Since we are talking Favs…

Good Morning!

Since yesterday I shared with you all my favorite music I thought that today I would share my favorite TV shows!! Because I know that everyone was wanting to know! ha! But really after I get home, make dinner, do some things around the house there is nothing I would rather do more than lay on the couch with the animals and watch some shows with Matt! It is the perfect way to wind down after a long day and get ready for the next day!
I of course LOVE the Food Network! I love all the shows and I love DVR-ing them to watch on a rainy day! ha
These are in no order……
~ Oprah ( I DVR it so I can decide if it is worth watching)
~ Desperate Housewives
~ My HBO Shows : Big Love, Entourage, True Blood
~ So You Think You Can Dance!!!
~ Nip/Tuck
~ All the Real Housewives shows in Bravo
~ Gossip Girl (This show is so crazy and over the top but I love it)
~ Biggest Loser
~ Dramas: Lipstick Jungle, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Greys
And Lastly……….. Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International & Paranormal State
Now, people think it is weird but I have always had a “thing” for the paranormal. I think it is fascinating and I am a believer. The way the shows research the history of a place and then use science to back up the claims they investigate is amazing. And the proof they catch is unreal, I sometimes get chills and I can not believe my eyes! You all should totally look into watching these shows!
I found this on You Tube, someone put together the 10 best clips from Ghost Hunters! It is 9min but watch it if you want ! There is much more than this but this is a good compilation.

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  1. Jeana
    January 7, 2009 / 3:15 pm

    You and I pretty much watch the same shows! I’m a TV junkie too. I record Oprah also, same idea…see if I like it or not then decide to watch it…only way to go, HA!!! 🙂

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