Weekend Wrap Up…

Ok, so you can’t win them all!!! HA! This pic describes how AWFUL dinner was last night…. I was originally planning a Mediterranean theme and I was going to give Lamb chops at home a try, cous Cous, and a new grilled Caesar salad. (Ambitious right?) well……NO! They were out of lamb so we got (cheap) steaks but I decided to go thru with everything else, so note to self- cous cous does not go with steak and I am not sure what Rachael Ray is talking about all the time it is NOT that good! And now on to example A; Matt eating “grilled” salad. The salad was suppose to get crisp and I have eaten it this way before at a event and loved it, well for us it just wilted and looked yucky but by this time I said to heck with it, we are eating it! Matt is a good sport! ha! And the steaks, oh the steaks……pretty much like eating rubber! So tonight I will try to redeem myself, wish me luck!!!!!!!!

This is Matty & I at dinner Saturday night with some friends! We went to Bolero in Bricktown ( I don’t think we will go back) but other than that we had a WONDERFUL time with friends!

This is Mike & Allison, they are great friends and it was Mike’s Birthday hence the reason we all went out! Happy Birthday MIKE!

This is a pic from “Girl Talk” the event I mentioned Friday.. it was SO much fun! I did a dance Workshop and got to use my girl Britney’s song “Womanizer” and we had a roaring good time and by the look on their faces it seem that they did to! I call this pic “JAZZ HANDS

This is for your enjoyment, last Thursday I met my friend Becky for a glass of wine at Louie’s lakeside and I was early. I had a super long day at work and this scene was very relaxing for me and I decided to take a pic. Turned out great from inside the car! Enjoy ….. I hope my week and all of your weeks are as enjoyable and relaxing as this pic!!!!

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  1. Lord & Lady Bahrenburg
    January 20, 2009 / 1:44 am

    Michael says thank you for the birthday shout-out! I was a tiny bit disappointed with the Bolero food, but you win some, you lose some. Nothing beats a perfect steak 🙂

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