Music to my ears….

I know, I know another post…. two in one day!??? I just can’t help it my mind is full of stuff (just ask Matt) I was in the car at lunch listening to one of my all time favorite CD’s and I was like “I must share with others” HA! I am soo musically diverse, I am sure you can tell from the slide show above. Those are some of the people I have seen in concert, many I have seen more than once! I LOVE LOVE 70s & 80s music! No Joke people! I really think I should of been born in the 70s so I could of been a Disco Queen, long straight hair and all! With the exception of some modern people I love ( uhhhemm.. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE) I only listen to Magic 104 or KOMA! I have even seen KC & The Sunshine Band in concert, Huey Lewis & The News and I love Rod Stewart!

Now, with all that being said we all know I Love me some Britney Spears she will always have a special place in my heart but she is not numero uno! This title is a tie, a tie of two people/groups who could not be more different! Drum Roll please………………………..

My main squeeze …….Michael Buble!! (Don’t tell Matt) I just LOVE him, I am lucky enough to have seen him twice in concert and he is amazing! His voice is so soothing and his songs so classic ( some of them are classics) well point is, he is wonderful!!!!!! I could gush some more but I will spare you all!

And these fine fellas are INCUBUS! I not only have seen them 4 times in concert but 6 years ago I went back stage and got their autograph! Their music is not all hard rock, they have soft melody’s and interesting lyrics. Their Album from last year “Light Grenades” is one of my favorites. I am not sure why I am drawn to them so much but I am, they have been hands done my favorite group for about 9 years now!

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