Friday, October 30, 2015

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale!

 I have been helping my parents with Garage Sales my whole life so when I got my own house, I was an expert! And even back 6 years to Matt and I's first garage sale we were successful! Every Garage Sale I have had we have made over $1,000 in just 2 days. And today I am going to give you a few tips on what works for us!
* Advertise!
FUN signs!! This worked really well for us (until someone stole them) but.... people loved them and everyone commented on the signs when they showed up! Make sure you put them out 1 full day ahead so people can plan for your sale!
There are really only 2 websites you need to advertise on and I got a ton of traffic from Both!
1. Craigslist, make sure you re-post your Ad each morning so it is fresh for people to find!
2. this is a neighborhood website to connect to your neighbors and this worked out great and it is nice to a member of anyways!
 You have to invest a little, I got 2 cheap garment rack and a lot of neon paper! The tables we already had! Think of it this way, set up like a store... so people will enjoy shopping and feel like they are at something more than a Garage Sale!
Label EVERYTHING! It might take a few hours but it is well worth it and customers don't like to speak up and haggle. Also give yourself plenty of set-up time. I started 2 weeks early... unloading boxes, setting up tables, making signs.... it's a ton of work but can be worth it!
 Low Prices is also a key.... we had nothing over $5! And ya, it sucked selling name brands at $2 but if it doesn't sell it gets donated so anything is something!
 Keep a calculator and scratch pad handy for tallying up your customers... this was super helpful for me!
 I got this cute coupon organizer and used it to organize our change. And we priced NOTHING under $1... we did;t want to deal with .50 or .25 and that was a huge help also!
 Make a FREE box... people loved it! And make sure you place it where people can see it from your street.... this will get them in and yes, people will take anything as long as it's FREE!
 Lastly, use what you have around the house... we had moving boxes which worked out great for shirts and when it was done I just had to close it back up again!

Next week Salvation Army is coming to get the rest of our stuff and I highly recommend donating everything you don't sell!
Happy Garage Selling friends!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

3rd Times the Charm

Don't you all just LOVE how I enjoy starting off all my infertility posts with a little sarcasm? But for real, Thank you to everyone who tells me this is in "Gods Plan" I feel much better about being poked by needles every week, having ultrasound sticks shoved up me and taking medicine that makes me crazy. BUT I digress.....

We have been trying to have a baby for over a year now as you know and have been working with our wonderful fertility team since July! No really, I LOVE my fertility team... the doctor and all the nurses are amazing. It's weird calling in or showing up at a doctors office and everyone knowing your name and story without looking.
Last month was our second try via IUI and sadly about 30minutes before everyone came over on Saturday for Matt's Birthday party I found out it didn't work. So that was disappointing and I didn't tell Matt until Sunday because I didn't want anything to ruin his party. Now... I know people try for years and it can take a TON of tries, so I am doing relatively well compared to some. So I am aware that I am not the only person who is and has gone thru this but like I always say this is my story and my feelings.

What happens now? We start all over again.... I go today for my Day 3 ultrasound, get my new prescription of drugs and this month we are adding in something really exciting... HOME SHOTS! No really, I am scared too death. I don't do needles and the thought of Matt giving me shots in my ass every night makes me want to cry! YAY me! Then in about 10 days or so we will go for round 3. 3rd Times the Charm, huh? This time I took the news better than last month, I think I was just trying to prepare myself this time so I wouldn't experience the sadness I did last month. But do you want to now what I think is the WORST side effect of all of this??? Not me giving blood (which use to make me pass out) but it is the Hot Flashes! They are so severe I don't sleep... All night every 30 minutes I wake up covered in sweat and kick everything off then 30 minutes later wake up freezing and this happens ALL NIGHT LONG! That is the worst thing for me so far!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Brats & Beer

Matt officially turns 35 this Friday, yes he is a Halloweenie Baby or close enough BUT with that being said I have already thrown him a Halloween themed party before so I wanted to do something else! After much brain-storming I decided on Beers and Cheers and Brats! And wouldn't ya know someone on Etsy had the perfect invite! This is the invite I had custom made and I mailed em out old school style!
I am going to walk you thru what I did for Matt's party so you can do this for your hubby.... I promise, he will LOVE it!
Matt is finally seeing the AWESOMENESS that is our entire chalkboard wall in the formal dining room.... case in point.......
I set up the Dessert and the Sangria in the dining room and did a little chalk design to match!
 Since this wasn't a Halloween party but it is still Fall it was easy to find all the matching party supplies for this Oktoberfest Celebration Party! All the party supplies came from Target!
 This Fall Apple Sangria was DELISH! And the recipe is from that new fun Facebook page TASTY run by Buzzfeed! Here is the quick easy recipe...

I finally got to put our cute Pottery barn Mason Jar drink dispenser to good use.....
I used 3 crockpots, 1 pot, 1 sheet pan and a partridge in a pear tree to put together this Brat Buffet! And I labeled everything with cute chalkboard signs that perfectly tied into the theme! And the popcorn containers were my utensil and fixins "holders"!
Here is what we had on the Menu, everything served 24 people!
Brats, Beers and Cheers Party Menu
Beer Cheese Dip, Chips
Gourmet Pretzels
Trisha Yearwood Crockpot Mac and Cheese
Kraut, Fixins
Beer, Fall Apple Sangria
Guiness Cupcakes with Baileys Icing!
I had this sign hanging in the kitchen to greet everyone......
On our Patio Table was my Party Favor I made homemade for everyone: Spicy Buffalo Chex Mix! And I got the cute windowed food bags and chalkboard labels all on Amazon!
Beer, we had and HAVE Beer for days! But the good news is, is that in 3 weeks we are hosting a HUGE Broncos tailgate at the Kansas City game and that is less Beer I have to buy for that! ha!
The last and finale component to a GREAT party for your man is FOOTBALL! We had College football on ALL night!
We had a great night and a great turn out, everyone complimented me on all the details and called me Martha Stewart/Pinterest Queen and hey.. I'll Gladly take that!
I don't think that from the moment I got up at like 8am that day that I sat down once and then at midnight I was up cleaning the entire party up... I was spent!
Matt had a GREAT time, everyone loved the food and the drinks as you can tell! haha!
You guys this is great party to throw whether it's a Birthday or just for Game day! Brats and Beer was a HIT!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Eight & Always

You know it is hard to remember our wedding day, do you find that to be true? 8 Years ago today we were married and it is all a blur. I do remember when we were walking back down the isle my cathedral veil got caught on a pew decoration but other than that the night only lives in my pictures.

During these 8 years it also seems like time flies, the good, the bad and all the in-between have come and gone. Matt and I have had our fair share of trails and we are in a stressful time right now with Infertility and our sick dog Oscar. But we have made it thru everything and we will do the same with this valley.

Tonight we are headed out to dinner to celebrate our marriage and 8 years and I am excited about that. Cheers to our future! Happy 8 Years Love!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Modern Family Photo Shoot!

Hi Guys, today we are completely switching gears form yesterday and I am excited about that. One of my favorite repeat customers Marissa reached out to me this week about styling her family for this years photos and I got excited! I LOVE working with Marissa, she is open to fun ideas and her family looks beautiful in everything! This time she already had her littlest ones outfit all picked out which was fun for me to then match everyone else around! Here is what she asked for:
* Modern Looks
* The hubby wanted a "Professional" look
* Edgy
AND... I have her all 3 guidelines in the options below! I have styled each family member with 2 options and all options mix and match with one another and go with Aspen's cute outfit below! Let's dive in....
To go with this cute outfit I picked out these adorable Booties which will add some edge to the outfit and right now these "Cat" Headbands are ALL the rage and not only will it look adorable with the outfit but I can sure Aspen will LOVE it! I mean I want one!
Girls Accessories

Next up is another adorable little girl who is around 8 and thinks she is a "Big Girl"! So I tried to give her age appropriate looks like mimic what a BIG Girl would wear! I Really love both options and both options will have her shining in the photos!
Options for Tween!

Next up is Dad and I gave him 2 different options.... 1 is more "Edgy/Modern" and the other is "Modern/Professional".  Now yes, the black suit pants, white shirt and vest is very simple but he will be the staple in the picture and let the women shine. With the shirt collar open and sleeves rolled up he will look very handsome. The next looks brings out charcoal grey, with the grey pants, grey shirt and then the grey in the vest using all 3 in the same color palette is very modern as of late! I hope Dad approves!
2 Options for Dad!

Black top

Slim oxford shirt

Woolen vest

Chino trousers

Old Navy clothing

Men's Wool Oxfords

Lastly is Marissa and all these options will 100% read to wear again this Holiday season for a party or night out on the town! The higher end option is a GORG jumpsuit from Anthro and with the pop of red from the shoes this look will g perfectly with the girls. The second option is a skirt I LOVE... Faux Leather in a very modern cut!!! With the monochromatic shirt options plus the accessories Marissa will look so chic!
Options for Mom!

J Crew shirts top

Corey Lynn Calter jump suit

J Crew clothing
$105 -

J Crew j crew skirt
$195 -

J.Crew j crew shoes

I hope Marissa and her family will love all of this and MOST of the pieces are ON SALE! All the J Crew pieces are 25% off with the code SALETREAT!! I hope you fall in love with these looks as much as I have!
Do you want me to create some style boards for you??? Holiday Party Boards, Family Photos, Winter Shopping boards? Shoot me an email at and I will create you a minimum of 4 boards within your budget for $40!!!


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