Things I Like Alot…………

Ok, this is pretty self explanitory! BUT……..for my blogging friends it is your turn………
( Jeanna, Kelly, Sara A, Allison & Michelle)
Here we go……………….

8 Things I like Alot
1. Matt
2. Food Network
3. Movies
4. Animals (mine in particular)
5. History
6. Weekends
8. All things Dance

8 Things I say Often
1. “Oh My Gosh” ( so high school of me huh?)
2. “Peace”
3. “Oh, HIII” ( A silly greating me and Matt have)
4. “Do you undestand?”
5. “DOWN RALPHIE” (Ralph is still mastering the art of not not jumping up)
6. “Is it 5 yet?”
7. “This is Stupid” ( I may think my dinner is stupid or work on fridays you name it)
8. “Your mommy’s Boy” ( Yes, it is true I say it to all my dogs, sick isn’t it> HA)

8 Things I want Before I Die
1. A Family
2. To find a job I love and that makes me happy
3. To of made a difference in the lives of animals
4. Travel, Travel, Travel
5. To live in my dream home
6. To feel that I have done enough (yes, broad but I know that)
7. Learn Italian & Travel there
8. To love and be loved as much as possible

8 Places I Would Like to Visit
1. Italy ( The History of the place just kills me)
2. Egypt – I must see the pyramids
3. Germany considering my Grandmother is full German and my mom lived there! Why won’t anyone take me??
4. The Maldives, I mean have you seen this place? It is heaven on earth
5. Travel across the US to Historical places
6. Alaska, enough said
7. Greece & Tuscany, eat and drink wine
8. New Zealand

8 Things I Want & Need
2. A quaint summer house in Maine or somewhere up East is my DREAM! To go to Farmers Markets, walk on the beach, live in the woods the WHOLE nine yards!
3. A personal Vet
4. A Maid! I will cook all day but cleaning is not my fav
5. A new house with a big kitchen and big bathrooms!
6. The time & resources to start an animal rescue and adoption charity!
7. The body & energy of a 18 year old so I can dance for the NBA again!
8. An 8th day of the week to just spend with Matt at home!

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