Here we are again, MONDAY SHMONDAY! I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend like I did!
But today I am going to talk food! Yes, food! What brought this on you ask? The scrumptious Avocado I had with lunch today, I salted it and piled it up on my sandwich and MAN oh MAN sometimes I forget how much I LOVE Avocado! No really people it is one of my favorite things! So that got me thinking and I was like you know what my friends really want to know is……..
My favorite foods! I know, get excited.
When I turned 21 I worked at a fine dining place in OKC called Mickey Mantles and it was during those 4 years that I really developed my love and passion for food and I realized the difference between good food and bad food! We all know I love to cook and I love holidays and special occasions because that means I get to eat out! But at times it is the simple things I enjoy such as the AVOCADO!
ok I love lists………so for my Oklahoma people here it is in NO particular order…….
~ The Melting Pot, it is so much fun I couldn’t enjoy myself more
~ Mickey Mantles Steakhouse, talk about perfection and no they did not pay me to say that
~ Ted’s Escondido, their salsa is like “tomato city” and I gorge myself on their tortilla’s
~ Sushi Neko, sushi enough said
I am sure some places are escaping me right now but those are the big ones!

Now just when you thought my raving/ranting was over it begins again ……
You know what I don’t like very much? Pizza, Burgers, hot dogs etc I mean their is a time and a place for all that but I like something more. It is un-American I realize but true!

Here is some things I love….
~ SUSHI, I LOVE how each roll is completely different and how I crave it so much. I am completely in love with sushi and have been for some time now.
~ STEAK, I am sure I will offend some people here but unless you order your steak Med Rare and under (some Med is ok) you do not know what steak is. The thing with steak is the more you cook it, you are actually cooking the flavor out, and no you will not die of mad cow anything you crazy people but if you want leather wear it don’t eat it. It really is a complete waste of money if you order it Med Well or Well. If you would try it MR just once you would wake up and fall in love with steak all over again, just ask my parents. A perfect MR steak that you can slice into like “butta” is something to be proud of.
~ Buttered Noodles, and no I am not kidding I have had “A Thing” for buttered noodles since birth (ask my mom) and not just any noodles I don’t do shells or penne I like Spaghetti or elbows! ha, no joke! Buttered noodles call out my name … Matt is so tired of chicken and noodles for dinner I think he may go on strike!
~ Veggies, I love all veggies! I love Asparagus & Squash I am every mothers dream when it comes to eating veggies!
~ I am going to let you in on a little weirdness I have and it revolves around fruit…. I do not like Berries! There I said it, I know I can’t call myself a true foodie but it is the true… if it ends in a “Errie” I am not kidding you I will not eat it! I am ashamed and I have tried but I can’t!

Ok guys I could go on and on and on and on but then you would not read my blog anymore! so there it is! I LOVE FOOD! Peace


  1. Kelly
    March 10, 2009 / 3:26 am

    How could anyone who loves food so much stay so stinkin’ skinny?!?! Some things in life just aren’t fair. I love food probably just as much as you but the place I worked early in life was Lollipops…candy store at the mall, if that tells you what kinds of food I prefer!! Hehe!!

  2. Becky
    March 10, 2009 / 2:47 pm

    Yeah! How do you stay so thin???? I love food too, but it is completely obvious!

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