In case you were wondering I don’t know either how I had time to watch all these movies this weekend in between Scentsy Parties, cleaning house, Baptisms, lunches, etc BUT I managed and I am here to give you my 2 cents in case it is worth anything to you…….

I saw I Love You Man on Saturday with my mom and I love Paul Rudd and was very excited to laugh my butt off………..verdict………. Eh?!? I liked it, but did not love this movie. The story is very cute but nowadays movies don’t know if they want to be funny & cute or dirty & raunchy?? This one could not make up it’s mind which to be. I laughed and I loved the ending but some parts were not necessary but this seems to be what grown up comedy’s are about these days!!! I will rent it again when it comes out and I think you will enjoy this one…. maybe not with your mom!

Knowing, with Nicholas Cage Matt and I saw last night………and I have been thinking about this and I don’t know where to begin. I enjoyed this movie it was very entertaining and I am easy to please I don’t go to movies to dissect them but I go for enjoyment and I like this end of the world disaster movie! I don’t want to give anything away so this is hard but my take is this…….. if you did not grow up in church then you will take this movie from an Alien point of view but if you know the book of revelations you like me might find some symbols in this movie such as “Angels” “Fire from the heavens” “Prophecy” and so forth…… I think that some studio exec who knew the Bible used it loosely as a reference for this movie and it will make you think that is for sure!!!! I enjoyed this one and will rent it once it comes out again!

ahhhhhhh……….Twilight… Yes I ran out and was one of the 3 Million people to buy the DVD on Saturday. My take on this movie is, it is not the best and NO the acting is not great but I love seeing a book I read come to the screen whether it is perfect or not! I was very excited to watch this again and it is a easy watch on a rainy day. BUT for people who have not read the books and just watch the movie you are missing out on so much.

ok guys! that is all for today!

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