The Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled

Last night Shannon, Susan and myself volunteered on behalf of JH at the OK Foundation for the Disabled and we had a wonderfully fulfilling time. We served the meal, helped clean up the food, mingled, and helped out on the raffle drawing for the night. When I was leaving last night I was not sure exactly how to feel because part of you does want to feel sad then part of you feels thankful and at the same time I am happy… I am happy that this wonderful group of people has a place like this to get together and have fellowship with one another. The guests are bused in from different Adult living centers in the okc metro and they eat dinner and then dance! Yes, you heard me DANCE! It was so fun because they broke it down! I was talking to Matt about this on the drive home and 1Thursday this summer we are going to go back and help serve the meal as a couple so if anyone from OKC would like to be involved give me a shout!

JH funded the sign above many years ago!

Packed house!!! It was a St Patty’s Day theme
This is Reggie he was so full of joy, he does not speak but he sings and he sang at the top of his lungs every single song they played! You can tell by the smiles on Shannon & Susan’s faces how much he cracked us up!

“Help yourself, by helping others”

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