May Give Away

Tonight is the night! Its the end of the year Banquet for the Junior Hospitality Club and we call this event May Give Away! This is the night we give our grant check to The Children’s Center and celebrate all the hard work we have put into this year! We are having it at the luxurious Skirvin downtown and it is nice to relax with good friends and good food to celebrate the year! We also introduce the 2009-2010 board of directors which yours truly will be on!!! I am going to be our Community Outreach chair, the jest of this is I set up and over see all monthly volunteer activities as well as our yearly grant! More on this later on!
This is the lobby of the Skirvin which I love!!! It is also in case you were wondering where I got ready for my wedding and stayed our wedding night!!!!

I have invited friends from my book club to be my guest tonight in hopes that come this fall they will join JH!!! Below is a wonderful video if you want to learn more about the Children’s Center where we volunteered this year and who we are giving out money to tonight!!!

It is very inspirational!

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