Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!
I thought that since today was Earth Day I would chat a little about what it means to me… I am not a “Green Person” it’s not that I don’t choose to be but I don’t try, I am not some extreme environmentalist but what I am is a person who loves and respects the animals we share this Earth with and their habitats. I have watched the Planet Earth series and I am in awe of the wonders of our planet some I hope to be able see in my lifetime and others I’m sure I will only see thru the TV. I am posting this trailer below not to promote the movie which is in theatres today, heck I don’t even have time to go and watch it but I am posting it for us to see a glimpse of how beautiful our planet is and the animals we share it with. Each year my love for animals not only grows and but a desire deep inside my soul to see the wonders of this earth is calling me. (Sounds stupid) I should of been ..oh I don’t know, a researcher or work for National Geographic… would of, could of, should of! This is not something I began to love on a whim but something I now realize I have loved since I was small I use to dream of being an ocean biologist ( weird I know, who wants to be that?) or a archaeologist (don’t even get me started on archeology)!! In elementary school during science class we briefly studied the Amazon Rain forest and we were given reading material and a poster of the forest I remember “playing” teacher in my room and being obsessed with the rain forest and I taught my imaginary class’s about it over and over. I am sure there is a larger blogging theme here about what I should be doing with my life but we will save that for another day, ha! But the point of this blog is to maybe encourage you guys to take a few moments today and learn something new about our planet that you did not know before. Shoot me an email I have a plethora of random knowledge in my extra large head (so Matt says) that I could share with you.
I will wrap up this post because from first hand experience long posts tend to be boring!
So enjoy…

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