2008 Wrap Up

As 2008 closes and 2009 begins I thought I would share some of the Savage Families 2008 Memories! This is by no means includes everything we did or shared together but here are a few to highlight the 2008 slide show above!

1. We watched as our friends got married, went to showers, bought presents and Bridesmaid dresses. We welcomed the birth of our God Daughter Kendall Reese Kingry!

2. We found Ralph Lauren West Savage the last week of March at the itty bitty age of 3 weeks and we raised him in our family. And now I could not image life without Ralphie!

3. We went to concerts, movies, dinners, shared special events with our families and celebrated our 1 Year Anniv!! Time flies when you get older and your having fun!

4. We worked on our flower beds, patio, re did our floors, our office, got new furniture, worked more on our floors, got curtains and you name it!!!

5. We added Abner Gundy Savage to our family and he is very excited to know that he now has a family that loves him and a place to call home!

6. Matt plays in a basketball league and a flag football league and he loves to be active. His business has continued to grow as he enters his 5th year as an Farmers Agent!

7. I re-discovered my love for reading, I have always read but this year I read anything i could get my hands on. I also cooked & baked more than ever and I love trying out new recipes and reading cooking magazines!

It is hard to sum up 1 year in a blog but this year like any other was filled with ups and downs and we know that is life. This year we look forward to continuing on this path of ours as a family of 6 ( 4 animals) and see what life throws at us!

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  1. The Frasiers
    January 7, 2009 / 12:48 am

    what a great/exciting year! your family grew a lot! ha!

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