Busy 24 Hours

Busy Busy Bee…
Lets start with the good!! Last night I got to use my parents season tickets to see the Thunder play the Bulls and that is always a good time! And even better my bestie Melissa and my goddaughter where there, so I was able to steal some half time kisses!! Her wittle eyes are a tad red because she was “over me” and wanted her mommy! But I prefer to hold on tight until she cries and I must give her away! ha, halfway kidding!

Kevin Durant has the skinniest chicken legs EVER!

Uh the Bad…….. our good friends Chris & Jennifer went to the game with us and last minute Matt was unable to go because we have a sick dog! I know I know you think this is crazy but it is not, not to us this is one of our children. It was Abner who has Epilepsy among many other ailments and he needed to be monitored so Matt took one for the team. Abner was so lethargic yesterday he would not eat or even move it was just heartbreaking and we did not know what to do. Then last night things got worse before they could get better we got about 4 hours of sleep because we were up with him from 2ish-5:30. He has respiratory problems due to scar tissue in his lungs and they only work at 60% so last night he choked, gaged and had trouble breathing all night it was awful just watching him and being unable to comfort him. This morning Matt took him to the vet he is on some more meds and $135 later he seems to be in better spirits today and has eaten Thank You God! And did I mention our garage door broke again? Yes, it did… and yes we need a new one but since we are unable to do that at the moment we will keep “jimmy rigging” it until we can get a new one!
Today I am working on 4 hours of sleep ( I know you moms do this daily and it is hard) and my head is pounding but I need to buck up because tonight I am volunteering along with the JH Club at the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled (http://www.okfd.org/) Once a month they hold a ultra fun dance that they call a “Birthday Party” to celebrate everyone’s birthdays at once. These people will never go to a Prom or a dance and this is a way to ensure that they do not miss out on these special events in their lives. I am very looking forward to this and I hope I feel better by 6pm!!!
So that is today’s rant, sorry!

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