Weekend Wrap- Up….

Despite me having a cold all weekend Matt and I managed to find time for a wonderful weekend and here is the “Wrap Up”….

Friday night we went to the Moore Warren to see James Bond; So good! The movie is action packed fun and we give it two thumbs up! But what was even more fun was enjoying the movie in our Balcony seats! You have to buy the tickets ahead of time and when you buy them you

choose your seat as it is reserved seating and well worth the extra ticket price for a every now and then fun! The seats are like recliners and each seat had it’s owe heating button which I put to good use and the view of the screen is awesome! Matt and I munched on pizza and a brownie fudge sundae during the movie and had a wonderful time!!!

Saturday we decided to get a head start on Christmas so we headed out in search of new “Dog Proof” ornaments and more outdoor decor! We found someone wonderful stuff and Matt was so excited that he jumped right on putting up the lights outside, so once Thanksgiving rolls around we are ready to flip the switch! Saturday night we celebrated a Surprise 30th Birthday for our Friend Melissa Wiley in Norman and finished off the weekend with some house cleaning and grocery shopping on Sunday!

Now…….. for another Easy & Yummy Sunday night Dish…….. ( I do cook more than only Sundays, Ha)

My Mom’s White Bean Chicken Chili

-You need a crock pot, and to make is easier the new Crock Pot Liners for easy clean up

– All these ingredients you pour in, Do not drain:

3 Cans Great Northern White Beans

2 Cans Corn

2 Cans Green Chilli’s (diced)

2 Chicken Bullion cubes

2 Cans of White Meat Chicken ( Drain these) these can be found next to the Tuna at the store

Salt & pepper to taste

– Cook on low for 2 1/2 to 3 hours

Enjoy! I Served mine with Cornbread!

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    November 17, 2008 / 8:01 pm

    yum yum! that sounds good! i’ll have to make that for Deren this winter!!!

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