You will notice I post alot about movies, I LOVE movies maybe it is how during those 2 hours you can be somewhere else or travel to a world you may never see? Whatever the reason I love movies and I love the feeling of knowing a great one is coming out and having that to look forward to. It seems that this Holiday season is going to be filled with movies I can not wait to see and share with my friends and family.

I was watching Oprah last night and she had on Hugh Jackman & Nicole Kidman and they were talking about their new film; Australia… and the way Oprah and the two of them described it plus the behind the scene video’s she showed just thrilled me. This is an epic movie.. a drama, action and love story all rolled into one. The movie itself looks stunning and real portrayal of the beauty that is Australia and I can not wait to be transported. The movie opens Thanksgiving weekend Nov 26. And below I posted one of the trailers for you to enjoy, but if you go to or you can get behind the scene info and and videos. Enjoy…..

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