Busy Weekend Starts now….

First off I am overjoyed by the weather today here in OKC!! A no wind, sun shining day with the high of 82′ while I was getting ready this morning the dogs were laying around outside soaking up the nice weather …and go figure next week we will be back in the low 40s! It is exhausting!
Today I kick off my weekend with a luncheon at the Oklahoma Golf & Country Club which I am very excited about! The luncheon is called “Women in the news” and it is basically put on by and for women who serve in the community and I am thrilled to be a part of…
BUT, I have to vent……..
So it is 82 today right? BUT it is NOT spring yet? Correct!
I am not a fashionista by anyones definition but I will tell you it is not time yet to bust out florals and open toe shoes. I hope I am not offending anyone running around in peeps toes or strappy sandals but I just can’t do it. SO hence my fashion delima I have not “switched out the closets ” yet and I am still working with my winter clothes and on top of that none of my pants fit so i had nothing to wear today. I tried to do a fashion show for Matt last night but he was NO help! So i am wearing an oldie but a goodie- it is black short dress with some ruffles and closed toe pumps. I don’t feel “luncheon like” AT ALL but what can you do people??????????
Ok, enough already………tomorrow is a busy day I am actually attending the Scentsy regional convention which is being held here in OKC from 9-3 so hopefully I will learn how to better serve my new customers and make by budding business grow! And tomorrow night is my Book Club “Shabby Souls” meeting at the Melting Pot for some wonderful chocolate fondue and I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you all have a great weekend and catch ya on the flip side!!!

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