Do you think people thought I was the nanny?

So what do you get when you cross 3 Great Mommies + 3 Beautiful Babies + ME + Sushi???? Answer………My dinner last night!!!!
Matt started his summer softball league last night with Melissa’s husband John and the plan was to grab a quick bite and then off to watch the boys play but we wound up having more fun than the boys I am sure of it! We met Melissa’s two good friends Brooke & Valerie at Sumo in Edmond for some sushi and all three of them have babies 7 months and under!! It was literally a Cute Fest!!!! (Don’t worry friends I kissed enough babies to go around)We chatted it up as the kiddos were mesmerized by all the sushi on the table and of course I always have my camera handy so when I announced that I will have to blog about this tomorrow I was met with high expectations…. which is sad because I am not feeling at all funny or very witty today, sorry girls!So let’s dive in to what we all want to see, the pictures!! Starting out with Kendall…. I helped dress her, I like to call this one 70s Chic!
This is Kendall with her mom Melissa and me!!!

This picture cracks me up… it is a bouquet of BABIES!!!! Kendall, Reese & Chesney! And yes, Chesney was ultra snuggly!

Here are the super fun moms these little one’s belong to Brooke & Valerie! And no I did not try to steal one I gave them back! Please note Reese was kind enough to pull down her Super Star Shades for a picture!

This is Kendall being so nice and wanting to share her Elmo thingy magigee with me! That is very nice of you Kendall!!!

Now a couple of answers to your questions………

1. Did we make it in time to watch Matt & John?? Why yes we did, we got to watch them walk to the car! hehe

2. Does this make me want to have a baby now? Nope, but I am always up for another dinner with these cuties!!

Thanks for a great meal & great friends last night girls!


  1. M'Kingry
    April 23, 2009 / 2:44 pm

    Awww, we love you Aunt Nicole! It was so fun last night! We will have to all do it again soon!

  2. Anonymous
    April 23, 2009 / 3:13 pm

    super cute!! Fun times for sure …can’t wait to go again!love, brooke and chesney

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