Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am........

OMG, I just got internet and TV........we haven't had hot water and I have SO much to tell you all! But I also have SO much to do.............So stay with me and I promise I will be back soon. Let's just say moving across the country is A LOT to take in. Don't even get me started on our 2 day will die when I tell you everything that happened!

I miss my blogger back soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Places I remember......

While I am away, I thought I would leave you with this. It is so fitting........................

Places I remember and love in Okc? (Just to name a few)
My high school, the church we got married at, the Chesapeake Arena, our first home, my first apartment, the JH office, Moore Warren, my parents home, friends homes, Tri Delt house, OU campus..................

Here we go.....

HI Everyone! I want to fill you in on what will be going on in my life during the next few days!
Yesterday the title company over-nighted the contract for me to sign, get notarized and send back! So I mean it is actually happening......I can't wrap my head around it. I am still worried about something happening and getting let down again.  I can't believe this is my last day to live in Oklahoma! I am scared....remember I have never lived anywhere but a 10 mile radius. That doesn't mean I am not happy and excited but I am scared. So how is all this happening.......planning this move was like a special ops mission or something................

- Today I will go and pay the vet the whopping $2349 I owe them (NO joke) and I am actually taking Ralph and Abner to stay the night with my in-laws. It is going to KILL me to see them for such a short time then say goodbye again. Tomorrow my father-in-law is getting up with the sun loading my boys and will begin his 2 day journey with our U-haul. He plans on arriving Saturday around noon. I know everyone will be fine but that won't stop me from being a wreck and missing the boys like crazy!

-Then tomorrow morning my mom and I will pick up Bella the cat and Oscar and we will make the 8 hour drive to St. Louis to stay the night. Let me say finding a pet friendly hotel that will take a dog AND a cat was a challenge!!! And I wanted to be somewhere safe so we are staying at the Hilton Busch Stadium and hopefully we can watch the Cards game from our room!!!

- Then we will get up Saturday and make the 7 hour journey to Pickerington (suburb of Columbus) and we hope to arrive around 5 or 6!!!! My mom is staying until Thursday and we hope to have a few extra hands to help us unload the U-Haul over the weekend! No idea when I will get TV or internet ( you know that will kill me, ha) so I might be MIA for a bit. And we have a team coming in to put up 1 very expensive but only 4 foot high fence. I am not sure what it is like where you live but in Oklahoma 6 foot privacy fences are the norm so this will take some getting use to!

I am not sure when I am will get to blog might be a week! But you should follow me on facebook, I am going to post a lot of pics (I hope)!! Just keep everyone in your prayers that we all make it safe and that all the animals won't be too traumatized!

Lastly, I have to say I am sorry.......these last 6 weeks have been so hard actually the last 7 months have been hard since we started this journey.  It seems that my days were either spent wallowing, putting out fires, packing, working etc............ If I could have I would have visited every single friend of mine and I should of been better at returning calls but I have been lost in my own world. There is no excuse it is that plain and dry. My friendships in Ok wont end and I don't plan on them changing....I just wanted to tell everyone how special they are to me. Thank you.

You know I have never really had to say Goodbye's all my family lives here as do my friends and truly I will be back a few times a year I assume. And with my blog, email, phone and facebook things are a little easier to stay in touch. So no goodbye's just..........until next time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have a busy day ahead friends but I wanted to share with you all that it looks like we are actually closing on Friday at 3pm in Columbus. It is hard for me to believe and part of me is scared to trust in it but the contract will arrive today for me to sign (with 2 notaries) so I am thinking it is actually for real

I will share with you all the plan and what not later......................So I guess this is really happening!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a win......

 Last night we got to have an impromptu Girls night out to the Thunder Game!!!! Walking thru downtown Okc before the game was CRAZY.....the atmosphere at a game like this is so amazing I just can't describe it! The entire city is plastered with out team............
 I mean what city has over 6,000 people come to stand OUTSIDE the stadium during the game watching it on the big screen? People just wanted to be be a part of something so special! I will miss the big heart Oklahoma City has and a mutual love for something so great!
  Marissa took her best friend Courtney and I was able to take mine....Becky! We had a ball! (Literally) It is nice to have season tickets and be able to share a game with friends....I mean these tickets are hard to come by! I am so thankful for our seats
 This was Round 2, Game 5 and it sure is funny how everyone is obsessed with Koby and he wasn't able to help his team advance to the West Coast finals! Awe....too bad so sad
 It is so exciting how for the second year in a row we will advance to the West Coast finals......we are set to play the Spurs next! The news said this is the first time this organization has advanced 2 years in a row since the 80s when they were the sonics!
 Our beloved KD who is the heart of the team..............And below are the rest of the pictures I took last night! Enjoy.....

This time I was able to video the minute we won the game and the series and I want to share it with is SOO exciting! This does not do it justice!
We didn't get to bed last night until 1am but it was well worth it.....and that may be my last game (unless they play while I am in town) and that was an amazing game to end on!
Thunder UP!

Winner Winner!!!

Mariel said...
I love Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream! I also love reading your blog, It's nice to know I'm not the only one who lives an insanely crazy life right now!!! But everything happens for a reason!!!

Congrats Mariel!!!!!! Email me your address at and I will get your Scentsy ordered today!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Chance.....

Last Chance to enter to win the Scentsy Warmer and Bar below..........I have BIG plans tonight........AKA NBA Playoff Game 5 (This is HUGE)!!! SO I am giving you all 1 more night to enter the contest and I will announce the winner in the morning!!!

Thunder Up!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Come and get it......

You know what? I want to bring some cheer into someones life and make you I am giving away the Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the month!!!!!!! I just want to thank my readers for letting me vent about my ever-so-crazy life!
This warmer is stunning but neutral enough to go into everyones home!

The Scent???? Sweet as the finishing touch atop your favorite sundae. Cherry Vanilla is a delightful swirl of candied cherry and sugared almonds folded into velvety white chocolate ice cream.
How to enter??????????
1. You need to leave me a comment and since this scent is very "ice cream-ish" What is your favorite Ice Cream? (Mine is Vanilla)
2. Make sure you are a follower...........It has is now on the right hand side of the blog under my bookshelf. Just click follow this blog and your all set!

I will announce the winner Monday evening.....tell your friends! Have a wonderful weekend! Visit my Scentsy site by clicking HERE!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursdays.....

I am loving my new Carrie Underwood CD and with everything going on in my life I have grown quite fond of her song, Thank God for Hometowns! And I am thankful for mine.........

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Movie Schmovies....

I have seen a few movies over the last couple of weeks and I have forgotten to tell you all about them! I know how you all must of been holding your breathe for my movie reviews! HAHA!
Lets jump on it..........Unless you live under a rock then you know that the Avengers is like the biggest movie ever or something like that!! is well deserved!! I have seen this twice and I loved every minute! I love a big blockbuster and I love that this action movie that has comedy in it also! You wont be disappointed with this movie at all........The hard part is picking my favorite Avenger!
But speaking of disappointment.......say hello to Dark Shadows! I am not sure if my expectations were too high or maybe just the fact that the only funny parts were in the previews! And it wasn't because I don't know the original show this was based off of.....because my parents do and they were disappointed also!  Now I will say Johnny Depp was amazing like always but it was the story that was stupid and there was no point. I think this is a renter for sure!
 And speaking of another renter..................... The 5 Year Engagement. Ok, so I thought this was a funny romantic comedy and I picked this out to see for my Birthday but it was really a depressing. I mean I have talked to several people and we all feel the same about this extremely disappointing movie.....and I love these two actors! Boo! I am not sure I will even rent this again when it comes out......boring. And there is a reason why it takes them 5 years to get married and it isn't good.
 Now lets get back on the positive bandwagon.........The Lucky One! So....I have never been a Zack Efron fan but all that changed with this movie. Hello, Zack you are officially a grown up! I read this Nicholas Sparks book and loved it but it has been over a year since, so the details were a bit fuzzy for me. But I loved this movie, I loved everything about it. This is a great romantic comedy and this has such a strong military presence it really added depth. I just loved this movie and you will too even if you have not read the book!
I have said this over and over and I will say it again.......... I love movies for so many reasons but especially right now I love the escape that they provide! It is a break from reality and who doesn't need one of those?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Update ONCE again.....

OK....Are you ready for this? Let me preface that I am not meaning to complain or be negative but honestly this is my life and I am only sharing the truth. Yes, I feel beat down and a tad pessimistic but I think that is a fairly normal emotion to have regarding the on-going-saga that is my life.

So....My animals are at the vet, my mail is being held, my job is hold on as is my paycheck, my U-Hual is loaded and costing me $$ everyday (reasonable-ish) and I am living at my parents. Our real estate contract expires tomorrow and we have no closing date....why? Well besides the fact that I very much dislike everyone we are working with in Ohio this is the problem-o.........
Matt and I are both 1099 (self-employeed) and it is hard to get a loan in this market but yesterday we were finally DONE and approved with the exception of one condition......(dun dun dunnnmnnn)
1. Tax Transcript
What? Exactly..........1 Month ago today I paid our taxes (we are 1099 and owed a crap-load) and all of my checks were cashed 5 days later and stamped on the back by the IRS. I have given those copies to the mortgage company along with my bank statements for the MILLIONTH time. The transcript is on the IRS side and will note if we are "delinquent" or paid up....I mean that must take a long time to update every single persons records........1-3 months I am told. And we can NOT close until our transcript reflects that. So we have called the IRS and done everything on our part and now we WAIT! The sellers are pissed and I would be too......they might put the house back on the market but hopefully we will wrap this up before anyone else would try to buy it. So yes, that is what is happening. It makes me livid and livid that it is out of my hands. (control freak?!)

Second, I made the HUGE mistake of saying out loud "What more could happen to me"??????? Well, that call came about 2 hours ago..............
Isabella is my "first born" she is 10 and I found her inside a box outside of Wal-mart while I was in college. I love her more than words could express and it is already killing me that she is at the vet being boarded. We got her groomed today and they found something................... they found a lump. "It might be nothing" they say..........but I could tell in their voice by the way they were talking slow and quite how concerned they were. They think it is cancer,
So tomorrow Bella will go under the knife and have the lump removed and it will be sent to pathology....we should get results by Monday. I am so sad she is going thru this and all the while she is not at home where she feels safe. I am devastated and in denial. Some of you might think I am crazy to have her biopsied but I don't care.....and no matter the results I will do whatever it takes to ensure the quality and length of her life. And it still might be nothing it might....we will see. 
I just keep getting knocked down every time I try to get up. My animals? I love them more than I love myself. Truth. 
I will keep you all update with EVERYTHING! 
Isn't Isabella beautiful? I love her, I am sad this is happening to her and I miss her so much. My life is upside down right now and I am ready to put it back together. And all of this may sound petty compared to things in other peoples lives or whatnot but this is my life. My life.


 Last night was awesome!!! We decided to make it a Girls Night Out and we had the best time......I will say 8:30 games that are nationally televised are killers.....we didn't get home until after 12am! And trying to wind down is the worst!
I love the BUZZ of the stadium.....all the people who just come out to watch the game outside is such a neat atmosphere and if you haven't been to a NBA playoff game then you are missing out! Everyone should get to go once!
 Mom and I in our Thunder-wear! Thunder Up! This game was so high energy we didn't even yawn due to the crazy late time!
 Jordan (aka brothers girlfriend) my sister Marissa and I........we had a ball cheering and boo-ing. I love to Boo! LOL (it's true)
 Congrats to our very own NBA 6th Man of the Year.......James Harden.....Fear the Beard!
 Metta "piece of crap".......................... Man it felt good to really shove it to them with our 30 point lead for a straight 2 quarters! Boom, welcome to Okc!
 Its Game Time.............Make some NOISE!!!!!!!!!!! I am horse today because of all the noise I made!
 It would be amazing to sweep the Lakers.....I mean could you imagine??? At the end of the 4th Quarter they gave up and pulled all their rocked! But I am SO SICK of the refs being all up the Lakers butts!
 Oh how I love these boys.................
We had such a great time and Game 2 is Wednesday but I am not sure my body can take another late night so we will see who will be going!!!!! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 14, 2012

It's on.....

Do you know what tonight is????? Round 2 playoff game #1 Thunder vs Lakers! I am SO excited! This is defiantly the bright spot about still being in Okc......It's Playoff time!!!
I am sure you all know about the hit heard round the world and after this lovely quote below from Metta World Peace (please).....I can't wait to join the crowd in showing Ron Artest some real Southern hospitality..................

From the L.A. Times:
World Peace has not spoken to Harden since elbowing him in the second quarter of the Lakers 114-106 double-overtime victory April 22.
He didnt expect to greet him before the game.
“He doesnt start. I only fist-bump the starting five,” World Peace said. “I don’t fist-bump subs.”

I have a special James Harden shirt I will be rocking at the game that I am excited about! Now check out this awesome fan made video........................

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bye...Home Sweet Home...

Are you ready for this post??? Its a doozy! (But aren't they all with me?) So over the past 3 weeks I have been packing up the house little by little and then it came..........time for it all to go.  Last Wednesday my mom and cousin came over to "Grocery Shop" in my pantry and fridge. Since we are no longer loading and then heading to Columbus most everything had to go! And yes, I wanted so badly to donate things to a charity but I am only 1 person and time was not on my side. I should of thought of it sooner! I was glad my family was able to come take most of it.....
 Last Wednesday I also closed on the Okc's weird.......I mean currently we do not own a home or have a place to live. I am at my parents right now as I type this. But lucky me.... 1 thing went well.....this closing could not have been smoother! And I gave myself a BIG pat on the back for doing this all myself!
Matt flew in for a few days to help with the final packing and loading the U-Hual! But look at all of this.....I was very proud I did all this myself! I just took it a little at a time and I tried to not get overwhelmed.
 On Thursday when it was time to load up clothes and bedding...things started to hit home.......this is really happening! And going from needing 1 suitcase for a over night stay to needing things for a week or maybe more was complicated. I am a crazy bag lady now!
 Since everything always seems to go crazy for me....of course it rained the ENTIRE day as we loaded the U-Hual and moved out of the house! Luckily we all dug in and realized it's just water......we had no choice but to laugh it off and move on.
 We had both of our families there to help and things went great......everything was organized and everyone had stuff to do but not one person carried the burden. We all made a wonderful team! Yay Us!
 A 2 story home sucks when it comes to moving in and out.......And of course upstairs is where all our heavy stuff seemed to be.
 1/2 way thru the day things started to clear out and the house started to echo.........
 My Mom, Mother-in-Law and myself were the clean up crew! As soon as the guys emptied a room we jumped on it and cleaned it up. Once rooms started to be done and doors started closing it was nice to see the progress we have made.
 Now.....the about 1pm we realized that not everything was going to fit. So we had to start giving things away and deciding what to leave behind. It sucks but there was nothing we could do about it at this point! We are moving cross country ourselves and sometimes "it is what it is"......I am sure when the new couple moved in on Saturday they were happy to see some "gifts" we left them!
 Empty bathroom............It's weird, but I will say we left the house much better than it was when we moved it. And I am sure the new owners will continue to add onto what we have started!
 At about 2:30pm it was down to the wire and the guys had a crazy puzzle to figure what would fit where and how!???
 This is the completed pack..........ya, we may have had to shove things in at the end....but we were so glad it was over! We started with boxes and tubs, then moved onto big furniture, chairs and what you see here was the left overs that we were able to shove in.
 I was excited that we actually pulled it off on our own.....with family. We did it!
 Here are my In-Laws "Beverly Hillbillies" truck loaded with the things we gave away to family..........cabinets, patio furniture, shelving.............
The "Crew".....Thank you Thank You Thank You.....we could never have done it without you......And Thunder Up of course!
 The U-hual left with our entire life inside to go stay at my Father-in-laws work warehouse. We were lucky that that was one thing we didn't have to pay extra for! And ya, it totally bottomed out as Matt pulled out of the driveway! haha!
 And here she is.................. One last look. To be honest everything happened so quick that day I don't feel like I was able to process everything and say goodbye. It is sad......our first home is our home no more. Matt proposed here, we held showers here, family dinners, Birthdays, we brought home all our animals to this home it is all they know. Thank you for a lovely 6 years............
What now? Well our wonderful mortgage guy in Columbus left on vacay without telling us so we still have no closing date. Matt flew back to Columbus this morning and I moved back in with my parents. My babies? They are being boarded....which will be another post all together. I miss them so much it hurts. My animals are my home and although I am at home with my parents this week will be hard. On top of all the emotions I am already feeling I feel like I am a little lost.
Well, we are 1/2 way there.........I just hope everything else comes together sooner rather than later!


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