Friday, July 29, 2011


I wanted to invite ALL my bloggers friends to my Scentsy Party tomorrow morning! Rise and Shine......and come visit ME! There will be donuts, juice and door prizes!! I also have a special treat.........
There will be a Stella and Dot consultant there also! What more could you ask for? Warmers and Jewelry!!!! Tomorrow Morning 10am-Noon at 9002 N May Ave Okc, Ok
Hope to see you there!

10 Days of ME!

Day Two: Nine LOVES!

1. My Animals......
We know I love ALL animals very much but my 4 in particular!! My dogs Abner, Oscar, Ralph and my cat Bella! I swear I love them so much it hurts.....I know some people think this is crazy and some people say to me "Just wait to you have kids you won't love them the same" Well friends.....that pisses me off! They are my children and you can not tell me any different, I love how they each have different personalities and I love spending time with them!
 2. Concerts!
I love going to concerts! The prices lately are so high I don't get to go as much as I would like but lucky me I have 2 coming up....Journey and Incubus!(Vastly different, I know) I have seen Incubus 4 times and Journey twice and I am excited to add 1 more to both. I could go on and on.... I have probably been to over 30 concerts! I will bore you all with a list one day!
 3. Books!
I LOVE books and reading! I love talking books with people and getting excited when a new book I have been looking forward to is coming out! I love reading right before bed, it is such a relaxing way to end the day!
 4. FOOD!
I love cooking, watching cooking shows and reading cooking magazines! Love love love it! Enough said!
 5. Movies!
I love going to the movies, it is such an escape and I love the whole movie experience! I mean I have said so many times "ah, I wish I lived in a movie"...silly, I know!
 6. Rusty
Sadly the 1 year Anniv. of Rusty's passing is this Sunday....I still can't believe he is gone. People may think I am crazy but it still hurts to think of him and how he is makes my heart literally ache. I love him more each day and will miss him always! I heart Rusty!
 7. Thunder Up!
I love the Okc Thunder! I love the players, the games and the experience!!! Can't wait for the season to start on November 1st! The NBA better figure this "lock out" or whatever it is FAST!
 8. Matty!
Of course, I love Matt and he should of been #1 but these are not ranked in any order.......just the order I uploaded the pictures to blogger!  I love the time we spend together which is not much due to his crazy work schedule! I look forward to the future when he can get a more "normal" work schedule and we can enjoy the small things like eating a meal together again!
 9. TV
We all know I love my TV! So pathetic, nothing I love is "active" but at least I am honest! I love nothing more than laying on the couch after a long day and watching shows with my animals! It is pure bliss to me!

So friends what do you love?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Day Challenge

Day One- 10 Secrets About Me! This is actually very hard because I tell you guys everything! So here goes nothing.....

1. Currently my left eye looks gross, every now and then the blood vessels in my eye will burst. It is sore, like a bruise and it is very gross. I think it is stress related. I don't show stress usually, so I think my body is getting very sneaky at showing it. 
2. I have eaten fast food 3xs this week and that is very unlike me. I am not sure why I did it but I did. I also got on the scale this week for the first time in a long while and I immediately hid the scale. Not doing that again anytime soon. 
3. I am obsessed with my DVR! Everyday I go thru and plan out my recording what shows interfere with one another and I will then search for that episode to repeat so I can record it at a later time. I LOVE my DVR! So much!
4. My mom gave me a pile of old school pictures of me that she found in a drawer hidden away where they belong and......brace yourself...........I used to perm my hair BUT only my bangs. Yup, you heard that right I just permed my bangs and left the rest of my hair straight. 
5. Sometimes I think about things I would trade for being migraine free for the rest of my life. And I have decided I would amputate one of my hands. Completely weird I know....but to wake up everyday and not worry about how I am going to feel....I would do a lot!
6. I dont' iron......I just won't buy it, if it has to be ironed. No if, ands or butts!
7. I want to live inside my Pinterest Boards! No, really!
8. I bite my cuticles........I used to bite my nails growing up but as of the last 5 years I bite my cuticles and sometimes I am like ....ok, if I pull this piece of skin it will bleed but I do it anyways. Its weird, I wish I didn't do it.......currently my fingers look like they have been thru a war zone! bleh!
9. Ok, this secret is going to be borderline "too much information" but that hasn't stopped me before......since I have gained some weight over the past year my boobs have gotten bigger and I HATE IT! When I went up a bra size I wanted to cry, I was devastated....I have no idea why anyone gets implants. (too each their own I know) I think growing up being flat, being able to dance and never worry about sewing in a bra into my costumes has spoiled me. So point is I HATE the fact that they have gotten bigger, too me it says "Your fat"
10. Well, last but not least.....I think my cat is mad at me....she left me a "present" in the bathroom this morning! Good way to start the day!

Ok friends! You should start this challenge will be fun!


Ok, so do you ever think "Why Me?" Well I do all the time, I swear the craziest things happen to me! So yesterday during my lunch break I ran to Old Navy, I decided to try on a few shirts and Old Navy was so busy......full of back to school shoppers. Well......when I was done I went to open the dressing room door and nadda! I pull, push, yank, get the picture!
So, I am like ......Ok, maybe I am a Idiot? I try the handle again and I am 100% stuck INSIDE just like the door! If you can see the space under the door is not that big either, I mean who wants to also get stuck there too? So I am mortified......I realize I have got to push my head under the door and ask for help!!! But there are so many people in the dressing room area I literally want to die!!!! So I stayed in the room for about 30 minutes working up the courage to call for help!!!
I finally gave up, stuck me head under the door and called "Ma'am, my door is stuck....can you help me"!! You should of seen her face and of course the door opened very easy from the outside. Typical! I mean why do insane things like this happen to me?
Have you ever been trapped somewhere?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I am loving Wednesday

 Well friends.....we made it...hump day! And I have a few things I am loving today, so lets dig in!
* So this season the Bravo Jersey Housewives show revolves around the Holidays and the past two episodes have highlighted their OVER the top Christmas extravaganzas! And with the heat in Oklahoma hitting day 30 over 100 degrees.....I have a huge hankering for Christmas in July! Watching the show I find myself daydreaming of Christmas and it can't come soon enough!!! So today I am loving Christmas even though it's July!
 * Friends with Benefits
Last night my friend Becky and I went to see this movie....there is something special about a random Tuesday night movie in the middle of the work week!!! This movie was really cute and surprisingly not as raunchy as I thought it would be. This movie also had some serious moments mixed into the comedy......but I am sure you can guess how this movie ends! Swoon, super cute!
 * So......last night all I could think about during the movie was how beautiful Mila Kunis is! Really, she is so pretty....I want to look like her when I grow up!
 * Switching gears here....I am LOVING Gazpacho during these hot summer days! I know some people may think that cold tomato soup must taste like salsa but I disagree! For me I think man, this is so healthy ...literally there is nothing in this soup but healthy veggies!!! If you haven't made this before you should try it, I think it makes an excellent lunch click HERE to see the recipe I use!
 * Lastly the New York housewives Reunion special aired Monday night was a TRAIN WRECK!! I mean I could not stop watching....these ladies are so stupid I can not get over the things they will fight about. Listening to Sonja justify the fact that she filed for bankruptcy while we watched her continue to throw lavish parties while not working was hysterical! And I also could not stop looking at their faces, they all looked "extra fresh" if you know what I mean. Part 2 airs next Monday and I can not wait!
What are you loving today????

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hoarders Tuesday?

Well it looks like there is a theme today......Hoarders! The video below is can thank me later!

PS....Matt, see Tori Spelling has a pygmy goat!!!!!! I still want one!

My name is Oscar and I am a hoarder.....

 Matt and I have officially diagnosed our Oscar and friends he is a hoarder. Below is a cubby in the closet where he stock piles bones and toys....the other day he stayed like that for over 8 hours and if you dare come anywhere near a 8 foot radius he will start growling. I had to bring provisions to him that da! LOL
 Sunday we got him out of the cubby against his will and this is what we was practically surgically attached to his face. I don't even know where he got this......he is very sneaky. And don't even think about trying to take this or anything else away from him because he will turn into the spawn of satan. Just like the hoarders on TV if you touch his "treasures" he will go ballistic.
 When I bring home new toys for all the boys Ralph and Abner will play/chew but Oscar is too worried that someone will take away his new toy to even play. He will even try to steal the boys new toys and he will lay on top of is hysterical.
My sweet little OCD/Hoarder baby..........I love him quirks and all .....wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Pros.....

On Friday night my friend Jennie and I had a girls night out to bask in the glory of some of our favorite C-List celebrities! hahaha......we went to Norman to the Riverwind Casino to see some of the "Pros" from Dancing with the Stars perform!
 If you didn't know Mark Ballas is amazingly talented besides being an incredible dancer both Ballroom and hip hop, he is a musician as well. I will say that this tour should of been called "Come see Mark sing and I may do a dance or two tour" BUT.....with that being said we were glad we went! And you never know I just may by his album.
 Here is Damien Whitewood who was Pamela Anderson's partner a season or two ago........They did the Rumba and Pasa Doubla (How you spell those I do not know). Damien and his partner are also partners in real life....I love how in Ballroom so many of the couples are real couples! *swoon*
 You know it is incredible to see them perform in person.....I couldn't believe how effortlessly they move across the was stunning! Sorry for the blurry picture but it is hard to capture two people moving so fast! Below is Chelsie and Mark performing.........
 Mark came out to take questions from the audience and he was excited to tell us that 3 of his dances from DWTS have been nominated for an Emmy's! How exciting!
 And here we have the beautiful Chelsie Hightower.....what was so cool is that the night before she was dancing LIVE on So You Think You Can Dance and I watched her from my couch night later I was watching her dance live!
Overall we had a great time.....I love going to see things and experience something new! Thanks for being my date Jennie!

Captain America

Saturday Matt and I went to see Captain know we love the big blockbusters and this did not disappoint!! This movie had action, a good looking star (really good looking) and some heart! This is set in the 40s and tells us the back story of how Captain America came to be. What I also like is that it set us up to see him in the Avengers movie next summer. (Can't wait)! This movie was great you should go check it out!

Friday, July 22, 2011


 so so so so...I finally took the plunge......something I have wanted to sign up for a LONG Foodzie Monthly Tasting Box! Say What? Ok, I came across this site last November while Christmas shopping and since then my mom has been getting monthly boxes (much to my encouragement) and I am jealous NO MORE because I now get my own. Foodzie is a gourmet food website.....they are amazing and they have everything from all organic productd, cheese, candy and almost all of the food is produced by small "home grown" companies and farms! So....back to the Box....for $20 a month you will get the box below sent to your house once a month (products are often seasonal which is great)........
 And behold the treasures inside! The "jest" is to expand your food horizon, find new foods and appease all the "foodies" out there! And if you want more than a sampling then head on over to Foodzie and but whatever you liked best! Here is what came in my box today (it's ok to drool)..........
* Fleur De Sel Peanut Brittle
* Organic Olive Oil from California
* Black Truffle and White Cheddar Popcorn (too die for)
* Organic dried cherries
* Fennel Pollen Shortbread
* Organic Heirloom Emmer Farro (grain)
Each box also comes with a great card explaining about all the products, where they come from and fun facts! It is a real treat!
 And what is great is that these are really good size samples not just a miserable looking pouch filled with 2 or 3 things......this is more than your monies worth.
So if you want to troll the Foodzie site and look into the boxes click HERE!

Wolves of Mercy Falls

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater....
 This time, the stakes are higher than ever: while Isabel’s father plots to wipe out the wolves once and for all, Sam and Isabel search for ways to save the pack, and Cole races to find a cure for Grace.
Last night I wrapped up Book 3 in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and I loved it! Was this trilogy Hunger Games worthy? No, but not much is. BUT......These books were a easy summer read and book 3 was my favorite so far! If you are looking for your next read you should consider picking up this series and with all the buzz on these books you shouldn't be surprised that book 1, Shiver is set to me a movie in the near future!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I am loving Thursday?

Well guys I missed yesterday so this is What I am LovingWednesday the Thursday addition!!!! So without further ado......
* Jeffrey Alan Marks from Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo!
So this week was the finale of the show and I have come to the conclusion that Jeffery and his boyfriend Ross are my favorite! Ok, not only are they incredible good looking but I love their bickering, the way the dress like they fell out of a JCrew catalog and how they always make-up !!! I know, silly.....but these two deserve their own show, I would watch!

* Switched at Birth
I know I have already talked about this show but I just LOVE it! This show airs Monday on ABC Family and it gets better and better every week!!! The story is heartfelt but has enough drama to hook me!
* Mark Ballas, Dancing with the Stars
I am excited because tomorrow night I get to see Mark Ballas, Chelsea Hightower and other DWTS dancers at Riverwind Casino. They are performing a Ballroom show! AND....I have 6th row seats which is close enough to see every rhinestone sparkle! I hope to get some great pictures and I am sure I will be blown away by the dancing!
* So You Think You Can Dance!
Is BACK.....and at first I wasn't sure about the celebrity guest judges each week but it is growing on me.....Last night they had Neil Patrick Harris and I loved it he had some great insight! I don't have a favorite dancer yet because they are all so good, each week someone new stands out!
Last night was also "All Star" night when past All-Stars came back to dance with the current top 12 dancers. Twitch was back and he is one of my ALL time favorite dancers.... I have been lucky enough to see him perform twice. (One on the SYTYCD Tour and second as a Glee Live Opener)! Well last night him and Sasha did this lyrical hip hop and it BLEW me away! I love every single thing about this dance......the time period, the song, the musicality, the chemistry.....LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Hope you enjoy this half as much as I do!


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