Thursday, June 30, 2011

We have a winner!

So I can never figure out how to post the answer from the number generator so forgive the "copy and paste" version below but you get the point!

True Random Number Generator  14
Cami You WON!

Cami said...
Found it! I would put it in my laundry room. I just got a new washer and dryer which I am excited about and cute little rug. Now it needs the scentsy touch. :)

So Cami S. please send me your shipping address to my email and I will get this ordered for you TODAY! Congrats I hope you and your family will love this! I also hope it will brighten your laundry room!

I will say this giveaway is the highlight of my migraine has not eased up ONE bit and when I was running an errand over lunch I came across a stray little dog. For all your "Moore" peeps this was on 12th street so I pull over and spend the next 30minutes running up and down 12th street trying to catch this little thing. Oh yes, I even ran into traffic waving arms trying to get people NOT to run this poor puppy over. So if you saw a crazy person on 12th street around noon today that was me. Well I couldn't catch literally breaks my heart in two knowing that an animals is running in this heat. The high today is 104' and this dog has no water. Man, I today is an epic fail of a day!

Last Minute.....

Ok Guys.....I am doing a very last minute "You Snooze you Loose" giveaway!!! Why? Well today is the end of the month and I need another Scentsy order so I thought why not give it away????
Here is what you will get:
Tea Rose Plug In
Pima Cotton Scentsy Bar
Very light and clean scent to pair with the dainty plug in above!!
How do you win? You have until NOON (ish) to leave me a comment and tell me Where in your house will you put this plug in???
I will announce the winner this afternoon so I can get this ordered by tonight!!!!!! So once you enter check back to see if you won!
Good Luck


Well guys today is suppose to be a Thankful Thursday post but I just don't have it in me today. Instead of thinking about what I am thankful for I am thinking about how to survive today with this migraine. I haven't complained about migraines for awhile so I think another post was due. I have been in a real bad cycle lately it seems that out of the last 14 days I have had a migraine for 10 of those days. I desperately need this to stop. I opened one eye this morning and thought "oh no" as I realized how awful I felt. I feel as though someone has removed all the skin on my forehead and scalp, then used a blow torch on my skull and then put my skin back on. Graphic, I know and I am sorry but that is a 100% accurate way of how I feel. What is worse is that some super smart person at the insurance company has decided that having migraines is an ELECTIVE ILLNESS........oh yes, I most certainly picked this out of a hat. So insurance has decided that I am only allowed around 9 pills a month. SO on days like today when I know I could take something to get some relief.....I can't....I have to suffer because I am out of pills and insurance will not let me fill my meds for another 7 days. Could I pay full price? Sure but I don't have a couple of hundred $$$ for 9 pills. Also insurance has decided that if my neurologist prescribed me a few different things to help ease my pain that they are not going to pay for that either. SO I am only allowed like 2 prescriptions when having 3 would help so much more. I literally understand why people go "postal" because I want to call my health insurance company and scream at them today. (but I won't) I made a check up appointment with my neurologist for next week but I am not sure what good that will do. Migraines is a chronic illness.....there is NO cure, this is something I will have my entire life. What I would not give to not feel this way?!? Ok guys I will stop before my debbie downer post makes your day less happy also. I hope you all feel much better than I do only goal is to raise awareness of migraines and to make people realize there isn't a "magic" cure. Having an "invisible" illness is awful because people don't believe or understand what they can not see.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I am loving Wednesday

 Hi Guys! It is already Wednesday and we are closer to the upcoming 3 day weekend! And I am loving alot this week.......
* Pinterest!
Are you ever cruising the internet and see stuff you like and want to pictures, recipes, quotes?? Well with this site all you do is click on the "pin it" button you will load onto your navigation bar and wham all your favorite stuff is waiting for you!! And the site even saves the websites you find these items on! I am addicted! You have to be "invited" so if you want to join leave your email via a comment and I will send you an invite!!
 * Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson
In the not-too-distant future, robots have made our lives a lot easier: they help clean our kitchens, drive our cars, and fight our wars--until they are turned into efficient murderers by a sentient artificial intelligence buried miles below the surface of Alaska. Robopocalypse is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller that makes a strong case that mindless fun can also be wildly inventive.

Heads up this book is set to become a movie in 2013 with Steven Spielberg set to direct! This book was so different, fun, fast paced and creepy. I mean imagine what you would do if your daughters "Baby Alive" started talking and it wasn't nice! This book was a great unusual summer read! You should check it out!
* Harp Kitten
Ok, I know that this wittle kitten is so happy to be getting a rub down but when it is set to harp music......this is beyond cute! It cracks my junk up......enjoy!

* Blog Makeover!
I know I told you that last week I would be getting a "make over" but my designer had laptop problem-o's so today is the day I am set to get the 1st draft....and I am so excited! So hopefully by Friday I will have a new "Summer-ee" design!!!!!!
What are you loving today?????

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Uh, so.....

So, I just got thru eating lunch and it got me to you ever eat things that you are embarrassed to say you eat? Or something you would NEVER eat in front of people? And no, I am not talking about things on that crazy show where people eat like detergent......but something you may have grown up with that you prefer to eat solo!???? Well since I am all about putting everything "out there" to my blogger friends I figured why not....
 So what is in this can you ask???? (Or are you scared to ask?)
Smoked Oysters! It's true I just ate a can of smoked oysters on crackers for lunch OUT OF A CAN! And ok, I will admit it the picture below does not look so appetizing but it was so good (I swear). The texture is weird and completely different from fresh oysters (which I also love). How did I start eating this weird seafood in a can? Well I blame it on my mom......I just remember growing up for lunch from time to time we would have our version of a "Smoked Oyster Anti-Pasta" platter. We would have oysters on crackers, sliced apple and other random food items as a lunch. (we sound like homeless people huh?) Now, would I ever go to my office and crack open a can around co-workers? ABSOLUTELY not! And you would know it if I did....because they smell very unusual! But in all should try it! Come on, Do it!
So I am sure I could think of some other weird things I eat but this might be my "#1 Solo Food"!! What do you eat that is weird? Is there something you prefer to eat alone?

Marriage Ref

So Season 2 of the Marriage Ref premiered Sunday night and I think this show is great. I love that the fights are not serious but are over STUPID stuff that normal people fight cracks me UP! I mean who doesn't think in the back of their during a fight "man if someone could hear this they would say I am right"?!? Here is a peak at this season.........

SO I was thinking this morning about a stupid fight Matt and I have all the time and maybe you can weigh in? (I had to narrow it down) The dishwasher fight is a close second to.......drumroll please........ The "Is it a nag if you can't remember to do anything" fight? Ok.........
Matts Side: 
If you tell me to do "insert whatever here" one more time then I just won't do it on purpose to teach you a lesson. He will then say "I will do it I swear". Then fast forward to the next day and when I ask did you do it he will then say "You didn't remind me"
My Side:
I will say "Matt don't forget to "insert here"".........hours later usually before I go to bed I will say "Matt don't forget" and then he will yell. So I go to bed and the next morning I will ask if he did what I asked and he will then say "you didn't remind me"

SOO........If I remind him I nag BUT BUT if I say nothing he says I didn't remind him? URGH! I mean this kills me and makes steam come out of my ears! You can't have it both ways?!?! Hilarious huh?
So I am the winner here right????? What I wouldn't give for a billboard that says so.
NOW I ask you what is something stupid you and your husband fight about? And Go...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Calling all Okie friends.....

Hey Ladies (sorry if I do have any male readers this is for the gals) case you didn't know I am the Junior Hospitality Clubs Provisional Director this year WHICH means I am in charge of your first year in the club. I will make sure it is easy, you get all the information you need and I am here to help you in anyway I can! (I am excited) Something I love is that over the years I have invited several friends who have joined and 2 of them are now serving on the board with me....that makes me smile. It makes me happy to share something I love so much and to have those friends love it also is amazing and NOT just because I invited them!

Well.....our first "event" is coming up at the end of July and this is a game night I plan where any new "potential members" can come for food, drinks and fun! You also get to meet the members, see where we meet and just get a feel for the club. Shortly after that we host a dinner party at our JH Office where we will tell you what it takes, what we do and answer any questions you have before our year starts! I am so excited about these 2 events.

SO.....I want to invite anyone who is interest in JH!! There is NO obligation to join if you come to either of those events and if it is not for you... no biggie, I have several friends who have done that in the past. I joined JH on a whim and I didn't know anyone ...I am so blessed I joined. I would love to answer ANY questions you have about our club! I am currently gathering information on girls who want to join and adding them to the invite for July! So I would LOVE to meet my blogger friends and make you my real life friends! If you are interested shoot me an email........ 

Before I go here are a few things about JH....
* We are a woman's service organization who has been around since 1934
* We volunteer monthly (you don't have to come to everything)
* We raise money by selling our Famous Subs in the fall and hosting Chips for Charity in the spring.....all the proceeds goes toward our non-profit partner for the year! We have given out over 2 million dollars since we started!
* We meet only 1 night a month and we always have dinner ready for you at our meetings also!

That is just a brief over view! SO Ladies, I hope you consider this I would love to share something I love so much with all of you! I hope to hear from some of you soon!

Lazy, good for nothing...

So......what did I do all weekend?? NOTHING! It was the first weekend in forever that Matt and I didn't have a million things to we were at a loss about how to spend our free time?! So....we spent it on the couch! Literally, we did nothing but watch TV, Movies and lounge around with the dogs! It was so NICE.....but bad for my blog, because I have nothing to talk about! LOL!
I will say though that Friday night we kicked off the lazy weekend by actually leaving the house and going to a nice dinner! We went to Signature Grill in Edmond after hearing so much about it from our "Foodie" friends and it was amazing! The entire meal was cooked to perfection, the flavors were spot on, I had sea scallops and Matt had a yummy steak! This has shot up to the top of our "nice dinner" list! To visit their website click HERE!
The only other thing we did this weekend was watch the 2011 St. Jude Dream home giveaway that we entered! For $100 you had a chance at winning a amazing home worth $490,000!!! I thought we were going to win but we did not! BooHoo!!! Here is what we should of won! HA!
What did you do this weekend?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Five for Friday

 Lets talk SUMMER today since this is the first "official" week of summer!!! There has to be some movies growing up that just SCREAM summer to you and after much thought I think I found my Top 5!!!!
* Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter is Dead!
I loved and still love this movie, I can picture myself now laying on my parents couch watching this movie over summer break! Didn't we all want a summer with no parents?
 * Top Gun
Volleyball. Scene.enough.said.
 * My Father My Hero
Long before she was Izzie on Grey's Anatomy I already loved Katherine Heigel when she pretended her dad was her lover on vacation! Love this movie! It was so silly but so cute!
 * Sandlot
This is not just a summer classic but a classic all around.........Wendy Peffercorn is still the girl I am sure all little boys dreams are made up of!!!!! I love this movie I think it is timeless! Do kids still play like this anymore?
 * Dirty Dancing
Was it just me or did we all want to go away to a rich summer camp, fall in love and dance our hearts out? Swoon......
What are some movies that remind you of your summers when you were a kid?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coming Home...

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Tell the world I'm coming home
Let the rain wash away, all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Tell the world I'm coming
I think the dance above choreographed by the amazing "NappyTabs" really struck a chord with many people across the US, myself included. Ironically this episode of So You Think You Can Dance came on right after our President announced troop withdrawal plans. I am not going to say much about this because I do not want ANY sort of debate but I am here to remind you all a few things.......... Most people have blinders on and only hear the good news/bad news (however you take it) of the troop withdrawal plan announced by our President...... BUT what you may not know is that does NOT mean deployments stop. My brother-in-law arrived in Afghanistan this past weekend and my brother Curtis is set to deploy in a few short months. So while some troops get to start coming home they are quickly being replaced my more is not always what it seems. So my point is we all need to still have our military on our minds, thoughts and prayers. Because while our "wonderful" news stations will (I assume) only start to show wonderful videos of troops coming home/how wonderful things are after this "announcement".....they will soon forget to show the new phase of troops that are being sent over on their deployments. Just food for thought!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I am loving Wednesday

Hi Guys! Man, I have been trying to do this post ALL day......but my images wouldn't work on my post, odd?! But finally here it is!!! I am loving a few things this week, all are very random and they are not even remotely alike! HA!
1. The Scentsy July warmer of the month! It is a Cupcake! Can you believe it? I mean I have no idea where in my house this will go but it HAS to go somewhere! These cuties go on sale July 1st for $27! I can ship to you if you want one! Don't deny know you do!
 2. Incubus!! I am falling in love all over again with my FAVORITE band! Their new CD comes out July 12 and I can NOT wait.....and yesterday I just got 2 tickets to their concert this September in Dallas!!! This will be my 5th time to see them live and eat your hearts out guys......I have meet the band back stage at one of their shows and I have their autograph! (no pictures were allowed, boo)
 3.  In T-minus 4 days True Blood will be back.......not that I am counting down or anything! This is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and of course I am "Team Erik" all the way!
 4. Americana! I know this is kinda weird but I LOVE all things Red, White and Blue! I love this look it is so classic American and no, not just because the 4th is coming up!!  I am drawn to this color scheme all the time! I think it is classic and timeless.........perfect! My dream (one of them) is very chic east coast beach home filled with this color scheme! It is weird isn't it?
 5. Lastly, this was my dinner last night.....I call it "Dinner and a Show"!!! I was eating at the glass coffee table and this was what was under me...... Oscar my "all muscle" pin-up!!!  I mean adorable, truly!
What are you loving today????

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who am I?

I think we all have done "fill in the blank" things like this a lot but maybe you will learn something new about me today!!! Here goes......

Who I Am...

I am...30, a Taurus, a sister, a wife, a mom to my animals and a friend.
I want...lots of things! I'm a wanter. Sigh.
I have...a deep love for all God's creatures.
I wish...We knew where Matt's job would take us so we can get on with our lives. As in will his district be here? Can he stop working these insane hours? Can we buy a new home? When will the rest of our lives start?
I hate...when you open a door for someone, let someone in on the highway or do any acts of kindness and the person doesn't acknowledge if it was my job to do that for them. (I am talking to you older people)
I fear...the future sometimes. I am weird. I am a planner.
I dogs barking in the backyard right now. Oscar is probably "securing" the property.....he is so helpful! LOL
I find myself.
I wonder...what our/my future will bring.
I regret...stuff...I tend to be someone who will relive a situation over and over.
I love...Matt, my family and my animals.
I ache...for animals.....I ache to save them, I ache to do more.
I before bed, it has become my time to wind down. 
I a bad job at remembering friends Birthdays.
I am not...always a glass half full person, although I want to be.
I the car. I can not help but continue to "choreograph" dances in the car (in my head) to songs I love.
I sing...terribly. But I LOVE to sing in the car as long as no one hears me! 
I never...say never.
I too hard on myself. (maybe more than sometimes)
I cry...if anything remotely bad happens to animals. In movies or in real life. I cannot stomach any violence or mistreatment to them. But isn't that the running theme here? Other than that everyone knows I rarely cry...ever.
I am not always...lazy but I have a tendency to be! lol
I patience easy.........when people are late, change plans last minute etc.
I am people.....what are they thinking? 
I be more positive. 
I should...follow thru more.

Who Are You?

Monday, June 20, 2011


Hi friends! I am feeling un-insprired today so forgive me for this pathetic blog post! Our weekend was good....Friday night I had book club which was SO fun but at the same time I had to miss a JH dinner....but book club was planned first so sometimes you have to choose! So moving on.....Saturday I ran some errands and that night Matt went riding with his dad while I watched Battle LA .........
I really enjoyed this movie and I mean wow at the end I was like "there is no way, this will not end well" and if you want to it! HA! Sunday was Fathers Day and we spent the afternoon with Matt's family (mine was at the lake)! The weekend was enjoyable until I woke up at 3am last night with the worst migraine! I am ok today but not great! I hope you all had a great weekend...........I do have some exciting news.....This week Munchkin Land Designs is working on a new blog design for me! I can't wait to see it...hopefully next Monday it will be ready to unveil!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Safe Haven

When a mysterious young woman named Katie appears in the small North Carolina town of Southport, her sudden arrival raises questions about her past. Beautiful yet self-effacing, Katie seems determined to avoid forming personal ties until a series of events draws her into two reluctant relationships: one with Alex, a widowed store owner with a kind heart and two young children; and another with her plainspoken single neighbor, Jo. Despite her reservations, Katie slowly begins to let down her guard, putting down roots in the close-knit community and becoming increasingly attached to Alex and his family
I haven't done many book reviews lately because I feel like I am stuck into a rut.....a rut of reading "mediocre" books! So in addition to this review if you have any book suggestions for me....Bring em on! I picked up this book because it is Nicholas Sparks.....I mean a sure bet that it will be enjoyable and it did not disappoint. I will say that within 50 pages I was like ok I know where this is going but did that hinder my enjoyment? Not at all! The end was partly what I assumed but another part was a pleasant surprise! This was a quick read and I couldn't put it down ...... I just could not wait to find out what was going to happen next! So guys.....this is a perfect summer read that looks like it is set to become a movie in a few years according to imdb!

We have a winner!

Ok "Guys" we have a WINNER!!!! I am excited to announce the Scentsy Warmer and Bar winner.....
Drumroll please...............

kkbccguy said...

I am a follower:) on the 4th we will be watching the parade and fireworks in good ol' Piedmont....and maybe some pool time at my parents;) love...!!

June 16, 2011 2:06 PM

Ok, Candace CONGRATS!!! Send me your shipping address when you can today to my email......, I used a random generator to pick the comment but for the life of me I can not seem to figure out how to get that box into this post!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am Thankful for a few things.......
* I am thankful that although I have things planned for this weekend there is not nearly as much to do as the past few weekends. I need a break and I also need to see and spend time with my husband!

* I am thankful that even though I wanted to pass out in the 100' heat that I bit the bullet and worked in the yard. I trimmed, fertilized and laid down more mulch! back is sore today!

* I am thankful for my animals who make each day so much more enjoyable as I work from home. I call them my "Homies" ....because we all stay home together. (cheesy I know)

* I am thankful that this past weekend at our board retreat .....I was able to be myself, you see we have new board members who didn't know me well. And I think that I left with new friends and that makes me very happy.

* I am thankful that I woke up today without a has been a very bad week and I am just praying that it doesn't hit me later today!

So what are you thankful for today???? Don't forget to enter my Giveaway worth over $40!!!! It is the post below take a look and enter you have until tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well Friends, I am over-the-moon because I have hit 100 followers! I truly am so thankful for each of you, I consider all of you dear friends!!! I am thankful that you love my rambling posts, silly posts and outright boring posts from time to time! LOL! Since I am in such a super mood I want to do a giveaway to show my appreciation! Scentsy again? I hope you don't feel that way but why wouldn't I giveaway something I love, something I sell and something I feel confident in?!!!!! So here is what you will get....
* Peach A la Mode Bar; this is the scent of the month and it smells divine!! The smell will remind you of summer, ice cream and 4th of July!

 * You will also get the Scentsy Warmer of the month! You may think it is silly but I am a sucker for anything holiday themed! And this will be delivered to your home just in time for 4th of July......and it would look great thru September I think!
So how do you win?
1. You MUST be a follower of my blog to enter, if you are not already just follow!
2. Leave me a comment and tell me what your 4th of July plans will be!!!!
I will announce the winner on Friday morning........and will immediately place the order for you!
Happy Hump Day!

Stylish Blogger Award!

So today I am combining a few things..........I received the "Stylish Blogger Award" last week from Jodie @ Ramblings of a Fabulous Brunette (visit her here) So BIG thanks to Jodie!!! How this works is you tell 7 things about yourself and then pick a few people to pass the award on to.....but I am "tweaking" this to be What I am Loving Wednesday!!!
What am I loving this week???? New TV Shows!
* ABC Extreme Home Makeover; Weight Loss Edition
This show not only has the good looking Chris Powell but this show has heart. Chris is so kind and encouraging....watching him transform these people's lives in a year is amazing!
 * Million Dollar Decorators
Uh so when someone starts the show with the quote "I don't get out of bed for less than 5 million" I was like SCORE! I LOVE this eccentric show and they all try to steal the show! They live in a dream world and I am happy to go along for the ride that is for sure!
 * So You Think You Can Dance!
Need I say more?
 * Switched at Birth
This is the story of two teens who find out they were switched at birth, what that will mean for them and their families. One of the girls happens to also be deaf and I love how so much of the show is shown thru her eyes and sign language. Love this show!
* SO those are a few of my guilty pleasures and I said a few because we all know how much I love TV!!!!

So I am giving this award to 4 blogs I LOVE! And when you get this award it is your turn to post about it and pass it on! Drumroll please.....................

Jenna will show you new trends you wont want to miss!
Traci shares a love of TV and reality TV with me!
Victoria talks about navigating life and love as a military wife!
Kit talks about her life, loves and animals! We share a love for pets!

So there we have it folks!!!


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