Monday Blues Conclusion…..

Our plumbing is fixed!! And I am not gonna lie, it cost A LOT more than we thought it would and to think that Matt did most of the digging and all of the re-filling of the “Trench”! Since it is Winter we will leave the flower bed/shrub bed area naked and come Spring we will start from scratch!

And if you recall me saying how it seems to be “One thing after another”?? I know that it is life and that is that…… so last night I was laying on the couch with Abner and I got alarmed and when I looked at him he was convulsing, his eyes were dilated and he was unresponsive. I tried to
“Snap” him out of whatever this is and comfort him but I flipped my lid because something was very very wrong I yelled for Matt and we loaded up and went to the ER. It appears he had somewhat of a seizure. It was heartbreaking. By the time we reached the ER he was normal again so we stayed for an hour, ran blood work and they observed him. The conclusion is…. that we are not sure what caused this? His blood work is good and is heart sounded good also. SO hopefully this was a fluke! Matt is at home today with him since we are suppose to monitor him for 24 hours! I love this little guy so much and lets all pray for him and that this event was the last of the unexpected at out house!!!!!

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  1. Traci Anne
    December 30, 2008 / 7:07 pm

    poor puppy! i hope he is feeling better.

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