Things I love…

This is hard to narrow down but here are some things I love on a daily basis and you should check them out!

~ The Food Network Magazine, Yes they have a magazine – it is new and I Love it!
~ enough said!
(Are you sensing a trend?)
~ I love All You Magazine and it is only like $2 on the newsstands!
~ I love DVR-ing 30-min Meals, Giada at Home, The Barefoot Contessa and other Food Network shows during the day so when I get home I can erase one’s I don’t like or watch the ones I do like!
~ I like making lists, my current list is “Spring To Do’s” or “Things I need for Saturdays Scentsy Party” just lists in general, I don’t need them to remember just ask Matt I have a Elephant brain he says and can remember anything but I like making them.
~ I like to Google things, questions, topics I have heard on the news or just random stuff.

That was also a list now that I look at it, see I like lists! ha but just some everyday things I do that I enjoy!
So my funk you ask, how is it? It is ok, somewhat better but last night once I got home I was hit with a HUGE migraine and went to bed early early… thankfully today I feel better but I stress out about “rebound” migraine which will happen the day after a big one! I am not sure why they happen but a Migraine is traumatic so it may have something to go with the changes in my brain or something. ( I should Google it) Tonight Matt & I are going with friends to the Thunder game so that should be enjoyable! They are playing the Bulls tonight and I will try to post some pictures tomorrow!
And ps…………………. a peeve of mine… SPRING BREAK! Who are all you people who are enjoying Spring Break? HA !

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