Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who wants one???

So right now as you are reading this I am leaving on a jet plane........... to Okc!! My brother is getting married tomorrow so I have a jamb packed trip home planned!! I will be in Okc until next tuesday I can't say if I will have any blogging time!!!

BUT! I have something fun while I am away....I am giving away that Christmas Scentsy warmer above!! AND a Christmas Scentsy bar to go with, isn't it so cute? I will announce the winner next Wednesday!
How to enter????
1. Be a follower of my blog, you can "follow" by finding the box on the right hand side 1/2 way down.
2. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite Holiday tradition!!!

Have a good week friends! You can check out all the Holiday warmers by clicking HERE!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Favorite Things, Take 2

 Hi Guys!! I have decided to do another list of my Favorite Things to give at Christmas, get excited!! I got a overwhelming response last week and I know a lot of people bought things on my list!!! So here are a few more things that I have gifted/will gift/want......perfect for anyone on your list!!!!

* J Crew! 
JCrew is expensive but I love giving someone a little luxury from there and I can usually always find something wonderful on sale.
1. I LOVE scarves! I have well over 20 and infinity scarves are my favorite! J Crew factory has this bad boy and it comes in several colors! Someone I know is getting this for Christmas.....well actually 2 of you are! haha! You can find this HERE!
 2. Puffer Vest! I LOVE mine, I have the houndstooth vest from JCrew and I get non-stop compliments! Guess what?? It's one sale (Go figure) Check it out here!!
 3. I think I mentioned this last week but I love giving JCrew jewelry, I feel like you can't go wrong giving something like this..............They come in several colors I just got me one in pink!
You can find them HERE
 * Stella and Dot!
I LOVE Stella and Dot, I literally have hundreds of dollars of this stuff and I love each piece! To me this line is a luxury and I love to treat myself or someone I love to some sparkle! My friend Kaylyn sells it and it is the perfect gift! This can also be pricey but they are having an awesome sale right now! Go on and check out my favorite jewelry line by clicking HERE!

* Williams Sonoma!
How cool is this??? They have three different "Make you own Cheese" kits!!!!?? Pretty cool I say and very reasonably priced! You can check it out HERE!

* OPI!
Nails are all the rage right now and I can't seem to ever have enough nail polish! Sephora has this awesome collection of OPI colors and this is a great gift!! You can see it here!

 * Curtis Stone
This is something I am asking for, for Christmas a EVOO can from Curtis Stone! Have I told you all I met Curtis Stone? Super Handsome and nice! This was also on Oprah's favorite things this year so with the name OPRAH you get a discount!!! This is perfect for the home cook! You can get yours HERE!
 * Magazines!
I think we all know I am obsessed with magazines it's my "thing" but honestly you can't go wrong giving someone a subscription!! I get mine thru Amazon and it is a great gift!!!
Are you going to buy any of these????? Merry Shopping Season friends!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Money Money Money

So tomorrow nights lotto jackpot is around $275,000,000 and that is the cash out number! I mean could you imagine?? Here is the funny thing, I have never played the lottery and I am not really sure how but I did take note of this incredible amount. It got me thinking this morning, I mean wow.....what would someone do with all that money? Could you imagine? If you won? I think I would probably kill over. But let's pretend we won.....what would you spend it on?? Now, this isn't everything and of course I would save a TON but this is what I would spend some of the money on.....

* Remodel our master bath
* Put in reclaimed barn wood floors in the house
* I would add on to the basement, adding a bedroom and full bath
* I would buy everyone in my family a new car of their choice
* I would give a large amount to charities
* I would buy a few actual designer outfits while on a trip to NYC
* I would write down all the amazing places I want to visit and plan trips around the globe.
* I would find my passion and let the money help me to figure out what I want to do with my career?!
* I would save save save
* Get out of debt and get my family out of debt

Man, you know I could go on and fun! What would you do if you won millions?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hi Friends!

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend.....back to the grind now huh? I want to start our week off on a fun note combining two of my FAVORITE things..........
1. NBA
2. Holidays!
Enjoy....turn your sound up! Go Russell! Thunder UP!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A little funny...

You know what makes this funny? It's TRUE! I think all of us "Southern Girls" can see a little of ourselves in this......... Enjoy friends and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from the Sizzlin Savage's to you! I hope today is filled with loved ones, great food and maybe some relaxation! Since this is our first Thanksgiving away I am cooking the whole feast for 2!!! Wish me luck I am doing Turkey, Sweet potato souffle, green bean casserole, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie.....yup the whole deal!

On this peaceful Thanksgiving I am thankful for......

* My family and how they make me feel loved
* Matt's family who makes it so easy to fit into their lives since day one
* My animals, I couldn't live without them
* Friends who are supportive and know what I am going to say before I even say it.
* I am thankful for Columbus, a city that reminds me of home and I love finding new things that I love each week about this city

And lastly I am thankful for Matt, thankful that we are holding on in tough times and thankful for how Matt can always see the positive in everything even when I can't!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Favorite Things....

I was inspired by Oprah's Favorite Things which I happened to watch last night on my DVR and man-o-man does she know how to sell an item! Ha, I swear at the end of the show I felt like I needed everything on her list! One thing that was kinda cool is one of her Favorite Things happened to be the big Christmas gift Matt and I just bought on Sunday! If you know me then you know we go OVERBOARD on gifts so this year we decided to pick one gift for the both of us and since we love coffee.......
 We got this bad boy at Sur La Table and to say we are excited is an understatement! It is really SO neat to be able to make espresso, Latte and cappuccino from home! Now we have a whole little coffee set up in our kitchen!
 Here we are testing it out.....SO neat! You can control the foam level, there are 20 types of espresso each with unique flavors to pick from and it is very easy to use! The only downside is you can only get the Nespresso pods on and it is so "exclusive" you can't even buy them without your units serial number!

So now I thought I would share with you all some of MY Favorite Things!!! These are all things I have gifted in the past or might be gifting this year! Maybe you will find something on this list that you can give this year!!!!

* For the baby, toddler or child in your life you can NOT go wrong with these Scentsy Buddies! Not only do these have a scent pack in them but they are machine washable! These come in all types of fun animals to pick from..... You can get yours HERE!

Sister, Sister-in-law, Mom or any woman in your life!
* Pottery Barn has the best cosmetic totes, I love mine and these are the perfect gift............
You can check out the whole line HERE!

* Sur La Table Bakers! I LOVE these and I gift them for weddings and both my Mom and Mother-in-Law have also received these from me in the past! I use mine several times each week!!! You can check them out HERE!

* Also from Sur La Table I love this donut pan! This pan plus a Barefoot Contessa Donut mix makes the perfect gift!!! You can check it out HERE!

* Also things I love to give to my female recipients is JCrew jewelry or a nice infinity scarf from JCrew or the Limited. I also love giving cookbooks and wrapping a beautiful hand towel or spatula with the cookbook! Don't forget to write a little something in the first page of the cookbook for a personal touch!

* Brew at Home! What a fun original gift from my favorite website Red Envelope. I have given this to my Brother-in-law in the past.........Find it HERE!

* Mens Monogrammed Slippers also from Red Envelope....Matt loves his and this is a no fail gift that any man in your life would love! You can see them HERE!

* Lastly my favorite gift I have given Matt is these cuff links. These cuff links have been made with actual salvaged seats from your favorite MLB stadium! Of course Matt's came from St. Louis but this gift is...well, perfect! They even come with your own certificate of authenticity....... You can get yours HERE!
SO friends, those are just a few of my favorite gifts to give and trust me I could go on and on but my house is screaming out for me to clean it! So I better get on it so Matt and I can enjoy our Thanksgiving holiday!
If you are traveling today I hope you have safe travels!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas arrived at the Savage's

Christmas has officially arrived at Casa de Savage!! While we were putting up all the decor there was some emotions attached...... in one way it was fun to decorate our new home for the first time but it was also bittersweet putting out decor and thinking about where it went in our Oklahoma house. 
I am pretty lucky that I have a husband who likes putting up Christmas light!!! He did a great job! And we won't turn them on until Thanksgiving night! This was a "preview" HA!
This is the beautiful plant that lived in our urns on either side of our front door all summer, I couldn't believe I was able to keep something alive for over 4 months!
 And once the first freeze hit we removed the flowers for winter.......... (we got cages and urns at Crate and Barrel)
 We then wrapped each cage so they would look like mini Christmas trees framing our front door! This past summer when I was telling Matt why I wanted the urns and cages he couldn't quit put it all together but now my vision has come full circle! hahaha!
Here is the finished result!!! They turned out awesome.........And the trees are also wrapped with twinkle lights!!
 Picking green (Martha Stewart Caper Berry paint) for our formal dining room was such an amazing choice! It is perfect for all seasons but extra special for Christmas!
 I hung ornaments from the chandelier with tulle and filled the vases with fake snow and ornaments! Thanks to Pinterest for some of these ideas!
 I went for classic and simple in our kitchen dining room! It is so neat having an open floor plan and being able to see all the decor at once!
 My girl Bella LOVES Christmas! No joke, the minute we got stuff out she came out to see what she could get into!! The tree I have had since I was 21 and when she was a itty bitty baby she would climb the limbs and lay in the tree! Now she settles for a nice spot under it! I love her!
 In the kitchen window I filled a vase with cinnamon sticks and at Hobby Lobby found some fun Christmas accents with leopard! Fun huh? Leopard goes with everything I think!
This year I added some fun "swirly things" to stick out of the tree! Yes, I think swirly things is the technical name! And I love classic colors red, green and gold!
 Here it is again.....It is hard to take great pictures of a tree and capture how it really looks! But now that everything is up I am glad we went ahead and decorated! I am excited that my Mom will be coming for a week and will get to enjoy everything!
Have you all decorated for Christmas yet??

Monday, November 19, 2012

Changes a coming......

You know how in Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella wants to tell Charlie she is a vampire but she just can't tell him everything? So she tells him that they will have to be on a need to know basis and he will have to trust her. Well, let's apply that thought to this post........we all know I am definitely a TMI person (too much information) but sometimes you just can't divulge all the nitty gritty especially on a personal blog.
Matt has been with Farmers Insurance for 10 years, he was an agent before becoming a Reserve District Manager which lead to him taking the leap to become a District Manager. That was the sole reason we moved. We didn't pick a state and then get a job in Ohio, Matt was offered the job as a District Manager in Columbus, Ohio so we packed up and arrived! Matt has built his office from the ground up, finding the space, hiring a contractor, buying stuff to fill an entire office, hiring staff and building relationships with the agents in his District. A lot of time, blood, sweat and tears went into this past year.
Fast Forward to about 6 weeks ago when Farmers announced they are restructuring and Ohio was going to be the first state to roll out the new plan.  Here is how that effects us........They are going to combine all current districts into super districts meaning reducing districts by less than half. And that also means that less than half of the current District Managers would continue on with the new plan. Matt believes in Farmers and we both realize that at times companies have to change to continue to grow. And right about now is when I will skip forward to our current news and you will have to trust that everything that happened in between that is a need to know. That will stay between Matt, myself and our family.
This weekend we spent...I say "we" because I did help but Matt did the brunt of it all....we moved out of Matt's district office. We sold as much of the office as could, moved the rest to our garage and our trying to organize everything the best that we can. We have known about this for a few weeks and we had faith in this move, faith that this was just a little detour on the plan God has laid out for us.
NOW.....what next?
Well, I am very happy to say that Matt has been offered and accepted a new Position with Farmers as an Agency Business Consultant Specialist. His territory will be Michigan, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee and Alabama. This position is going to be a great fit for Matt, he is smart, put together and will be a representative for this company. Here is the very very brief "Cliffs Note" version of his new position. Matt will be working with all the District Managers in those states as well as the business consultants they hire to grow their agencies. Matt will make sure the consultants and DM's meet their goals, build their businesses and he will be their consultant/liaison with Farmers Corporate. He will office out of our home so he spent most of yesterday putting together a functional office here at home in our empty bedroom upstairs! This also means he will be traveling 10+ days a month, which will take some getting use to for us both. Also he leaves this Sunday for LA where he will be training for 2 weeks, then he will have field training for another 5 days give or take. Matt will be missing my Brothers wedding but his career at this point has to come first and we will both miss out on spending time together this Holiday season! Luckily my parents didn't like the idea of me being alone so the week after I get back from Oklahoma for my Brothers wedding my Mom will be coming to stay a week with me!

I hope this all made sense to everyone. Yes, this is bittersweet.....and Yes, change is hard wether it is negative or positive. We have been thru so much these past few years and living in limbo again the past few months has been hard. Matt and I are both excited to have a new plan laid out before us and I know we both look forward to building our life together and focusing on the future.


Happy Monday friends!!!!! Today is a little somber for me because I am mourning the end of something that brought me so much Joy! Oh yes, I am talking about the end of the Twihard era!!! You know it sounds silly but this series reinvigorated my love for reading 5 years ago, this series made me new friends and this series gave us something to look forward to every single year!
You know there isn't much to say about this movie other than it was AMAZING! The best movie of them all hands down! Matt loved it too and I can't wait to see it again! This movie was fast paced, emotional, fun, shocking and well......perfect! It sounds silly gushing over a vampire movie but every single person I know that saw this this weekend feels the same way I do! Way to go Twilight! It was perfection!

Check back later friends I have a lot to tell you...............

Friday, November 16, 2012


I love these silly "someecards" everyone pins on Pinterest I thought that we could all use a little giggle on this Friday and I am gonna share with you my recent favorites!! These need no explanation but each of these made me literally laugh out loud especially the 2 cat ones!!! We laugh at these but they are all so true............

TGIF!! Happy Twilight Friday!


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