Blue Blue Monday

Your prolly thinking what in the heck is that awful picture and why is it on my blog??? But that awful picture depicts how I felt yesterday perfectly…….. I am going to share a story with you about yesterday and believe it or not this is true and was actually alot worse than it sounds……

I woke up yesterday at 6am and wanted to die, I made it downstairs and grabbed my medicine, called in to work and went back up to bed to pray. When the pain is so intense that I cry all I can do is pray that the meds I take which are a mild sedative kick in quickly. As I am laying in bed I hear some commotion outside the dogs barking, Matt yelling at them and when he comes upstairs he being a typical man is unconcerned that I am sick! I ask if he feed the animals he says no so I ask what the commotion was and he says Abby got out….. I ask did you fix the fence where he ran out? His reply is yes. Fast forward to 10:30am I drag myself out of bed looking like something the cat drug in and do downstairs to let the kiddos out to potty and I know I need to eat something in order to begin to feel better and before I knew it Abby disappears thru the whole in the fence that Matt “fixed” !! So it is raining and I am like CRAP and take off to find him with a towel over my head! Well all of assudden I hear him start barking/crying (it is a awful sound) so I run into the neighbors yard and I hear him but don’t see him…………. well his cries become awful and frantic and I realize he is trapped under their shed. I flip, ( I am sure you can imagine)I can not dig him out of the mud… I am crying, covered in mud and run inside to call Matt when he decides now is a great time to be rude to me and yell ………….. I have snot running down my face when by the grace of god Abby appears at the back door covered in who knows what and his eyes matted shut. I open the door take one whiff of him then throw up (awesome I know) I run him to the tub has he is covered in dare I say it feces and start scrubbing him and trying to calming him down. NOT a clue what these people have under their shed, anyone know a missing person? LONG STORY short…………….. Matt comes home briefly we “chat” I ask him to take a hike and then after the second washing Abby still smells like rotting POO!!!!!!! So I load him up and take him to the vet for a professional cleaning and go home where I want to die from pain and nausea, but I have to scrub the tub, wash towels and realize Matt walked upstairs and made a muddy foot print on EACH STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is no joke people! I pick Abby back up, feed the animals, feed myself and Matt played basketball with friends and comes home late!!! I finally collapse into bed around 9 and wonder why I still feel bad today! I was so sick and so emotionally drained it was awful, and I NEVER cry.. that is why I can’t believe Matt was being that way when I was crying over being sick, crying over the stress of Abby being stuck, I mean I thought Abby was going to suffocate!
Anyways, I wanted to share that story because tend to use blogs to just brag about how good their lives are and I am honest CRAP happens. I love Matt but we all know there are bumps in any road!
Anyways that is how I spent my monday! And on a good note I will blog again later because I have a amazing movie review!


  1. Kelly
    May 12, 2009 / 7:17 pm

    Nicole, all I can do is laugh, and not AT you but your ability to take your horrible day and write about it in a way that is humorous. You seriously crack me up. After I read the entire post I went back up and looked at the picture and could totally relate it to your day. I’m sorry you had such a yucky day but thanks for sharing!

  2. Becky
    May 14, 2009 / 11:25 pm

    You poor thing. And I was feeling sorry for myself for having to have surgery on my Monday…what the heck!

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