Friday, April 29, 2016

Marissa Styled for Spring into Summer

Oh My Goodness have I fallen in love with these looks!! You guys, today I styled an amazing repeat client Marissa and I hope she loves these looks as much as I do! Marissa is a beautiful Mom who loves fashion, trends and let's me step outside the box for her! I wanted to give her looks for Date nights, Car pool, Lunches with friends and looks that can mix and match a million ways! This year I have really been inspired by Blues... all shades of blue and how well it pairs with everything, literally! OK, lets jump in and get the details..........
Marissa Styled Spring into Summer
6 Boards
26 COMPLETE looks
$575 TOTAL
Which means each complete look is $22!
** NOTE! I did not include the price of the dark skinny jeans, they are Express and run $80. My thought is that Marissa most likely already has dark skinny jeans and if not can wait until they are on sale!**

Board #1, Date Night! 4 Looks
This is the perfect example of High/Low... as in a High Impact off the shoulders dress or the low fuss tee dress perfect for errands! I actually think BOTH dresses will go with either shoe to complete change how dressy they are!
Marissa Spring into Summer #1

Board #2 Summer Casual Chic, 5 Looks
I cannot explain to you how much I LOVE these pants!!! For real, not only do you literally just throw these on for a completely chic Summer look but the comfort of these is perfect for a Mom on the go! All 3 of these tops will be adorable with these pants then the 2 tanks will look so cute with the white jean jacket on top for lunch with fiends! And yes, TRUST ME... that Gingham top will look so amazing with these pants! I swear the elephants are a neutral! ha!
Marissa Spring into Summer #2

Board # 3 Casual Summer, 4 Looks
These pants are unreal and everything goes with them! Both of these tops are perfect on their own but can be elevated with the addition of the jean jacket! And yes, that polka dot tank will be so cute with those pants and even better.. the perfect 4th of July outfit!
Marissa Spring into Summer #3

Board #4 Date Night, 2 Looks
That pink gingham top will look so perfect paired with those dark skinny jeans! And that off the shoulder top right now is perfectly on trend!
Marissa Spring into Summer #4

Board #5 Car Pool to Summer Party, 8 Looks
Yes, I said it... 8 looks! Each top can be dressed down with the sandals or dressed up with the booties perfectly! Then each look can be elevated once again with the addition of the jean jacket!
Marissa Spring into Summer #5

Board #6 Errands to Lunch, 3 Looks
This board is effortless Chic..... throw on the jeans, top and sandals and not only are you comfy but so chic as well!
Marissa Spring into Summer #6

Marissa, I hope you have fallen in love with these looks like I have... I see you in each outfit perfectly! And I have to ask your permission.... I NEED those elephant pants! (no, really I need them)

Do you need a wardrobe refresh for Spring and/or Summer? Would you like me to style for you family pictures? Vacation??  I would love to do this for you.....
Here is what you get:
4 Boards, within your budget and your "wants" list!
20-30 Looks total
Completed within 1 week

$40 via paypal! If you are interested shoot me an email at

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Today is the BIG day..... Today I turn 35 and I am not sure if I thought I would wake up and feel THIRTY FIVE but I feel no different. I keep waiting to see at what year I will "feel" like a full-on-grown-up but it hasn't happened yet.  Maybe next year, right?
Today I thought I would share with you 35 Hopes, Dreams, Wishes, Words of Wisdom and/or just things that make me happy. This list is as much for me as it is for you, certainly this past month I need to take out the time to remind myself about the things that make me happy.
(In NO particular order other than when it popped into my head...)

35.  When I was 18 I thought that the life "plan" was Married at 23, Kid # 1 at 25, Kid # 2 at 27 and a partridge in a pear tree at 30. But that is just the life plan I thought I was "suppose" to have........

34. Married at 26 was the perfect year for me, I had enough time to live alone.... no room mates just me. I had time to gain independence and grow as a person before I added another person into the mix.

33. My Wisdom.... Live ALONE at least once and for at least a year.

32. Another thing I am guilty of is the thought process of "When I....... I will be....." EXAMPLE: When I get married life will be perfect, When I buy a house life will be perfect, When I have enough money life will be perfect...... You see the common thread? I am always reaching for that one thing and sometimes I forget to enjoy or just live in the meantime. Its a bad habit of mine. I need to change it.

31. Take a moment out of each day to see what you have done even if it was only doing laundry. Hey, I did something.....

30. Life doesn't change too much just because you are in your 30s

29. And life isn't over just because it's your last year in your 20s.

28. READ, I am so glad I was born with a love of reading! Reading each night at bedtime makes me happy!

27. Indulge, I love stupid celebrity gossip! Who doesn't love getting a small peak into the lives of someone else?

26. I only have 8 more hours of Real Estate School left and then all the exam prep! It might have taken me MONTHS longer than I thought to do this but I haven't given up!

25. I WILL be a parent one day.

24. Matt made me my favorite breakfast this morning before he left for work... PANCAKES! It made me and the dogs happy who also have a sweet tooth like their mom!

23. I LOVE my DVR and I have no shame! Watching my shows makes me happy. Literally the moment I get snuggly on the couch with my dogs.... I am in BLISS

22. I HOPE that I will touch someones life, or make a real difference in someones life one day.

21. I LOVE to travel and see new places and I have all the dreams of traveling overseas but I can barely stand to be away from my animals. Its a fine line.

20. Some people eat when they are unhappy... I shop. In that moment of a new purchase I am so happy. It's a seriously bad habit.

19. I have learned in the past year under-going infertility treatment that I am MUCH stronger than I thought. And I need to remind myself of this more often. And I need to be proud of that, it's something.

18. I wish I hadn't given up/retired from Dance at 27 when I got married. I wish I had stayed in shape a bit longer and "milked" it a little bit more. Hey, I could have been the 35 year old Broncos Cheerleader? HA!

17. I LOVE making people happy, I love it when someone smiles because of something I have done. At the same time this is kind of selfish because it makes me so happy.?!@#$#

16. My goal this year is so eat healthier but also step out of my box, I want to really challenge myself from time to time with things I cook at home. AND I need to share more recipes on here! I promise I will do better!

15. You guys it is snowing right now at my house and this weekend we are suppose to get another foot of snow! HA

14. I think we all need to be reminded that saying NO is not a bad thing. Saying YES and then hating something is much worse.

13. A goal Matt and I have this Summer is to use our raised planter beds to plant our first garden! Now we just need the snow to stop so we can plant something.

12. Movies are my escape, I love relaxing and just being entertained for 2 hours. I also love looking forward to a new movie I am excited about. Like how Matt and I have had our tickets for next weekends Captain America for a few weeks now! It makes me happy

11. Sometimes I worry how I have not had a child for 35 years or my life and how Matt and I do what we want will that transition be worse for us? Will I suck at being a parent since I haven't been one?

10. My animals are my world, as are my fur-siblings at my parents house. Sometimes I look at them and cannot get over how much I love them and I can literally feel the love in my heart

9. I miss Oscar every single day. I think about things I miss, I try and remember what it felt like to hold him, what he smelled like and how I would do anything to bring him back. My love for him was so big I am not sure the hole in my heart will ever heal.

8. I wish that people who pass judgement and call themselves Christians would realize that their sin of judgement is the exact same in the eyes of God as the sin they are judging. (This applies to no one and everyone at the same time in my eyes)

7. I hope that one day Matt and I will be able to take our kid(s) on fun family vacations and make memories that will last a lifetime.

6. I wish more than anything in the world I would NEVER have another migraine again. I haven't talked about them much because our infertility has been my focus on here but I battle them each week just like I always have. What I wouldn't give for a cure.

5. I am going to make Matt and I a Summer Bucket List, things we can do together and enjoy while we are on a break from all fertility treatments. May, June and July. And I want to spend afternoons being lazy at the pool!

4. My hope is that people will feel a kinship with me thru this blog, whether you struggle with infertility, maybe you love movies and books like I do, maybe you are into fashion as much as I am or maybe you love seeing my posts about food. But the point is I am real, I am not some unrealistic person you can never be like most blogs. I am me, a person who isn't perfect and isn't afraid to show all sides of life.

3. I love living in Colorado, Oklahoma will always be home but when I think about how I am happy here in Colorado it makes me feel guilty.

2. My sister just posted this on my FB wall and she gets me......

Happy Birthday to my kitty cat sis Nicole Savage ! 
Here is an impromptu rap for you:
She's sassy and she's sweet,
She's pretty cool and neat,
She rocks polka dots, she's pretty hot
She loves animals quite a lot
Gonna find her in the target parking lot
Let's celebrate her with all you GOT!
Woo! Love you sis.

1. Today I am going to paint my nails, watch some shows and then go to dinner with Matt! Nice way to ring in 35!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Next?

I am BAAACCCKK from Okc and I will be doing a post about all of that soon but this week is IMPORTANT and I don't want to miss it....... It is INFERTILITY AWARENESS WEEK! NIAW
I know your all think "oh dear is she gonna preach to us" and well, maybe. ha! But first I told you all that after I got back from Okc I would let you all know what our Fertility Specialist said and whats next for us........

Last Thursday during the time slot that was going to be our embryo transfer we met with our doctor to discuss what went wrong with this IVF round and what is next for us. And honestly it is hard to type, it is really so complex but I will do my best to make this short, sweet and simple. When we walked into his office he gave us the biggest and most genuine hugs AND that is why
A. We are in the best hands
B. This team becomes family
C. His office is the #15 Infertility Clinic in the United States

Our doctor expressed to us that he was honestly as shocked and upset by our egg retrieval as we were, only 1 egg?? No one saw that coming. He reviewed everything, from the moment we walked into his office almost ONE year ago. During this cycle ALL my blood work, estrogen levels, follicles were exactly where mine should have been and everything pointed to a successful retrieval. But you see that is why this is a lot of "Seeing what works with your body" and "Trial and Error" you literally cannot watch the eggs grow. So he said last week he went back and spent a morning with our Embryologist and they went thru the fluids took from my follicles (gross I know) and what they found was good news. There was presence of these cells I will refer to as the "Hype" cells. Ha, no really.... they are cells inside the follicles that are the cheerleader cells for the eggs. And if they were absent then maybe my body wasn't growing eggs BUT they were there. SO.... my body is showing egg growth. NOW..... maybe this means they just wouldn't come out or maybe this means that we didn't have my medicines at the correct levels to promote growth. And what is crazy about all this is that a year ago other than myself having some lower estrogen levels this infertility diagnosis for us was a sperm problem. But lucky us now it seems that we are both dealing with a diagnosis. And he told us that due to this there is NO chance to get pregnant any other way.
SO what does this all mean?
Our doctor believes that by doubling our injections and medicine protocol and switching out a few medicines for others (among a list of other stuff) that we could very well have a successful IVF.
My body needs 2-3 months to heal from what we just put it thru. So we haven't spoken with the IVF coordinator just yet but it would look like our IVF cycle #2 would be August. And both Matt and I are on board with trying again.
You know it's weird, If you don't have anxiety this is hard to wrap your head around.... but I don't mean to hide my feelings about all of this, I haven't meant to "not process" what happened last week yet. But it's like I just can't. And sadly my body doesn't know what to do with all of it and so my anxiety since last week has been out of control. And in fact I have been breaking out in hives, even at the Thunder game on Monday while having fun... HIVES! I mean I want to say "NICOLE< Let's cry this out" but I don't work that way. So I am having a tough time in that regard, I am having a tough time moving forward. And ya, I am scared about doing this all again.... You know what they say, Ignorance is BLISS and this first cycle was that for me. But this time knowing everything before hand scares me because it's a lot. But I am willing to put myself thru this all again in the HOPE of a different outcome.
I can't take anything for my anxiety in preparation for this next cycle so I am trying to pray, deep breathes, acupuncture and blogging... you all know that getting it out is helpful for me.
Matt was upset last week but he is hopeful for this second try and is putting his positivity towards that already.
This Summer Matt and I are going to focus on being healthy, taking our prescribed supplements, relaxation, NO stress is huge for my body, I will continue acupuncture and we are going to try to enjoy the Summer together. I am going to try to not focus on AUGUST AUGUST AUGUST because that is an anxiety minefield but that is easier said then done.

National Infertility Awareness Week......
Now you didn't think I would end this post without a lesson did you? hehe! For Infertility Awareness Week did this post on What NOT to say and it is SOOOOOOO SPOT on. I told Matt before I left for Oklahoma that if ONE person told me to "Relax and let it happen naturally" I would loose my crap. #sorrynotsorry
But honestly even if you don't know check out this list and educate yourself on a LONG list of things that are HURTFUL and are NOT funny to those of us dealing with infertility. My husband tells me that people around him say these things to him at least ONCE a day, so this affects men too. What is he suppose to say... "You know we had no idea, you mean to tell me actually having sex while relaxed might get us pregnant?" When inside we want to tell you to STFU.
Remember 1 in 8 people are dealing with this, it could be your friend, family member co-worker and most are not vocal like I am. This isn't just a "me" issue, it's a 1 in 8 issue.
Click HERE to read this list!

Lastly, this quote kinda sums me up at the moment and I know a lot of friends can relate. Thank you so much for listening and supporting.


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