Friday, June 29, 2012

Funny Friday...

Thank Goodness it's Friday huh???? Except for the fact that I woke up with a massive migraine......typical! Since I am not feeling well I thought I would post some of my favorite "funnies" to cheer us all up!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coast to Coast

So.....A blog I follow did a post about another blog (complicated, huh?) Well this blogger came up with an idea for us in the blogging world to find one another! It must take a few days for you to pop up on the map because I submitted yesterday and I am not in Columbus yet!
How does this work?
It is an interactive map that you can click on your city and find other blogs based there......and of course you will only be on the map of you choose to be! What a great idea huh???? I will 100% be checking out other bloggers here in Columbus and maybe I will find a friend?? HA!
To check it all out for yourself click HERE

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I am loving.....

 So.....I am very excited I have not done a "What I am Loving Wednesday" in soo long!!!! I have some very different things I am loving today and I am excited to share them all with you!!!! And can I say I was loving the weather here in Columbus yesterday......Mid-70s!!!!

1. Kristin Hannah
I am loving every single book Kristin Hanna has written (written or wrote??)! Some books are a little like Nicholas Sparks but with more depth while others are more of a thriller. She has not disappointed me ONCE and I am about 9 deep! You should really start to pick up her books, she has fast become one of my favorite authors! My favorite books of hers so far are Winter Garden, Firefly Lane and True Colors! Let me know if you read her and what you think!!!!
 2. OH-M-GEE!!! It is Magic Mike Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, we all know my unhealthy obsession with Channing Tatum and even though this "stripper" movie looks super racy and embarrassing..... I am not missing out! I told Matt I was going to see it Friday and he actually told me he wanted to go with me, since I have no friends he wouldn't mind at all seeing this with me! (We will what he says after, bahahaha)
 For your viewing pleasure.................

3. One Kings Lane
I am a little slow to finding this Home Decor sale site but it's not too late to fall in love!! Sure this site does have some very pricey pieces but they also have some amazing deals!!!!! I haven't bought anything yet but I don't mind the "window shopping" every morning!!!! I am loving this French Country kitchen line (below) that they are selling!!!! To check it out for yourself click HERE!
 4. Sean!
So my hands down favorite guy on the Bachelorette is Sean.... this picture below does not do him justice!!! I mean could him or Emily be any hotter??? Lucky Ducks! And I am thinking I do have a "type" he is a 6'3" former college athlete from Texas who is now an Insurance Agent! Does that sound familiar????? HAHA! Rumor has it he is in the final 2...........heres to hoping Emily picks him!
5. Anthropologie
I am in LOVE with this 9 foot rug below, it would be PERFECT for my kitchen!!! I have decided that with my white cabinets, black granite and stainless appliances that Yellow is my new accent color!!!! But perfect comes at a steep steep price.......$989...can you believe that???? A girl can dream huh? But even if I had that money the minute I would bring it home I could see a dog yacking on it! ?!?
6. Matt, my own personal stylist!
So my Okc hair girl did me a favor by letting me buy some color from her to do myself so I wouldn't be worried about finding a Salon as soon as I moved!! I have to color my hair every 3 1/2 hair literally grows 1/2inch or more every month! (I am not complaining) So a few weeks ago I got my hubby to color my hair!!! He did a wonderful job and I am just glad he is such a good sport!!!! Will we do it again this way?? Eh, I might find a Salon! ha
What are you loving this week??????????

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going to the Chapel....

Going to the Chapel indeed!! This is going to be a BIG year for the Savage &  DuBois Clans with 2 weddings in the works!!!
What is extra special about these is that both my soon to be Brother-in-law and my brother just got home from active duty deployment and everyone is over joyed to have them home safe!! First up will be my beautiful Sister-in-Law Colby who will marry Michael in October! (And you all know that is my FAV month of the whole year) We all have known Michael for a while now and I/we all love him....I am so excited for their wedding!
 Then as you all may remember my brother Curtis got home from his deployment on the Naval Carrier the US Makin Island last Thursday and that wasn't the only exciting thing that happened that day.......he proposed to his girlfriend Jordan! I am so glad my brother is so happy and I look forward to getting to know Jordan better. And a little birdy told me December wedding will be in the works! Busy Busy Busy!
So if anyone wants to contribute to Matt and I's "flying back to Oklahoma for Holiday and wedding Festivities" let me know.....we will need it!!!!
Congrats to both of these couples! Cheers! xoxoxo

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings......

Happy Monday everyone!!! So the house is coming together slowly but surely and it will continue that way unless I find a magic money tree or find more than 24 hours in a day! HA! But somethings are already in the works and I want to share!!! 
We have a big laundry room which I love, it is so different than having a closet in the hall like our old house. I wanted the room to be a room so thanks to Target Clearance I jazzed it up a bit!!! I added a little shelf unit with a lamp to start, this room connects to the garage so this way we don't have to leave the big light on as we come and go. I added the fun wall decals too........
 And who doesn't want a Zebra rug in the laundry room??? The opposite wall also has the fun decals but will eventually also have a bench with some bins for a small "Mud Room" look!!! We also want to build a shelf on top of the washer and dryer to have more room to fold laundry!!! But hey, I love the progress and it makes it a little more fun to do laundry now!!
 OK.....don't freak......but yes, that UGLY red "sponge" wall is what our dining room looks like now....YUCK! And I have been tossing around colors for awhile now.......I have always had red but wanted a change. So.....the more I thought about it I think..... GREEN! Now this is just a "test" spot with only 1 coat that I slopped on but I think it will work. It is Martha Stewart Caper Berry......It will be a bit darker than this but not quite Hunter Green.
Here is why it will is actually a great will be perfect for fall, with fall colors.....pumpkins and the whole shebang! Green can take on so many looks......
 But then the green will look great for Christmas and all the Christmas decor thanks to Pinterest I will be putting up!!! And a tree will go great in that room complimenting the green walls!!!
 The green will also go with so many others color schemes.......Spring colors and summer brights! I think it will be "shocking" at first but once furniture goes in there and we get decor on the walls I think it will look nice!!! Martha Stewart also has a technique you can use to make the walls look like linen and I think I want to add that texture to the walls too..... Thoughts???????
Would you like to know what will go into that room??? I just ordered it all last week.......Here is the hutch I have wanted and pinned on Pinterest so many times from Pottery Barn and it is on SALE!!!!! The actual color is a bit darker than this picture and yes, I am dying to have that mirror too!!!
 Now, stay with me here and use your imagination.....This is the Pottery Barn Norfolk dining table and bench we just brought last week...............(Not those chairs) Well, this isn't what we were going to look at but this line is being discontinued and we got the table AND the bench for the price of JUST the bench alone on the other table I wanted!!!!! I mean for Pottery Barn and the quality, size and look of this table the deal was TOO good to be true!  The matching hutch and chairs are no longer available, so we are mixing the woods but it will work I promise!
 This is the chair we will be adding and in that color (exact same color as the hutch). The look will be simple, classic and Shabby Chic! We set it up in the store and it all looks good together with the antique white and is different than what I had in my brain but I am excited about all of it! It will be a while until it is all done, we still have carpet in there to rip out but we bought everything while it was on sale and we will just keep it stored until the room it ready!
Can you all picture this? Or do you think I am crazy??? LOL

Friday, June 22, 2012


Reality Husbands........

Lets start with a disclaimer.......I know no one is perfect and I am not 100% sure that reality TV is even all the time real. I also know we only see what the producers want us to see BUT with that being said there are 3 reality husbands whom I LOVE!
1. Jason Hoppy
I know this last season they hit a mini "rough patch" but still I think Jason is great! I think him and Bethany compliment each other well and he seems to be such a great dad! You can see that Jason really loves Bethany and that makes him even better!
 2. Bill Rancic
Oh these two..........I just love them. I think they have an amazing marriage and the way they support one another is great! Bill is with G every step of their journey to Baby and he is so kind to here and actually to everyone he meets. Bill always seems to know what to say, what G needs and how to make her laugh. I am going out on a limb here but they are my favorite "Hollywood" marriage. They are the real deal. (I hope I didn't just jinx them)
 3. Kroy Beirmann
Oh Kroy, man o' man did Kim get lucky! After watching "Don't be tardy for the wedding" I love Kim even more than I did on Atlanta Housewives. Kroy has stabilized her life and I have never seen such a sweet TV husband...And it isn't a show you can tell this is who is really is.  I mean is Kroy not the nicest guy you have EVER seen?? The way this NFL "Mans Man" paints her daughter nails and cares for their baby is the best. He is such a real down to earth guy who is so kind. I love him and Kim together, they really are the ying and yang couple. But if you have never watched this show on Bravo I am sure you can catch a repeat but Kroy is amazing and the way he cried at their wedding was too much for me and I might have shed a tear. He is just the BEST Reality TV husband around!
Yes, yes......all that was silly but it's true!!!! Who is your favorite TV hubby or couple???

Thursday, June 21, 2012

HUGE Day.....

 Today is a HUGE day for my family.........Today my brother and his carrier the US Makin Island return from their deployment!!!!!! Now, my brother will still be stationed at Pendleton until October.  He will then come home to Oklahoma but today is the end of his deployment and his homecoming!
 My family is all in San Diego for his ceremony today and I am sad I am unable to be there but I am there in spirit! I talked to Curtis via email and he said it wasn't a big deal I couldn't make it and he would come visit me soon! He is happy for us and our move......he is very supportive. But, man things have changed since he was last home!
 To read an article by the US Navy all about the Makin's deployment and how this is the maiden voyage for this brand new Hybrid carrier you can click HERE!
My family received a wonderful email this week from my brothers commander about his exemplary service while deployed and the awards he will soon be receiving. We all know how responsible and on top of things Curtis is but it is so wonderful to read that others recognize this in him as well. We are all so proud you Curtis and I couldn't love you more!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NBA Finals......

Hi Guys!! So I am sure a lot of people thought I was crazy to fly home so soon to attend a NBA game but there are many reasons! 
1. This is the NBA finals, I mean this is HUGE! I have been lucky enough to have attended NBA Games, a NFL Game, MLB, PGA, The World Series and now the NBA it looks like all I need to go to is the Super Bowl!!! Professional sporting events are so much fun!!!
2. This picture below is of Matt and I (with my parents) at the very FIRST Thunder game 4 years ago! Yes, look at my bangs and how skinny I was.....WOW! But my family.....we have loved the Thunder since the first game and someone from my family (we have 4 season tickets) has been at 99% of the games! We love this team!!!
I was sad that Matt was unable to come........we don't know anyone to house sit our dogs and we didn't have a 5th ticket.....he was ok with it and encouraged me to go!
 I think that until you see the "Finals" banners everywhere you can easily forget that this is IT! I mean Oklahoma City made it......this is so exciting for our city! I loved that all of downtown had Thundered Up!!!
 Downtown was crazy and crazy HOT! I swear I might of sweated off a few pounds!!! (If Only)
 Marissa and I getting ready to watch the team come out to warm up!!!!!  I can't wait until she gets to come up to Columbus to see me and where I live!
 These shirts were so fitting.......Team is Family! And my family??? We had such a great makes me miss them even more. If only my new town could transplant itself into Oklahoma!
 Lebron................And Chris Bosh has been the talk of Facebook...on what he looks vote?? I think he looks like a Baby T-Rex! Look it up! hahaha
 Our boys and their pre-game prayer! Thunder Up!
 It was so neat watching Game 1 on ABC then being there for the next game......we are so lucky too our seats our in Section 109 which is lower level!!!
 Sara Evans sang the National Anthem and she was great!!! I think she is so pretty too!
 Its game time....its game time!!!!!!! Rumble ...........

 This is the start of the game jump ball................get it Serg!
 Wade, James, Bosh, Perk and Russell!!!!
 OU's very own Adrian Peterson!!! Bill Hader from SNL was also there.......kinda neat!
 That is the ESPN suite, you can see Magic Johnson......they were 1 section over and up from our seats!
Even though we lost this game it was WELL Worth going!!!!! And the series isn't over yet.......I think we have it in us!!!!! Fingers Crossed!!!!!


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