DVD Reviews

So we rented a couple of movies this weekend that we watched in between yard work and family gatherings and I know that you all are just dying for my take on them! HA~
The three movies could not be more different and neither could my reviews!! Let’s dive in…
The Day The Earth Stood Still
This movie stars Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves and the jest is Aliens come to earth to save it from us (humans) and our destructive ways. Jennifer plays a super duper smart scientist who is out to prove to Keanu (the Alien) that we can change! Let me tell you save your 2 hours and watch something else! GAG is my review! Keanu is the worst actor ever and I think I could summarize all his lines in 1 paragraph. There is no dramatic turn of events and there is no shocking ending other than it just ends. I mean this movie has man eating bugs and super human drones and is soo slow and dull Matt work up when it was over and asked me how it was! Point is, if I would of seen this in the theatre I would of been peeved and I am easy to please! Seven Pounds
This movie is very complex to review because I don’t want to “give away the secret”. But I will tell you this if you make it thru the first hour that is so dull I thought I was watching paint dry then you should “know the secret”. This movie was not all bad, this was a great Sunday night rental if you make it thru the slow slow slow beginning. The premise of this movie is about making amends but I don’t agree with uhhmm…. the way he goes about things. The end will evoke emotion out of you and will make some of you cry. The last 30min really tie things together nicely but I personally thought the movie was too drawn out for me to really connect with the characters to feel what the movie wants you to feel for them. I am sorry I am being vague but I don’t want to ruin it for you peeps who plan on watching this movie. And when you do shoot me an email so we can discuss, ok?
Conclusion? A-Ok rental, but once not a theatre worthy movie.

Quantum of Solace
Finally a movie I can get behind!! Matt and I saw this one in the theatre for our Anniv last fall and I loved it then and loved it now! I mean when you put together Daniel Craig, sweet cars, beautiful women, fantastic cities and a complex story line what you get is a crowd pleasing 007!!! This movie is “raw” …as in you feel every blow to his face and every crash of the car and James Bond is amazing! I hands down think Daniel Craig is the best there is and he pumped new life into this series and has made it his own. In this installment James is trying to get over Vespa, the girl he fell in love with and was killed in the last movie and while setting out on revenge he stumbles onto a conspiracy of a world wide “Green” organization. I don’t want to give much away but if you don’t like this movie then your Husbands most certainly will!

There you have it!!! And there will prolly be another post today also! Be prepared! HA


  1. Kelly
    April 13, 2009 / 9:57 pm

    Seriously you can write about anything and make it interesting. I love to read your blog!! Great job on the reviews!! 😉

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    November 17, 2009 / 6:33 pm

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