Matt’s Tatts

I know right! If you don’t know Matt your shocked with the exception of the top pic (ignore his workout gear) Matt is so clean cut, always wears a suit to work and Polo’s on the weekends… BUT this is his “Thing” and I have never known him without some so if it makes him happy then I am happy! He has two more, one on his chest & one on his back but he wouldn’t take his shirt off! HA! These pictures were taken hours after the full color one was done, so the redness won’t be like for long it is because it is irritated in the pic and he said he hurt pretty bad this time! The newest one with color does represent something special though, if you look carefully it says Sandi and that is his mother who passed away when he was young.

If your wondering if I have any Tattoo’s HECK NO! I am a huge baby and would bawl my eyes out I am sure, so no thanks! Speaking of cute husbands I am going to share with you all one of my ALL time favorite pictures of Matt taken ah… about 2 years ago at Table Rock lake on vacation with his family. He hates this pic but I think he could not look any cuter! (Notice less tattoos, ha)

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