Lets Talk Fashion

OSCARS!!!!! I thought the show was great (too long but great) and Hugh Jackman is such a talented performer and not to mention completely HANDSOME! So speaking of men lets start with my favorite men from last night……………….

Robert Downey Jr. was looking quite “Refreshed” if you know what I mean, it looks like he may of had some pre-Oscar work done but I guess it paid off because he looks so sharp and handsome!!!

ohh, Brad oh Brad…………. He only seems to get better with age like a fine wine! He looks like he could easily of fit into the old Hollywood Glamour of the 1950s. I think Dashing is the most fitting word to describe Brad Pitt. Not to mention his suits fit him like perfection.
Ok, I LOVE Josh Brolin…….(Ignore his wife Diane who was having a rough night) Josh to me is a rugged “guys guy”, he is the guy whom we all want our husband to look like… ( and might I add I think Matt does look like him) But I think Josh Brolin looks wonderfully put together and masculine at the same time!!!

Now lets talk CRAP…………………. First of all Jessica Biel at the Oscars, really? I think her dress has potential but being that it seems she forgot to fix her hair this look does not work for me. If she had a nice up do, something classy this would of came together better!
Beyonce, Not much to say about this other than I do not likey one bit.

Amy Adams I just love and many Red Carpet “fashion people” loved this look last night as she walked the carpet but I don’t. I love her necklace but not with this dress it doesn’t seem to match the black details on the dress at all. This was not a favorite of mine!

Zac & Vanessa from High School Musical……..YUCK, I do not know why he always has his hair slicked back like it is wet and Vanessa looks like she is still at HSM3 prom! But on a positive note I love her hair! ha

Ok DRUM ROLL PLEASE…………………………………..

Sarah Jessica Parker was my top! Her dress was STUNNING! This picture does not do it justice at all. It seemed to be a pale Mint color and the layers of tulle were to die for! I love her darker hair and the big loose curls work so well with this stunning Couture gown!!
I loved this Reem Acra gown Taraji wore it seemed to fit her style and personality to a T! This works so well with her sleek bob and her Diamond necklace that is in the shape of flowers. I think her dress looks like a petal and I love it!!!!!

Anne looks like the Oscar statue in this sparkler! I love everything about her look her hair, red lips and perfect skin make her glow!!!!!! LOVES IT!

First of all I am so glad Kate won an Oscar and she exudes Glamour with her dress and classy hair! I love the colors of her gown and it is fits her perfectly! I think she looks like a woman who deserved to win an Oscar!!!

Frida Pinto is just beautiful I think she is stunning and this color blue makes her stand out in a sea of black and red gowns! I just love her because I loved Slumdog Millionaire and she is a stand out for me!

Ok guys, that was just for fun I am no one to judge and I am not a expert at fashion but I do love fashion and I love seeing what the celebrities will wear to fun events like the Oscars! I hope this was something silly that made you smile! Before we go here are the two couples everyone was talking about……..

We all know Brangelina is the golden couple but I wish Angie would wear something other than black next time! But really how are two people this GOOD LOOKING? It is not fair!!!
But on the other hand I loved Jennifer’s dress she looked beautful and I thought her hair was funa nd fit her personality well! They do make a cute couple!


  1. Rebecca Haskell Colgate
    February 23, 2009 / 4:25 pm

    Nicole – I think you should be on E! You did a great job and it was a fun read!

  2. Traci Anne
    February 24, 2009 / 2:49 pm

    i absolutely agree! jessica biel looked bad for jessica biel. sjp is so gorgeous. i also liked penelope cruz’s dress! 🙂

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