It is here…………………..

My Kindle 2.0 has ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cue Star Wars-esk epic background music……
This is the photo montage of emotions when I finally got it over the weekend after a 3 MONTH wait! The sad face is because apparently the “2.0” does not come with the leather cover anymore so of course it is an additional charge. GO FIGURE! ha, Well so far it is very cool there is so much to it other than playing around and charging it I haven’t gotten very far! And yes, to my “Shabby Souls” girls I will bring it to book club on Saturday (Chocolate Fondue here we come)! woohoo…..
Update! I ordered a snazzy red leather cover for it and it will be here in 3 weeks! gheesh!
ps……..Thanks again Oma & G-dad!

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