New Moon Mania

And I have completely jumped on the bandwagon………. I find myself thinking about how I can’t wait until Nov to go and see the movie and I am completely enthralled with the “New Moon Set Updates”!!! I think for me this is so exciting for a couple of reasons one being I loved the book and I could go on about why but I will spare you for now, but I just love seeing a book I have read come to life on screen. To me I have imaged in my head what the scenes were like and then for me to actually see life breathed into the characters it is so exciting. Another reason I am soo excited is because I just love the feeling of having something to look forward to, even when it is about 7 months away!!! This series is a cultural phenom and everyone has there own reason for loving the books but the jest for me is, I was so excited to get home from work so I could read and during the week I read the series I just lit up with excitement about what would happen next!
This makes me excited and inspired my post today! This is a wonderful version of the movie poster! (It is 1 of many I have found) and this “scene” really changes her path and sets her on a new, exciting and scary path in New Moon!

I have decided to blog about New Moon from time to time because this blog is suppose to me about things I love correct? And it is true I am one of many (not all teenage girls) who love this series! Below is a short video on the Internet which gives a great and EXCITING run down of the final cast for new moon including the Wolf Pack & The Volturi……

ps……………on a quick side note book related, it was FINALLY announced this week that Dan Brown’s next book featuring Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks for you movie lovers) will be released this September!! I am so thrilled!


    April 25, 2009 / 4:15 am

    I just finished Twilight tonight and read the small exerpt from New Moon…and I am SO excited to read it. I hope I get the 4 book set for my birthday…in 11 days…I bet I’ll set a record reading them all. I love Edward.

  2. Becky
    April 27, 2009 / 12:59 am

    I saw Twilight for the first time this weekend and I AM going to buy it!! I think I am also going to read the books. I loved the story.

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