Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Carry On

For years Glennon Doyle Melton built a wall between herself and others, hiding inside a bunker of secrets and shame. But one day everything changed: Glennon woke up to life, committing herself to living out loud and giving language to our universal (yet often secret) experiences. She became a sensation when her personal essays started going viral. Her hilarious and poignant observations have been read by millions, shared among friends, discussed at water coolers, and have now inspired a social movement.......
About a week ago a great friend of mine (Allison) suggested that I read this book, one that she read and loved! Then Allison said something that stuck with me.....she said Glennon was a "Truth-Teller" like me?!# Truth-Teller........hmm.....I have never heard my "Shameless confessions" on here described like that.....AND I love it!
Now back to the book! This book is as much about her children as it is about her past and even though I don't have kids this book was so relatable! I saw so much of myself in Glennon and the way she goes about sharing her life really struck a cord with me! I loved the way this book made me laugh, I loved the way she shared her views (all which I share) and I loved her honesty. I read this is 3 days because I didn't want to put it down and since finishing this book I am now following her blog/community Momastery! You can check it out HERE!
If you are looking for another summer read you really should check it out! Has anyone else read this??

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

National Dance Day...

Hi guys! I am writing this post on Saturday which happens to be National Dance Day! WooHoo! I will try to get a little booty shakin' in today while I clean house! The dogs lurve it when I dance....NOT! So You Think You Can Dance means it is just can't be summer without this show! I currently don't really have out-right favorites this season but I have had some favorite dances!

First of all, I love Dave Scott and everything he choreographs! Hello Step Up's........
Second, Makenzie is absolutely stunning and she is a performer....someone who draws you in every time she steps onto the stage!
Lastly, this dance rocks! I loved this dance......this performance made me want to rewind and watch it again!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Perfect Summer Side....

To me corn on the cob is like a summer staple and after you grill your corn you will never boil again! I promise! I even have Matt grill extra when he is home so I can cut it off the cob and eat it during the week with my lunch and dinner! Corn itself is basically 0 WW points so all you are adding is butter, so this is a very WW friendly side!
This is hardly a "recipe" but I want to share with you our favorite Summer Side!
 * Start by cleaning up your corn so it is ready to slather on the goodness! I only use maybe 1 teaspoon of unsalted butter per cob but that is completely up to you and your family! I also found this amazing Chipotle corn seasoning at World Market but you can use anything!
* Separate your clean cobs on individual foil, rub on some butter and season! Easy Peasy........
* Just wrap these bad boys up and pop them on a hot grill! Matt grills them for about 20 minutes while rotating them occasionally! And you can't really cook them too long, so don't be tempted to open them up or pull off early!
* When they are done you get this roasted, full of flavor perfect corn on the cob! Trust me, its delish! Matt and I fight over the ones with the most "char"!!! You can then add more butter but to keep my "light" I eat as is!
And by the way....corn is so cheap in the summer so this is waist line and budget friendly which is just a bonus!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sizzlin Summer Slim Down

We just wrapped week 4 and I am going to be honest with you all....I did terrible! I did not put my own tips into practice! I didn't even ruin the week on one good meal but instead crap I nibbled on all week! I never "hoover" chocolate and this week it was insane how much I did!
The good news is that I didn't gain, I maintained 155 so that is ok.....I am just disappointed in myself! How did you do?

Week 5: Carb Blow Out!
Eating NO carbs is not something I adhere to and neither does the WW plan...... but for me, it's my biggest struggle! I love all things bread, pasta, pastry and I could go on and on! I am very excited about this week because I need to "real it back in" and cutting out my carbs by 90% will be huge! I am not saying do this every week, just this week and then going forward we can all cut back on carbs from time to time! I still plan on having my low cal English Muffin each morning for breakfast, this week too....what I am suggesting is that this week let's try our best to eliminate carbs from our diet!
Here are some tips to help us thru:

* No pasta for 1 week then AFTER this week switch all pasta to Whole Wheat! I was against this for SO long but now I don't mind the wheat pasta at all!

* Switch out lettuce wraps for anything you would normally eat with bread. And then after this week still substitute the bread for lettuce from time to time! Especially if you need to get back on track.

* Veggie sides NOT bread! Monday I have a yummy corn recipe I will be posting, a favorite at my house that I think you all will love! And after this week.....lets all try to have 1-2 days TOPS for the whole week where we have a carb as a side!

Good Luck Friends! Let's kick Week 5 off with a bang!!!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Kinda Obsessed....

So is it called Blog Stalking if they want you to follow them and your like 1 of thousands? HA...........
Ok first off the picture above is of the beautiful girl who runs The Sweetest Thing Blog, named Emily! You can visit her blog, see her stunning hair and awesome outfits HERE!
You know how blog surfing can be.....somehow I found myself on her blog and I fell in love! How is it that 1 girl can look so cute all the time? The way she dresses has inspired me when I pick out my outfits but on a much....much.....smaller scale! Isn't it fun to find something new? Her blog is about fashion, her husband and much much more! You guys should check her out!
Next Up.......
Next up is Cara from Maskcara which happens to be Allure Magazines beauty blogger of the year! I have never been one to watch make-up or hair tutorials but this girl is great! You might recognize her from Pinterest, her posts are hugely popular ...thats how I found her! She is stunning and her "How-to's" are totally do-able! AND....I actually reached out to her via FB and asked about her skin care routine and she REPLIED!!!!!!!! Here is what she said....
The best thing in the living world is the clarisonic. I swear it took me years to pay the 100 dollar price tag and try it but my skin has never been better. I just use it with any gentle cleanser (like cetifill from walmart) and a good moisturizer (like st. ives timeless) you won't regret it!
Let me know if you get it!

Fun Huh???? Visit Maskcara HERE!

Do you have something/someone you love online? A favorite "Big Time Blogger"? Hard to pick just one isn't it???
PS- I have a new blog design coming soon! I am having it designed right now! YAY!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Conjuring

This past weekend Matt and I went to see The Conjuring, I have been wanting to see this for sometime!  It's true, I don't watch Horror movies but that is because of the torture and gore NOT because I get too scared! So movies about hauntings are right up my "Haunted Hobby" alley! This movie is true and is based on Ed and Loraine Warren case files. And yes, I do believe and I believe this story is based on truth. It's what I think.......I could go on and on about them, since I am interested in haunted things....but I will spare you. You can check out the Warrens actual website HERE!
I have actually read one of the books written by the Warrens so some of this movie was familiar to me, I loved seeing how this movie was really true to who the Warrens are! I will tell you the book I read but don't judge me...the name is a tad shocking.....but I wanted to read about their lives so I read THIS book!

Both Matt and I really enjoyed this movie, it had the perfect amount of scares! It was hard for the movie to really divulge too much of the back story since the movie was only 2 hours! ha! I jumped, I enjoyed and I was scared. This movie is great, here is the trailer.........

To learn more about the real Perron family you can read this article HERE. And this family member also wrote a book about what her and her family had to endure once moving into this awful farm house. You can check out this book HERE!
 Happy Haunted Thursday! hahaha....yes, I am aware that my hobby is weird.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Workin' It Wednesday

 Happy Hump Day to Ya! I am writing this post on Sunday but already day dreaming of being 1/2 way thru the work week!
 I will say this outfit is kinda sad for me.....I wore those super cute tan(ish) ankle pants ONCE and they are now too big! I know I know that is great news but not for my wallet or my closet! They are from The Limited and they are no longer available but you can see what they have now HERE! The polka dot top is from Target and there is nothing wrong with a little summer scarf!
 This picture makes me look busty but it is what it is....huh?? Both the tank and cardigan are from Target and I am wearing Navy pants with them! The cardigan is on SALE, check it HERE! And of course some Stella and Dot jewels!! The bracelet is no longer available but their Fall collection just arrived check it out HERE!!!
Since the move I have become a  lover of Marshall's and for reasons just like the top above!! My friend Becky said it perfectly....she likes the polka dots for a change instead of my daily obsession with stripes!! Necklace is Stella and Dot and Target Shoes from last season!
 So this is what my closet and bathroom looks like by eh.........Tuesday! haha! I do pick out my outfits on Sunday but of course there are the days I put it on and HATE clothes are thrown around a smidgen! And the Raid is on the counter because we have ants (which blows)
And I clean it all up come Saturday and start all over Monday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Brown Bagging It...

 I have been meaning to share this "recipe" with you all for some time......I am kinda obsessed! I am the kind of person who finds something they love and then wears it out! So this has been my go-to lunch for weeks! Trust me it is amazing!
BLT bread!

BLT Dressing:
2 Teaspoon Light Mayo
1 Teaspoon Sugar Free Relish
3-4 dashes of Smoked Tabasco
Mix it up and pack it up!
* I use romaine leaves since they are sturdy and it works great! I put the homemade dressing on first, FYI!
* I cook 3 pieces of bacon the night before and then nuke em for like 20 sec at work! Yup, I am THAT person that stinks up the office like bacon! And yes, real bacon! Since there is no bread you can easily have 3 small pieces and not feel guilty!
* Fresh tomatoes (sometimes I add a hardboiled egg, whites only)
* Devour!
This is not the most attractive thing to eat at your desk but after you have your first bite you wont care!! I bring mine with Special K Cracker Chips, you get to eat 27 for like 120 calories! I also usually bring a peach or melon as another side! For me it is all about filling up my stomach to get thru the afternoon and I try to do that with 0 point fruits!
Ok, friends.....try this and thank me later!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sizzlin Summer Slim Down

Can you believe it is Week 4 already??? Time only seems to be flying when I sit down to write these posts but M-F/ 8-5 seems to be going very sloooow! ha!
Let's talk Week 3: I didn't even loose enough to share, but I planned for that. Last week (week 2) I lost 2 so the fact that this week I maintained the loss is good enough for me! So.....Going into our 4th week I have lost 3 pounds since starting this journey, which still has me at 21 total lost since Jan! I'll take it.......and after talking to a few of you....remember don't get discouraged! True, I wanted to see a loss this week....I tried really hard but I have to remember that not gaining is a win!
How did you do?? Did you cook anything I did? Have you been participating in the challenges? I would love to hear from you!
And also reminder if you would love to share your weight loss story, plans, ideas anything with all of us email me at and send a picture too!

Ok OK........

Week 4: Breakfast Make-Over!
So many people, my husband included do not eat breakfast....which is crazy to me because I wake up hungry! But the facts are the facts skipping that meal or any meal for that fact will NOT help you loose weight! My entire life I ate sugary cereal everyday, indulged in biscuits and gravy and loved to fill up on cinnamon rolls! While I do still eat the occasional cinnamon roll or pancakes...I now realize that is a treat NOT a normal meal! Those items are now something to eat as a "reward" of sorts from time to time! My breakfast make-over has helped me sooo much! So today I am gonna inspire all of us to start our day off right!

Do it, drink those 3 cups that I too have everyday. BUT.....I use 1 teaspoon sugar and FAT FREE 1/2 and 1/2! If you love your coffee light tan and laced with sugar try to scale that back a little each day! Coffee always helps me in the morning at work from 8-9:30ish to kick my morning hunger pains to the curb!
Starbucks? Lattes? These need to only be a "from time to time treat"!!! You can do it! :)

MY Breakfast! (I have shared this a lot, but stay with me)
Every single morning since Jan I have 2 hard-boiled eggs (whites only) with Salt and Pepper and 1 whole wheat english muffin toasted with Sugar Free grape jelly! (no butter and I don't miss it) I love this breakfast, everyday I think man...this is so yummy! I really do...just picture me eating and saying "nom nom nom"

Matt makes us an egg white omelet (use the cartons of egg whites from the store) I fill mine with spinach and fat free mozzarella! Matt has sausage and cheese in your family doesn't have to always eat exactly what you do! We have this with 1-2 pieces of toast and jelly!

Breakfast Ideas:
* So these Smart Ones morning Oatmeals are new and SO good! Last week I had this oatmeal one day in place of my english muffin! It was filling and I loved it!

*  I have this as a afternoon snack from time to time but this would also make a great breakfast! 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese and then 1/4 fruit! Below is fresh peaches but I also love Mandarin Oranges (not in syrup) or melon!
 * Greek Yogurt with a drizzle of Agave Nectar and I use a handful of Special K cereal! This is also an easy portable option!

I hope that maybe I have inspired you to make-over your breakfast! Do you have something you just love to eat?
NOW GUESS WHAT??? I had an idea! Lets use Instagram to motivate us! I would love for ALL of us, anyone who reads this to have a place to inspire pictures of your meals, outfits, motivation...anything pertaining to our Slim Down and I checked it out already........ use this hashtage
I can't say no one else will post in it also but the chances aren't too likely! Do it! It will be fun! See you ladies on Instagram!

Friday, July 19, 2013

An Angel has her Wings...

Ellen DeGeneres revealed the heartbreaking news that 13-year-old cancer-stricken CoverGirl starTalia Castellano had passed away earlier today.
The comedian took to Twitter to express her condolences, saying, "This year I met a very special girl, and today we lost her. Sending my heart to Talia's family."
"I'm so sad," she added.
Talia was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to address her brave battle with neuroblastoma for over six years. She also explained to the TV host that she was recently diagnosed with pre-leukemia.
The charismatic teen got her first taste of fame after inspiring hundreds of thousands of people with her makeup tutorials on YouTube. In fact, the youngster garnered over 15 million views on her candid clips alone.

I think that I am just one of the masses who fell in love with Talia on Ellen. When Ellen made her an honorary Cover Girl my own heart was filled with love. This 13 year old girl had a personality that seemed to light up a room even when she was battling terminal cancer. I was so sad to hear of her passing this week but as her family said.... "Talia finally got her Angel wings"
Here is one of her amazing make-up tutorials.......

Thursday, July 18, 2013


 Today is my Oma's Birthday and in case you don't know what Oma means it is German for Grandma. Oma has been Oma to me forever and every year I think to myself how lucky I am to have her in my life still. Oma is loud, funny, silly and bold......I just might take after her a "smidgen". hehe
 I wish I was there to give Oma a huge Birthday hug but I have sent the next best FAV place in North Market...Taste of Belgium Waffles! You can eat these for dessert and they are divine! I might be obsessed! So I sent a dozen to Oklahoma! Sweets for my sweet Oma.
Happy Birthday Oma! xoxoxox

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Workin it Wednesday.....

Happy Hump Day........we meet again!!! I hope everyone is having a great week thus far or should I say a stylish week?! How funny is it that in this "day and age" we feel the need to document what we wear! But the people I follow in instagram have changed the way I see my closet and I think "why haven't I been doing this all along"??
I was SOO excited to hear a few of you actually bought some of the things I posted last week! yippee! I always tell people that if I ask where your outfit is from that I am more than likely going to buy it! ha!
Lets dive in..............
I was excited to see the new "FEED" line at Target, you know me I always love buying something for charity! My new water bottle purchase helped FEED 10 people in the US! And my dress is from Kohls! 
 This top is from Target you can buy it is several colors and the fit is perfect, it runs can buy it  HERE, my jewelry is Stella and Dot and JCrew shoes that are so comfy! Love them
 My instagram friends helped me pick this outfit out and they were works! I am very into this "mixing prints" trend as you can tell!
 JCrew stripes with Anthro scarf! Super comfy but chic for casual friday! And I have to jeans are NY&Co which I love and guess what???? This week........I dropped to an 8 at NY&Co and in January I was a 12! Go Me!
 Peace, Love and 4th of July! I am wearing all Stella and Dot and Anthropologie! (And apparently no make-up, yikes) I love a good patriotic color scheme! ha
 This super cute Gingham top is from Kohls and its Sonoma....I LOVE it! It did wrinkle during the day but it was this amazing soft material that hung in all the right places! Remember I have a special Kohls promo code for my followers!  All my followers can take an extra 10% off by using the code BLOGGER10!!! 
Here is the link to the Sonoma site and this "Henley" shirt comes in several styles and colors!
 This is Matty and me last week showing our 4th of July spirit on the way to the movies! We saw The Heat and loved it! Such a fun movie!
 I know I know.....when taking selfies I never know where to look! But I guess we need to teach one of the dogs to take our picture!


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