No Frills Meal

I wanted to share with you all 1 of our “go-to meals”… Matt was in charge of dinner last night (thank goodness, I am not feeling well this week) and he made our easy, no frills, semi-healthy meal that he has mastered! Stuffed Burgers!!! We fill the meat patties with sauteed onions and cheese, Matt grills them and that is that! no bun! no fuss! Last night we had a simple salad and some sliced up tomato’s with our stuffed patties!! You could fill the patties with anything, I like mushrooms in mine also!

All we put on top is EVOO and Sea Salt! YUM!

The healthiest dressing is EVOO and Lemon juice! Luckily for us we love our salad that way, it seems to make everything taste so much more fresh!!

I just wanted to share with you something we enjoy and maybe you can try it out 1 night with your family!

Now on a side note, I am having a tough week…… I can not kick the migraines this week and I am really really down about it. It is hard to describe- but dealing with so much pain, nausea and dizziness for so many days while working is getting to me and I am down in the dumps. I try not to do a “why me?” week very often but it is too late for this week, this ismy third day in a row to feel at my worst. Here I am at work when I should be home in bed but people don’t understand migraines nor do they realize how serious this is and when I miss work due to a Migraine people think I am at home “because my head hurts a little” and that is not the case! I am on the verge of tears this week ( I am not a baby) and here it is too early in this day for this depressing rant! Anyways I just talk about this so people know and understand~ I will stop here

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  1. Becky
    April 15, 2009 / 4:57 pm

    I will so have to try the stuffed burgers. About you not feeling well, I am soooo sorry. I have gotten a couple migraines and my husband gets them all the time. Quiet darkness is the only thing that helps me. I completely understand how you feel and DO NOT think just have a headache. Migraines are in a class of their own. I hope you can kick this one soon so you will feel good for our Saturday night Shabby Souls meeting.

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