

    I love prosciutto!! I will have to try your sandwich.

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