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Well…. Thank You Sara for choosing me to recieve one of your Kreative Blogger Awards!!! Much Appreciated!!

Now, I must fulfill the duties and pass it on. Here are the rules.
1. Post the award on your blog, and link to the person who gave you the award.
2. List seven things you love.
3. List seven blogs you love.
Seven things I love:

#1- Married Life

I love it for many vast reasons such as well I love Matt, I love that we are a team and I am lucky enough to have a husband who splits chores and cooking with me 50/50! I love that we are homebodies and are completely happy laying on the couch watching DVR! I enjoy cooking for Matt and trying out new recipes!! Matt is my other half and he makes my life better, that is it in a nutshell!

#2- My Animals
I think you all know how much I love them and how my world is centered around them! HA, but I really & truly do! I love how each one of them has a completely unique personality, I love to watch them play with one another and there is nothing better than snuggle time with them! I really feel blessed to be loved by these animals (Bella also even thought she is not in the pic)!

#3 – Our Honeymoon at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica!!

I loved this trip not only because it was or honeymoon but the place itself was Heaven! Sandals lives up to every commercial you see on TV!! And that entire week I felt the best I ever have, I packed an arsenal of meds for my migraines and each day was truly a gift from God! I get all warm and fuzzy when I look back on the trip! This picture was taken outside our room#4- DANCE

I am thankful that I danced for over 20 years of my life. I could go on & on about dance and things I have done thru dance but I will be brief. I was never the most limber dancer nor was I ever the best turner but somewhere deep inside when I was on stage, a court or a field I lit up inside. I was told once that because I shine when I perform that is what got me so far. As far as the “Dance World” goes getting to dance for the NBA is really ranked at the top, and although it was a long & hard year I am thankful I got the opportunity which I will be able to look back on forever!

#5- Reading

I posted the picture of Twilight because like many many others it ranks up there with my favorite books that I have read. I love to read anything books, magazines, papers you name it! I think I get every single magazine on the newsstands sent to my house and I have books coming out the wazoo! I love how when you read you are transported to another place and I love imagining and picturing the book in my head as I read it! No matter how bad the movie adaptation is I get so excited to see a book I have read come to life on screen!

#6 – SUSHI

NO joke, enough said I love love Sushi!

# 7 – Sara Jessica Parker

No, this is not a joke but an easy way to tie together the last of my favorites (Sex & The City and Movies) because SJP is the common link! I love movies and that is no joke! I would go to the movies every weekend if I could and sometimes we do!!! I love Sex & The City the movie and the series and I watch it over and over and over but my love for SJP started a long time ago with my favorite movie of all time, when I was little I really thought they made this movie just for me and at times my mom would hide it because she said she could not bare to watch it again! Girls Just Want To Have Fun, staring Sarah Jessica Parker!

Here is my favorite scene………………………

Seven Blogs I Love:


Sara and me have become fast friends and I love chatting with her about our lives and reality TV! Sara & her hubby live in Vegas and they are newlyweds and I think it is so amazing how smart Sara is seeing that works in Cancer Research! Her blog is funny, honest and I love looking at her pictures!


I am very thankful for Kelly… we met while working at Chesapeake and we bonded over how miserable we were! We only worked together for a few short months but in the past year have become great friends! Kelly introduced me to blogging and Kelly is also the brain behind the book club I joined! You should check out her beautiful family!


I love this site that is devoted to weddings! Everyday they have the best pictures and ideas and I am constantly thinking “ohh I should of done that”!!! It is a fun blog to check in on and enjoy!


Jeanna and me met thru Kelly and thru our blogs …we since have both joined the book club and I love chatting with her on email during the day!!


The reason I like this blog is because Chelsea is a great friend of mine and she has this blog to keep people up to date on her June wedding! I met Chelsea while dancing for the Yard Dawgz and have close every since!


Allison & Mike!!! I love Allison she is the most sincere and considerate friend I have! I met Allison thru her husband Mike, where we worked together at Mickey Mantles for years and in the years since working there they have become great couple friends of ours! I hope you love their blog as much as I do!


Well I love this blog for many many reasons…… this is my God Daughter Kendall and her mommy is my best friend!!! She is so cute I could eat her up!! I am glad she has this blog so myself and others can share in her life!!!

WOW! That was alot!!!! I hope you enjoy this post as much I do! Happy Thurs!


  1. Kelly
    April 16, 2009 / 7:15 pm

    What an honor! You do have a way with words and have the talent of making the most mundane so interesting. I’m actually a little nervous about posting this on my blog…what to post, what to post!! Hehe!!

  2. Lord & Lady Bahrenburg
    April 17, 2009 / 1:06 am

    You know that I am loving that you posted SJP and Girls Just Want to Have Fun! That movie is priceless along with Footloose and Adventures in Babysitting! Love you two!

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