My Wittle Model

These are some proofs of Kendall’s 6month Photo Shoot!! Sara ( did a wonderful job of course! She is like the baby whisperer! ha! I love this one like Mommy/God Mom like Daughter! HA!

Kendall is as cute as a flower in this flower pot!!!

Ah……now here we go……….. Kendall is a model it is official!!! Melissa also had Kendall’s picture taken with bunnies for Easter at a Motophoto and they are adorable. Well to Melissa and everyone’s surprise here she is STARING in an ad in a Edmond magazine!!!! Melissa grabbed a ton of copies and when Kendall gets older she will love to have this as a keepsake!

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  1. Sara Biese
    April 1, 2009 / 7:22 pm

    Baby whisperer…I love it:) Thanks are so sweet! I love to read your blog!

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