So today is somewhat of a busy day! I am trying to get everything done at work before 2pm, if I EVER take off and have stuff on my desk a certain someone someone (Boss/Dad) gets peeved! I am going to go to the Doc this afternoon for a check up and to complain about my Migraines for the hundredth time maybe they will listen today?? Prolly Not!
Tonight I am making Barefoot Contessa’s Chicken Piccata for Matt, he requested it on Sunday! It is fairly easy just a bit time consuming! Then I have to get all over Matt’s behind to pack his bags! That is right my Hubby is leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning (Party!! Ha) Matt is headed to Kansas to stay with college friends and go to a baby shower for one of them! HA, I am not joking. My husband is literally flying to go to a baby shower! hehe………..this is how this morning conversation went by the way…..
“Matt, what did you get for the baby shower”
“You know a gift?”
“Oh I am not bringing one”
What? your gonna be that guy? Your gonna fly to the shower with no gift? Please tell them I had no part of this”
HA, guys are so silly! But this is his thing and I am not his mother! Matt if your reading this, I love you and I am halfway joking!

Anyways for a “Thankful Thursday”…………… I am thankful that I enjoying Blogging and I have made a couple new friends since starting this nonsense!

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