Ah yes, the picture above is funny but other than that picture there is nothing funny about Migraines at all! If you can not already tell I have been diagnosed with them, and I missed work yesterday due to one but what is new? This is my life!
Migraine; is a neurological syndrome characterized by altered bodily perceptions, headaches, and nausea.
Yes, that is the technical definition but I will briefly tell you about my experience……..
My mother has had them her whole life and mothers usually pass the gene on to one child! And “ding ding ding” I am the lucky one! And they started making an appearance in my life when I turned 20! I have been to every doctor imaginable and taken every drug you can think of. Nothing works, I luckily have found a pain med that I can take at the onset of a migraine that usually makes it subside but due to the extreme dosage Insurers will only allow 9 pills a month! WHAT? I mean that covers maybe two weeks for me, but that is another post entirely. I have tried a ton of preventative meds and now I am on to Holistic/Herbal meds and they do me ok ( I take 9 pills each day) Most people even friends of mine don’t understand what i go thru and in the past when I have had to cancel plans due to a migraine I have had friends ( well no longer friends of mine) say I am a baby and I am faking… and that is so hurtful. The pain is excruciating, throwing up, tender body, light hurts my head and so will sounds. Many times I thought I was dying. And it is sad to me because people do not understand it and they think I am weird. I live a strict strict boring life because there are “triggers” that lead to a migraine and I have found out mine and I do anything to avoid here are my “rules”
1. I do not drink
2. Do not smoke & can not be around it
3. Can NOT miss a meal, I always have a snack with me
4. Must sleep 8 hours a night, this is a big one lack of sleep that is
5. Stress, Stress & more Stress!
6. Change in weather or pressure will do me in!
7. Work, no joke working on my computer all day like I do at my job is awful and there is nothing I can do about it!

So that is a brief jest of my medical problems! I am the Healthiest sick person i know!!! On to better subjects! Happy Hump Day!

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