Weekend Wrap Up

Here we are again, Monday morning! I think you all know my thoughts about Mondays so we will move right on to something more exciting……a movie review!!!
I let Matt pick the movie yesterday and I know I know I was shocked that he picked State of Play over 17 Again! HA! But come to find out he made a wonderful choice…
State of Play stars Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams and is a political thriller. The plot for the movie is a tad complex but here is the “jest” Russell is a newspaper reporter and he teams up with Rachel who is a “blogger” to investigate corruption within some political figures. Ben is one of the politicians and we find out he had been having an affair this his recently killed assistant and so the twists and turns begin. I really enjoyed this movie it is smart and at times has you at the edge of your seat. It reminds me of the early 90s thrillers such as The Fugitive and that is a good compliment. Russell Crowe is great in this role and his scruffy imagine works well for a over worked and under paid reporter. Now on to the bad… We are suppose to believe that Ben & Russell in the movie were college room mates?? It may be just me but they look like they would of missed each other at college by about 10 years so that was kinda silly to me. But I would recommend this movie and think you all would enjoy it as much as I did!!!

Now there is 1 other thing I loved MORE than this movie……….. The preview for “Public Enemies” I am so excited for this movie come July! And I am usually not on the “I think Johhny Depp is so hot” bandwagon but this movie made me jump right on it, I mean WOW!!! He is AMAZING!!! Enjoy……….

Yes, I went to Tiger Safari on Friday but I am waiting on some pictures so HOPEFULLY I will have them to post later! It was a great time and I must say animals love me! 😉 I also had book club meeting at Il Dolce Gelato in Moore on Saturday and I am very greatful for new friends, old friends and I can not wait until our next get together!!

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  1. Kelly
    April 20, 2009 / 7:14 pm

    Great review…but seriously, how can anyone not think Johnny Depp is hot?!?! My poor Olivia has even been brain washed!! Whew! And you even passed up Zac Efron…Wow!! Well, good times at book club anyway…Hehe!! Love ya!!

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