ABC’s of ME!

Animals, I love them ALL of them!
Bundled up for work this week!
DuBois was my maiden name and I Loved It!
Excited about seeing Ingrid Hoffman tonight at the Celeb Chef Event!
Ghost Hunters is one of my FAV shows!
Hates exercise!
I Love Matt!
Jokester! I make stupid jokes and laugh at myself
Kind, I would like to think I am Kind!
Love making new friends!
Misses Dance
Needs a new book to read…suggestions????
Overprotective of my animals, my motto is “It is our duty to care and love them”
Pleaser, I am a people pleaser and that is good & bad!
Quizy, I get car sick at the drop of a hat!
Rocks out at Concerts! I love Concerts!
Siblings, I have 2…Curtis & Marissa
TV, I love to watch TV
Use-to-be …. a Honeybee- HA! I am a use to be someone!
Work, work shmmwork!
Yours truly!
Zoo, I would like to work at a Zoo with Baby animals!

Ok, all my Blogging friends………. TAG your it!!

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    February 5, 2009 / 1:45 am

    Hi. I’m Sara. I think you’ve been to my blog before? I really enjoyed your ABC’s of me!!!Do we have a mutual blogging friend?

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