Short Movie Review by Nicole

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button……

” My Life began under unusual circumstances….”
I was not sure what I would think of this movie going into it I had read mixed reviews before seeing it… And on New Years Eve as Matt and I saw this movie the 3 hours flew by and it left me wanting more. It actually left me laying awake that night replaying parts of the movie in my head, longing to see it again. This movie is more than a drama about a man who ages backwards it is a story, a story about this mans life and all who pass in and out of it. The movie is shot beautifully and it was hard to tell who was prettier Brad or Cate! While doing press for this movie Brad mentioned they had used CGI for effects in this movie and it was so well done I could never see the difference from a CGI shot and Brad ( Benjamin) himself. This movie does evoke emotion and a couple of times my throat hurt while trying to hold back tears.

I recommend anyone who loves a good story, a story with heartache, romance, family, life and lessons learned. I loved this movie and thought it was a true joy and 3 hours well spent!!!!!

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  1. Traci Anne
    January 4, 2009 / 10:48 pm

    I can’t wait to see this one. One movie I would recommend avoiding is “Burn After Reading”. 🙂 Hope you two had a happy new year!

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