Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome Back.....

It is back to reality...Mom is back in Oklahoma, Matt is out of town and my Birthday has come and gone! So back to the real world for me and today I am trying to catch up on everything that I put on the back burner for a week or so!
First of all....Thank you to everyone who wished me well, sent love my way or sent gifts. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life!
 It is always so nice when we actually have someone here to take a picture (or two) of us! Mom, Matt and I celebrated my Birthday the night before on Saturday. So we put on our best and headed out on the town!
 I picked out a very popular Italian place that is in one of my favorite parts of Columbus....Short North! You can check it out online by clicking HERE!
 Columbus is so pretty in Spring, Mom and I could NOT have asked for better weather. It was so nice spending 2 of the days outside shopping, eating and enjoying our patio!
Mom and I are really small in this picture but this is us outside of Marcella's which is now on my list of favorite places in the city!
 I am not sure if you can tell but behind us is a glass wall and Saturday night it was so nice they are able to push the wall back and just have open air. It was so fun. Marcella's does small plates, wine, pizza and the "Meatball".........
Look at that plate of spaghetti! This is what they are known for......it is one giant meatball that literally melted in my mouth! And this place is pretty reasonable as far as the price goes....but if you don't have a reservation (we did) you would never get in!
My Birthday we went to see a movie and ate dinner at home! So my weekend was filled with a few of my favorite things......movies, shopping, good food and family!
Stop back by I have more to share with you from my Moms visit!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Today is my BIG 3-2, I know...eek! I am officially "In my 30s"!
Ever since I got the latest Taylor Swift CD I loved "22"......but today it is not 22 BUT 32!!! So crank up the video and sing along to 32, because you know I am!

Friday, April 26, 2013

WW Recap

Hi friends!! This is going to be quick because my MOM IS HERE! She came to spend my Birthday weekend with me and we have a fun filled day of shopping ahead! Watch out!
So last week I gained a little but this week I am happy.....I lost 2.5 pounds this week for a total of 16 pounds lost!
I am going to try SO hard this weekend to keep my portions in check since we will be celebrating with good food this weekend! So we shall see!!! I can't wait for the next 4 pounds to come off and I can celebrate 20 lost.....without food of course!
TGIF friends!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


If you were to ask my husband to share his views on how my mind works one thing he would say is that it is full of random information. He would also say that random things peak my interest and I love sharing random things with people I love. Wether it is a video of baby goats (a personal favorite) or a movie trailer, I am always coming across something that I feel the need to share.
So today's post is the epitome of random.......these are videos I have came across that I just have to share with you! So give your brain a vacation and enjoy my randomness........

This video I love because I love Ellen, she is such a good sport! This is just pure fun!
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Ok friends, this made me laugh out loud.....make sure you watch it until the end and you will thank me! I call this....."My thoughts exactly"........And I did share this last Friday with you but I love it too much to not include again!

Ok, this one comes with a disclaimer......extremely bad language! I warned you.....
Have you heard on the news about the new sorority girl at Maryland who wrote her "sisters" a profane rant about Greek Week? It is a true story and Funny or Die made this video mocking her. This is her email being read verbatim! And I have to be honest with you...I am pretty impressed, I mean this girl has a witty/razor sharp tongue and her use of profanity seems like a talent!
Lastly switching gears 100%...... I haven't been counting the days until The Great Gatsby comes out, it wasn't on my "must" list until NOW! I have said it over and over the music used in movie trailers is so important and it is my dream job. After watching the latest tailer with amazing music.....I am ALL about this movie! Enjoy...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rant A Little.....

 I have spared you all from reading a migraine rant of a blog for some time now........but today is not one of those days. We all know I have migraines........ And in case you are new here is what we all know:
1. I have a neurologist and I have chronic migraines
2. I take a daily preventative med that doesn't prevent anything
3. I have "as needed" medication that I take but insurance limits how many I can have, so I have to judge wether this is one I want to suffer from or take a pill
4. I get 8 hours of sleep, I never skip a meal, I am never around smoke, I only have a glass of wine every now and then and yes, I live a very structured life to help cut migraine chances.
Ok, moving on.................
 I have tried so many "fads" over these last 10 years to try and help my migraines..... I will try anything once if there is a chance it will help. Last month I changed up my "migraine cocktail" and for about 3 1/2 week I was migraine free. I can not explain to you how amazing it is to be going to bed at night and think "wait, I felt good all day"? It is baffling. I would give ANYTHING anything to get rid of these but sadly it is a hereditary diease. I mean those few weeks when I felt good....everything was better. I thanked God all day everyday for the gift of feeling good. I can not imagine what it is like to be "normal" and to wake up everyday just feeling like you.....and not with chronic pain.
I made the mistake of speaking the words "I have been feeling good" out loud and I really think I have cursed myself. Since Saturday I have had a non-stop migraine each day and I am blowing thru my medication like crazy. After experiencing feeling better I am devastated to feel so sick this week. It is awful. Really, I can't explain to you how sad I am that those 3 weeks must have been a "fluke". This week has been terribly sad and frankly I am pissed at my head. HA! For real.
I know there is nothing you can do but sometimes I just need to vent and ya, complain. If you have never had a migraine then you have no idea how debilitating they are. I like to play a game in my head that goes "I would give up_______ if I never have another migraine again" and you would be surprised what all I would be willing to put into that blank.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Build Me Up Friendships

This morning during my usual Blog surfing time I came across a real sweet "link up". The bloggers above created a series based on positivity, love and friendship. Today is about friends......making them, keeping them and what they mean to us. You can visit the blog HERE
Let me first say that I am very blessed to have so many wonderful friendships in my life and this post does not purposely leave anyone out. I wish I could talk about everyone but I don't have enough space!
I have friends thanks to Facebook that I have known for 20+ years and it is so wonderful to be a part of their life even it is only online. I love Facebook for that....in one place can I find my childhood friends, family, college friends and new friends.

This beauty is Amanda, I went to college and left with a friendship that is so dear to me. We met the day we all moved into the Tri Delt house ....she knocked on my door and asked to borrow an outfit. Since that day we have been each others Maids of Honor and supported each other even thought we haven't lived in the same city for at least 10 years. Amanda is someone that no matter how long we don't talk when we are together we don't miss a beat and I am always reminded why I love her!
 First of all.....yes, I am very tan in this picture and yes this at a Twilight Party!
Now that that is out of the way I am sure you all know Becky. We met in February 2009 at the very first Book Club meeting over cupcakes of course. When we were all getting to know one another that night I remember both of us laughing because we were so much alike. Over the years since that day we have grown to form this life long friendship. Every friendship has it's own purpose, it's own rhythm and our friendship is set apart from others... With Becky and I it runs deep, this isn't a friendship where we talk (on the phone) daily but this has deep roots. Becky has been by my side for so much and I don't think I could of managed the past few years without her. I am always scared this is one-sided so I beg her to call me in any crisis so I can "pay it back". God gave me Becky to be my rock, my voice of reason and someone who knows all my traits good and bad.
 Melissa changed my life. I met Melissa in college when we both looked different than we do today and people thought we were the same person. (Blonde streaks were in) We have seen each other thru life changes, loss, love and the birth of her children. Melissa changed my life because she introduced me to Matt and 2 years after she was standing beside me when we said "I DO".  Melissa has a kind heart and we both understand that if we needed to cry or laugh that we will do it together.
These ladies below are the Book Club I left behind. (Minus Crystal!!!! You are there in spirit). This group of ladies are SO special to me and these friendships were strengthened out of a mutual love for books. There is no drama with this group, we have seen each other go thru good, bad, babies and relocations. It is so hard to describe what this group means to me, these are life long friendships....and we don't talk as much as we should but we all know our friendship stands strong. 3 of these woman I met thru Junior Hospitality Club in Okc and that club gave me something more than I could of ever hoped for.....these girls.
 Natalie I met from JH, we both joined Book Club at the same time and since then our friendship has flourished. Natalie helped me get a job in Okc and was always there when I needed help with a project. Natalie and I bond over so much....like me Natalie is 100% honest and we both know that the other would never judge. We also bond over our strong love of the Paranormal and we are both "Believers".....believers that anything is possible. I need to be a better friend and reach out more now that I have moved. I am not doing the best job keeping up with her life... and I always want her in mine.
MOM! You know even as far back as a few years ago I would say I was friends with my Mom but that friendship has deepened over the last year or so. My Mom comes to me to vent, cry and I am happy to be her sounding board. We tell each other what we need to hear when others won't. We both battle migraines and we know the effect that has on our life. When my Mom comes to visit we just flow.......it is hard to explain actually. And ya, we might get annoyed with one another from time to time but we let it go because that is what family and friends do. I love my Mom and I love our friendship.
 Ok, Now....Let me start out by saying sorry Melissa...I stole a picture from your facebook and put you in my blog without telling you.....BUT, that officially means we are friends! I met Melissa at Junior League here in Columbus and I can say she is my friend here. First of all look how pretty she is and second we have so much in common. She is like Natalie when it comes to honesty and she is like Becky K because she is so witty. She is a perfect combination of traits my Okie gals possess. Hopefully after I hit "publish" on this post we will still be friends!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

Oh Monday we meet again......while I am typing Matt is packing to head to Chicago for the week and I have 2 other tabs open on my Mac applying to every job under the sun. Yup, it's Monday.

I feel kinda sad that I didn't know today was Earth day until I got online this morning. Why doesn't the news mention this? I have always had a strong love for Earth Day and I blog about it every year. To me Earth Day is not about "Going Green" it is so much more than that. It is about conservation, leaving the earth better after we're gone and most importantly for me.....Animals. We have so many choices to make as a human race, and I think making the Earth a better place for animals should be a priority.  I also think we should realize that we SHARE the earth with animals....the Earth is not some "cage" that we rule over, these are living creatures that God has made. All morning I was thinking about what I was going to share with you all....what I wanted to shed light on..... And I realized the things I have spoken about in past years are still near to my heart. I would to raise your awareness on the world we live in and how you can help. I have always said if we educate ourselves about something that is the first step

* 5 ways to celebrate the earth and support the animals we share it with. Click HERE!

* Learn more about The Cove and what you can do to help. This is a cause I have always supported and tugs at my heart. Click HERE!

* Learn about turning a passion into a social change by clicking HERE!

* Take a look back at why Earth Day is important to me and why I care. Click HERE!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and maybe I might have peaked an interest in you. Happy Earth Day friends!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Funny....

I think after a week like this we could all use a laugh. E! is debuting the new Ryan Lotche reality show this weekend and these reporters stole the laughs right out of my laugh....make sure you watch it until the end! It's worth it.............

WW Friday

You know what the frustrating thing about weight loss is? Well just one of the many things....... is that I can fluctuate 5 pounds on any given day or part of the day. This week I was on fire, doing so well with my WW and when I weighed in this morning I am up 1 pound. I know it is only 1 and I lost 4 pounds last week but seeing a gain can really put a damper on my morning. Like always, I will keep on keeping on and hopefully 1 week from today I will be seeing something happier on my scale. 
With that being said I made some delish WW friendly meals this week and I want to share my favorites with you!!!
I love a portion controlled dessert and SkinnyTaste never fails! These mini lemon cheesecake bites were soo good!!! You can find the recipe HERE!
 On Sunday I decided to do a little splurge......on price that is purchasing sushi grade Ahi Tuna! I have never made something like this before and man was I proud of myself! This was so good and I felt like a true sushi chef! haha! This is a dish that just screams Spring and a small glass of white wine is the perfect companion! This was a Tyler Florence recipe that you can find HERE!
 This past Monday the weather was perfect for our first Spring meal on the patio. Between the blooming trees, the perfect temperate and this incredible chicken, it was a great night! This recipe is from Pinterest and it was so amazing. To keep within WW friendly I split 1 chicken breast between us, slicing it into 2 cutlets and that worked out perfect. I made homemade bruschetta and this meal is one I will absolutely make again. I served it with green beans and fresh ice tea. Click HERE to see this recipe from a fun cooking blog! You won't be disappointed with this yummy chicken!
Well guys.....a new WW week started this morning and I will just keep on keeping on! TGIF!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Oh ya, that happened! This throwback Thursday takes us all back 14 years to 1999 and my senior prom! My friend still to this day Brad was my date and last week his wife found this gem when she was going thru old boxes of his!! Brad was one of my closest friends for almost 10 years, him and his wife were in my wedding. His tux makes me laugh, it was the 90s people and this look is very "Backstreet Boys"
Yes, you also see something I was "known" for in HS....my butt. Really, I have always had a ghetto booty which I hated at the time but I would do anything to look like that again!
Yes, for those of you who don't know I am a natural blonde....no, that blonde isn't isn't natural but when I was born it was that color.
You can't see my hair but it is small french braids that pulled my hair back....with DIY rhinestone bobby pins of course! (To match my body glitter)!
I hope this made you all smile, thanks for taking a ride down memory lane with me!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I am loving Wednesday...

Today I thought I would play a game called "If I had no budget"! Sounds fun right? Or maybe it is just making me want things more? Who knows........
I have put together my dreamy Spring wants....shoes, jewels, bags and tops!! If you are reading this and you want to buy me these things I will email you my sizes! HAHAHA! Kidding, or am I??
What do you want for Spring/Summer??
Spring wants 1

Spring 2

Spring 2 by nsavage featuring j crew


Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati short to long dress / Vineet Bahl cotton tunic / Cotton blouse / Top / Splendid tee

Happy Hump day friends!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Tax Day?

In light of this here Tax Day I thought we could all use a little giggle. Or least the people like us who owe thousands to our fab government. I hope they use it wisely.
Enjoy.......These are all so true for me! HA

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Last night Matt and I went to the eat-in theater at AMC to see 42, we love us a good baseball movie! Something I love about certain movies is that I feel a small sense that I have learned something I didn't know before......and in this case it was the story of Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson is a American legend.
Honestly this movie is kinda slow, no real crescendo but that wasn't the point of this movie. With that being said we both really enjoyed this movie.
I have had a few people with kids ask about this movie since it is PG-13 and that is solely due to the use of racial slurs. So be prepared to have a talk with your children and actually this might be the conversation starter you need to discuss something so important with your children.
This movie is inspirational plain and simple. I loved the cast and I loved how at the end of the movie they shared the stories of what happened to all the Brooklyn Dodgers present day.


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