Saturday, November 30, 2013


Well, how did I spend my Thanksgiving?? How did I spend my time while Matt's sister was here visiting???? Being SICK! I think I have a sinus infection and then the over the counter meds I took made me so sick to my stomach! So I spent all day Thanksgiving making us 3 Thanksgiving dinner and when it was ready all I was able to eat was maybe 3 bites. It completely blew........I was such a dud. Thankfully it is only Saturday and I have 48 hours to pull it together before the work week!
Being sick to start off the Holiday season is really adding to my whole "Bahumbug" attitude I have this year. Maybe today I will watch "The Holiday" or "The Family Stone" favorite movies of mine and try to get into the spirit!

Hope your Thanksgiving was better than mine!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving my friends!!! I hope that everyone is with loved ones today and enjoying great food of course! I am thankful for each and everyone of you all who stop by this blog I have....a blog filled with everything under the sun!

I am thankful for my Husband who lets me sing silly made up songs around the house to our animals....and loves me still.

I am thankful for my family who will listen to anything......we can laugh over the phone, cry, vent or just say nothing. We know we are always there for one another.

I am thankful for my In-Laws who somehow know when I need a pick-me-up and will send a text or care package my way. I am very lucky.

I am thankful for my closest friends back home who are honest, loyal, amazing and full of patience.

I am thankful for my animals.......sometimes I look at them and think I could not love anything more.

I could go on and on.....but know I am thankful for YOU!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Movie Mayhem

Hi Guys!!! First of all, Happy Short work week....YAY!!!!! I have a few movie reviews for you guys on this movie Monday and we are starting with the bad.......
2 Guns....I love Marky Mark, I do.....but to be honest there was not one thing I liked about this movie. It was about a bank robbery essentially and each of them had a secret they were hiding from one another. This movie involved the Mexican Cartel, CIA, Navy, DEA and it made no sense. Matt thought it was "eh" and we were both playing on our phones while watching! Hey, you might like it.....if you like confusing incoherent movies! ha
 Now we are about to talk about the "so-so"! Let me preface with saying you all know I LOVE movies and I am easy to please, I really am. Matt also got lucky because I love a big budget action....I do, so when we rented Man of Steel last weekend we were excited! Wah wah..............what is it with movies lately being mashed together and having no coherent story line? I will say it is not Henry Cavill's fault, he was a good Super Man but he couldn't save this. There is no clear reason why anything happens.........for example after him and Louis Lane meet for 30 seconds they are suddenly soul mates and she gets to accompany him when he is taken by the military. I mean why? There is fighting, explosions and a big kiss then it is over. This is a renter for sure.......... it was eh.
Just when you thought I was going to be a Movie Debbie Downer today.....I get to RAVE about this! Catching Fire was on FIRE!! Matt and I saw this opening night on Friday and we LOVED it! We went to the AMC Eat-In movie and that is always fun for us! And let me say gosh, Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect Katniss......I just loved every person that was in this movie. This sequel was grander and more in depth than the first which was amazing! The movie ends on a big cliff hanger and since Matt hasn't read the books he was literally like "What in the....."it leaves ya hanging! This movie was great..... we loved it!
Seen any movies lately that you loved or hated???

Friday, November 22, 2013


Let me start by saying that IF you don't like paranormal things and IF you don't have any idea who these people are then this post isn't for you. You won't understand why this is soooo amazing!

Christmas come early for me.... You all know the Paranormal is a hobby of mine and Matt and I were lucky enough to do the over night ghost hunt at Mansfield this past summer. So...I get emails about Paranormal events but who can pay to travel to the event and the event fee? Well, not I!! So when last week I saw this email about the event at The Mansfield Reformatory a little over 1 hour from my house...I clicked on the find..... a DREAM roster of people who will be there! I have books written by 3 of the people above and I watch ALL their shows! I mean a reading with Chip Coffey? Holy moly he has worked with everyone and been on every show including his own on A&E. John Zaffis is related to Lorraine Warren and he has a Paranormal Museum that it too die for. (Odd phrase...ha) And Josh Gates!! I love him..... Steve Gonzales the ORIGINAL! From the first paranormal show on TV the original Ghost Hunters on SyFy!!
Ok Ok I could go on and on............ I am so excited to go and tickets will sell out soon, you all my bloggy friends should come!!! HA! click HERE for more info! Here is the schedule

5:00pm-6:30pm Meet and Greet with SYFY Ghost Hunters stars: Steve Gonsalves, Amy Bruni, and Adam Berry.

6:30pm-7:00pm Meet and Greet with SYFY Haunted Collector: John Zaffis

7:00pm-7:45pm Q&A Session/Lecture with SYFY star of Haunted Collector: John Zaffis

7:45pm-8:30pm Q&A Session with Ghost Hunters & Josh Gates/Destination Truth

8:30pm-9:00pm Break Time

9:00pm-2:00am Group assignment for lights out investigation with your favorite stars

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Working It Wednesday!

I hope everyone is having a fashionable Hump Day.....I know I am at least on this blog! I haven't been doing a good job of taking outfit pictures lately, sometimes I am just not in the mood and well, other days I hate what I am wearing! I swear you should have seen me last week having a morning melt down over socks.....we all do it, myself included. Today, I have a few outfits that I loved and want to share with you all!!
 I loved the color combo of Black, Mustard and Cream and I looked like such a secretary this day! ha! This cardigan is Target of course and you can get one HERE. I just might have to get a second color! The cute shirt underneath is a steal I got from Kohls for $5! I know, right???
 This outfit was inspired by my sister and her awesome style......including skinny cords rolled up with ankle boots! The boots are ...Target...what else? You can get them HERE! And of course, now they are on sale! My cords and top, which is green are Loft!
 These mid-calf boots with a bit of a bikers edge I got at TJ Maxx last year for like $12, and I LOVE them! I wasn't sure how to wear them last year but this year I am finding it to be easier! My flannel is Old Navy and is sold out sadly! BUT you HAVE to get my pants......they are a THICK denim skinny-leg-ish jean that is a pull on! And get this....the thick waist band sits right on my "pooch" to push it down. Target of course......See them HERE
 This is the top I blogged about a week ago or so from Kohls, it's Vera Wang. This was a easy top to just pull on over some bootleg black trousers from NY&CO.
Lastly this was my favorite outfit recently and I swear Target should pay me.......most of this is Target! The gingham shirt is Merona for Target and I think the mixing of the prints was pulled off pretty well! I have large calves and I can't wear knee boots but these mid-calf "Combat inspired" boots not only zip up the back but lace up as well!! I Loved can see them HERE... they come in brown too!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Ok, I love Glee......I mean it has it's moments when I am completely bored but there is no other show that can stop me in my tracks and make me wanna be in Show Choir again! The American Idol season with Adam Lambert was the last one I watched and 2 weeks ago on Glee I was reminded why I loved him so much. He is a performer and he rocks this song......when I saw it I was like Santana.....jaw wide open!! Enjoy...........

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Here ya go Facebook

So this is ALL the rage on Facebook and I think just about everyone of my friends has posted their "lists" of things about them! I'm not sure who started this or why but I have enjoyed reading everyones posts......and now ME, turn!

10 Random Things About Me......

* Growing up my Mom would wake me up by bringing me my morning cup of coffee in bed!

* My first car was a 1999 Red Chevy Cavalier which was then destroyed that same year by the massive May 4, 1999 Tornado that hit my school. I still have the rearview mirror that we tore out of the car before it was hauled away. 

* I am a natural blonde. My hair grows like 1/2 a inch a month so I have to color my blonde (with grey) roots every 3 weeks. 

* Sometimes I watch my animals while they are sleeping and think about how much I love them

* Growing up I use to play Teacher in my bedroom everyday to imaginary students.

* When I shower, put on make-up or even do my hair I HAVE to do things in the same order every time. If I say......put lotion on the right arm first and not the left, it would completely freak me out. #ocdmuch?

* I have extremely vivid dreams and nightmares every night. They are beyond my wildest imagination, completely weird and at times absolutely frightening. I have died in my nightmares many times.

* I miss dance everyday and I can not listen to music without automatically choreographing dances in my head to every song. 

* I get in my car at work and as I am leaving the parking lot at 5:02 exactly everyday I call my Mom and we talk until I pull into my garage at home. 

* Growing up when "Starter" jackets were cool.....circa 7th grade maybe...... the one I picked out for Christmas was the Charlotte Hornets jacket because of the blue and purple colors....... fast forward 12 years and I would become a NBA Dancer for the Hornets. Of ALL the NBA Starter jackets I could pick out and wear at 13 years old I pick the Hornets and 12 years later I wore those colors on the court......very cool huh?

Friday, November 15, 2013


I miss dance everyday and sure I can dance whenever I want to or take classes again but I miss being in the thick of it. I live for the Step Up movies and So You Think You Can Dance and I have so many favorite pieces we could never get to them all. But lately Step Up Revolution has been on repeat on one of my channels and I am so in love with the finale dance. It isn't that this is so complex, or the best dance ever but it is a combination of many things. This songs, these people and the lead girl from SYTYCD Katherine.....she conveys so much emotion thru her dancing it mesmerizes me! I want to be in this dance, this dance makes me feel! And ya, it doesn't hurt that the guy is very easy on the eyes. I thought I would share it with you all on this TGIF!!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Half the Sky is a book I have read twice and blogged about several times...this book opened apart of my heart and opened my eyes. This book sheds light on many of the issues woman and girls face around the is unreal what some girls have to face and go thru. If you have not read this or seen the documentary you need to....and then you need to loan your book to someone else. You can learn more about this on a post I did in 2009 HERE!

This past week several friends of mine were "liking" a video on FB which I usually don't care about but boy am I glad I watched this. This is about just one of the major issues girls all over the world face.... sexual abuse, exploitation, rape, trafficking and I could go on and on. Watch this video about something that I think is groundbreaking and could really be a huge step forward for girls all over......

It's ok if you didn't know anything about this issue before hand and well now you do and that is exactly what I wanted to accomplish. You can learn more about this video and dig a little deeper by clcking HERE!
What can you do now??? Sign the petition to bring more awareness to this important issue! Do it HERE!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Let's talk about Thor and more importantly how dreamy Chris Helmsworth is! For real, I hate long hair but on's perfect and don't even get my started on his deep love Thor! HA! Ok OK ......back to the movie review! I LOVED it! We went with my friend Crystal and her husband while they were in town and we all enjoyed it. I love a big budget action and all the Marvel movies are right up my alley! This was way better than the latest Wolverine and the latest Iron Man....I know..I said it and it's true! This movie is fun, fast paced and just plain enjoyable! Did anyone else see it? No, you don't really need to have seen the first one to go see this one...I don't think you would have any trouble catching on!
is the trailer........

Sunday, November 10, 2013


This weekend we had a real friend Crystal from Oklahoma and her husband came to visit!! They were on a road trip of sorts to visit family and we got to be one of their stops! I'll swear....we tried to show them so much of Columbus that I am exhausted! 1 day and 2 nights is quick!
Ohio State had a bi-week so we took them to the stadium to the the "horseshoe"......I tried to make Crystal and David do the OU at the Ohio State stadium but as you can see they felt stupid! HAHA
 YAY.....Someone is here to actually take a picture of Matt and I!! CHEESE!
 We took them to Jeni's Ice Cream of course.......we have to take all our guests to get one of "Oprah's Favorite Things" and I was so excited to find out their Holiday flavors were out! I had Eggnog and Pumpkin.....too die for!
 Crystal is a big reader like I am and in fact we were in book club together in Oklahoma (which I miss so much) Of course I had to take her to the Historic Book Loft in German Village, I knew she would love it. What bookie wouldn't want to go to a building that has 32 rooms of books and had been around since the founding of German Village? Here is a quick history of this place.....
One of the nation's largest independent book stores, The Book Loft of German Village, is located at 631 South Third Street in Columbus, Ohio, just a few blocks South of the state capitol building. The pre-Civil War era buildings that once were general stores, a saloon and a nickelodeon cinema, now are home to 32 rooms of Bargain Books
We got some new books that were signed.....SCORE!
 Before we went to see Thor on Saturday night I wanted Matt to take a picture of us and go figure....Oscar wanted in too!! He is so silly and all the animals were smitten with Crystal and David!
 It was so neat being able to share somethings I love with friends, sometimes you don't know how much you miss home until a piece of it comes here! I am so glad Crystal and David stopped by to visit us!!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Insert Sad Face

I have to tell you what my job gave gave me a really good friend named Kylee! Even though I am a whopping 8 years older then Kylee you wouldn't know it if you heard us..... 1 part Kylee being wise for her age and I guess 1 part me not acting my age! haha! You is work and I am so happy that Kylee has been able to move on to do something that will make her much happier! Last Friday was her last day and you know it....I made her take a picture! Yes, yes.....we will continue to be friends even though we won't spend each day together. But I can't imagine how much I will miss being able to get up from my cube and walk to hers when I want! But the good news is.....this position gave me a great friend! And I am thankful......

Thursday, November 7, 2013

12 Years a Slave

Saturday Matt and I went to see a movie I have been excited about for some time..... 12 Years a Slave. I knew the story behind the movie and I had read many reviews so all of that made me excited but also scared. Scared because I knew what the movie would have to portray.
This movie is not only based on a true story but it is based on the book 12 Years a Slave written by Solomon Northup, the man who was enslaved. You can buy the book HERE. The "jest" is that a free black man was tricked, drugged and then sold into slavery leaving his wife and children behind. And this is the story of those 12 years of brutality. I always talk about how much I love a movie where I learn something or my mind is exposed to something new and in a way this movie was that for me... this is such an important look back. The cast is incredible, Chiwetel Eijofer stars and you can see the pain in his is truly something and Michael Fassbender plays evil like no other.
The movie does take an "artistic" approach at times having the camera linger on items or people which is odd but that might be my only negative!
Did anyone else see this movie yet????
We will be hearing much more about this movie come Oscar season!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Workin It Wednesday

I thought today I would share with you all some of my newest and favorite pieces for Fall!! I swear sometimes I just can't say more Nicole!!! But I am sharing my good finds with you so that must be counted as a public service, no?? HA, tell the hubby that one!

I love Vera Wang for Kohls, true I have to try on each piece in case it doesn't fit but when you find a's exciting! I got this tunic and this will look so cute alone, with a cardigan, a blue jean jacket and/or a scarf! You can get yours HERE!
I am sure you have seen these on me many times thus far and it's because they rock! These are the JCrew Factory Emery Flats and they come in several colors! After about 1 week and I got these puppies broke in...they are like walking on air! And J Crew makes my favorite flats.....these will be in my closet for years!! Get yours HERE!
I needed a new Jean Jacket because my old one was too big (yay me) and I wasn't expecting to fall in love with one at Old Navy but I did! I love is a great fit, color and it is very comfortable. If you ask me a jean jacket goes with everything!!!!!! See it HERE
I love Loft and I am also loving that Sweatshirts are having a moment, I know right? There is a much more expensive version of this grey one at J Crew but I am loving this one! Casual with just the right amount of sparkle....this will go with jeans and my dress pants to work! It's on sale too friends.....see HERE!
We all know I love a good stripe and this casual friday top is much so that I went back to target to get a second color! You can't go wrong with this....dressing it up, down or even around the house and the best part??? The's $12!!!! Get you some HERE
OK....enough for today....I gotta go make some dinner (it's Sunday)!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tasty Tuesday!

Hi Guys.....if we are all reading this then that means we survived Monday! Whew! One day down.....and 1 day closer to friends visiting! You heard me right, my friend Crystal and her husband are doing a bit of a road trip and they will be staying with us this coming weekend! YAY! 
Look at the beautiful fall foliage at the entrance to my neighborhood..... I just love it and I have no doubt that when the colors were created Fall was the inspiration!
 I made a SUPER yummy soup on Saturday night and even was a crock-pot soup!!! I wish I had taken pictures along the way but I didn't.....lucky you I take pics of all my food! ha! This is from Pinterest, where else and this recipe is from "Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom" but I added my own touches!!!! You can see the original HERE

Slow Cooker Creamy Green Chile Enchilada Soup 

  • 32 oz chicken both
  • 24 oz chicken breasts
  • 2 cans or Green Chili enchilada sauce
  • 4 oz can of diced green chilies
  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 2 tbsp of ground cumin
  • 1 tbsp of chile powder
  • 1 tsp of onion powder
  • 1 tsp of garlic powder
  • 1 cup of frozen corn (defrosted)
  • 1 block of cream cheese (cut up into a few pieces) TIP!!! I used Fat Free Cream Cheese!
  • 3/4 cup of instant rice
  • salt and pepper to taste (depending on the sodium level of your broth, you may need more salt.)
  • table spoon of corn starch (only if needed) TIP! I didn't need any
  • TIP!! I added in 1 can drained and rinsed black beans and 1 can of Rotel (undrained)!!! It was so yummy with those 2 touches!!!!
  1. In your slow cooker, mix together the broth, green enchilada sauce, green chilies, water, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and cumin.  (My spice measurements are to my taste, it is up to you if you like more or less...)
  2. Add the chicken breasts to the crock pot and cook on low for 7 hours.
  3. At the 7 hour mark, remove the chicken to another dish.  Shred the chicken and put back in your slow cooker.  Add the rice, corn and cream cheese to the soup mixture and replace the lid.  Cook for another 30 minutes and stir the soup, making sure to get the cream cheese mixed in.  You may need to cook just a bit longer to ensure the cream cheese is melted completely.
  4. At this point, you can judge to consistency of your soup.  If you would like it thicker, mix a table spoon of corn starch with about 1/8 cup of water and then mix into the soup, after 10 to 20 minutes the soup should thicken considerably.
  5. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birthday Banner

This year with our family back in Oklahoma I wanted to somehow make them apart of Matt's Birthday last I put my large alien-dome head to good use and got a GREAT idea!!!
Custom Family Birthday Banner!!
 About a month before Matt's Birthday I came up with the plan.....I emailed out all our family members and assigned everyone a letter which will spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT~ I told everyone to pose with, make or find their letter and email/text me the picture!
There were only 2 rules:
1. You HAVE to be in the picture and yes, animals are allowed in with you.
2. You have 2 weeks to get this done!
 Our family did NOT disappoint........from Matt's Dad spelling out the letter H with dirt bike boots to my sister using her body to spell the T after she did a fun "Color Run"!!!!! I then sent all the pictures to CVS to print them in 5x7 but you could do any size!! And yes, I did have to wait to start building until Matt left on business for the week!! When I laid out all the pictures it filled my heart with warmth. *warm fuzzies*
It was really simple how I put it together and it can be done many ways. 
~I hole-punched each picture then using red tulle to tie the pictures to a black ribbon!
I hung these banners right on the hallway wall you see when you walk into our house.....the first thing Matt saw when he got home from a business trip on his Birthday!!! I was so pleased with how it turned out and how wonderful everyone one was by participating! 
This way I told Matt all our loved ones were here to wish him Happy Birthday!!!! Here is a IPhone video I took so you could see a better view up close! And please ignore my "guilty pleasure" Dr Phil on in the background!
Until next year folks!!!!!


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